Lady homeopaths…..where are you??

Dr Thaslim M Nadir

The homemaker homeopath

Indeed there are many homeopathic graduates who take up single role of a HOMEMAKER in their lives. A lion share of them would have been striving hard during their college days to get the maximum marks in the exams or even to bag the most envied medals…..adding name and fame to themselves and their beloved parents. In the course of time they either fail to inculcate their passion to perform well in exams into their clinical practice in the future. In this cyber age, where the emotions, opinions and arguments out burst through social media,  we often see proclamations regarding this ‘phenomenon’, followed by an array of comments from the nook and corner of the society; most of them sounding rebellious. Let us make an analysis of this problem and put forth some trouble shooters.

The reasons behind

First thing which we have to understand is that this is a broad-spectrum phenomenon. In all realms of profession we find this. But, obviously, we pay paramount attention to those in our homeopathic community. Our patriarchal society is laid up on a cliché that men are the prime earners to the family. Plus, in the society, the income and the ‘outwardly reflected standard of living’ of a guy is directly proportional to the chances of getting a good alliance, in terms of profession, all-round appearance and even monetary benefits!!!. These thoughts make the male interns, at the verge to fly out from the college to the society, to put up their firms / clinics and get established in a faster pace to make their livelihood. Girls, majority of whose future is a mystery with regards to getting married and ‘translocated’ to some other place, cannot make a start up of their own earlier.

Most of the women feel sheltered safely with in the financial shadow of their husbands. When the children start trotting to schools and they become free to go for work, still they wish to remain in their cocoons creating a comfort zone from which an exit gradually become unimaginable for them.

An educated woman, especially a doctor, can be the best homemaker, with regards to health and habits of the family members. Surely she will be a perfect nurturer of her children. A doctor in the house is still a fortunate thing today, even though heaps of health info could be obtained by single mouse click or a page turn. Still, after the house hold works, remaining there idle, should not pacify her saying that she is a perfect homemaker, but must annoy her. Not by reminding her the amount spent by her parents for the professional education or the sleepless nights she spent to score those marks, but just for a satisfaction that her energy and caliber which could be spent to uplift the society too,  are not completely exhausted within the house.

No time….is not an excuse; Share, if you care

Advancements in the science technology has gifted us with several gadgets making our domestic works easier. Surely we could make dishes or do other chores within less time when compared to our prior generations. It should award us with more free time than our parents had,  in spite of the surplus engagements and outings we have while compared to them. This must help us fetch more time to be divided and spent for our career too. Women who work as government medical officers and teachers often outshine their counterparts, with their sincerity and efforts. Therefore it is obvious that rather than yelling over lack of time, the women folk have to change their attitude towards their job and other errands.

Responsibilities are to be shared, and this sharing would assure the warmth of caring. A family where all the members work and cooperate would surely leave no reason for the mother or wife to remain just as a ‘hideous’ homemaker throughout her life. In laws and husband need not find it hard to bear a working woman at home, if their thoughts are not so impoverished to accept a woman’s education and skill not simply as a decor but as something imperative to be sharpened and well utilized, so that she herself and her society would rejoice.

It is not the question of adding up  the woman’s earnings to boost up the combined savings of the family. Surely it would give more financial security, but the warmth of financial security which a homemaker homeopath feels should not refrain her from working or practicing. A few penny earned by her surely help her gift herself with those things she long for and to others whom she care for.

Career Options and Alternatives

Private practice is usually regarded as the best profession a homeopathic doctor can choose because it gives daily increment with respect to experience and income. Practicing at one’s own clinic gives no boredom of being ruled by a boss. Specialty clinics like beauty clinic, obesity clinic, veterinary clinic etc are innovative ideas for lady homeopaths. But at times lady doctors who  have to close their clinics or put substitutes for more than a couple of unavoidable reasons will have to face the after effects of their absenteeism. In the course of time, when experience and acquaintances add up this problem will vanish, only if the doctor and her family are patient enough to get good number of patients.

There is a universal notion that a medicine graduate should remain a practitioner throughout his or her life. There are a number of spheres where a homeopathic graduate can excel if she is interested in research, social work, teaching, counseling, public speaking and a lot more, provided she is willing to take up workshops and courses, either  short term or long term. These ventures will help her even if she has to go overseas or some other places after her marriage or due to other responsibilities. Master degrees in psychology, public health, epidemiology, anatomy, physiology and many other courses could help them reach the pinnacles of professional excellence. Many of the outstanding universities in our country offer PhD programs in various subjects like social medicine, life science etc, which homeopaths can pursue, after obtaining a master degree.

Lady homeopaths from an area or from the alumni associations can organize themselves and make joint endeavors. They can conduct workshops, seminars and even awareness programs. Setting up a medical FM or community radio for the news bulletins regarding health and health related events, to broadcast interviews and awareness classes is a breathtaking option. Such an undertaking done by a group with multiple talents, stunning creativity and who are ready to put on tireless efforts can bring out marvelous results. Those who are talented with writing skills can write articles and get published in periodicals. Netizens can go for blogging, can open websites, upload videos useful for medical students or general public. Interested homeopaths with love for gardening and grooming plants can make a botanical garden to supply medicines to homeopathic firms. In a nutshell, the talents and spirit of women need not be brushed under the carpet as they get older and busier.

Service oriented careers like associated service to NGOs, palliative care centers, house visit medical care, home delivery of medical care for parents of NRIs, ambulance service to old age group who are isolated by their siblings, free service in orphanages and special medical care for workers from other states surely bestow us with extreme gratification.

We often feel happy and easy to go for online shopping and spend hours browsing through net searching fashion and food trends. More than these, internet offers varied opportunities to do online vocation, online consulting, websites to give a second opinion in medical dilemma, tutoring etc.  Opening a virtual referral clinic for infertility and other disorders is an exclusive option. Doctors with an interest to do business can organize home remedy kits of medicines for adults and kids and sell them through internet.

What to do

In short, girls who outnumber boys in the homeopathic colleges and who find their places in the top of the rank lists, find it hard to fetch more than a few places among the busy practitioners’ list. Lack of judicious planning, inability to find mentors and a mentality to stay in the shade or to walk blind along with the gang could be concluded as the main reasons behind these ‘drop outs’. Absence of perseverance and motivation, plus the laziness to take daring tasks keep on pulling the women back. The negative thoughts are to be get rid of,  and women must fit themselves with stronger wings to fly high.

I think our college campuses lack that spirit to dream  about higher studies and careers. Students remain gratified in securing supreme marks and completing their records in the fastest pace, some do these even despairing themselves off the celebrations and joy of their campus lives. The teachers amidst busy schedules and lengthy syllabi often forget to inspire the students. Some teachers often get bored by the monotonous talks and one man discussions which they are compelled to make in the class, ‘no response’ from the part of students are a common episode. Finally an internship with some work and fun, with an eagerness to get out off the campus, leaves a herd of homeopaths,  with a few exceptions, with a sole aim, just to put a clinic, and remain in one’s own shackles within there forever. Sadly, many girls stumble by and spend their long lives ahead entirely for the chores at home and something else. In their homes on the wall of the living room, their ‘silk sari clad’ graduation photos will be hung just to add color and class to the room, giving nothing but a few nostalgic memories………………is that enough?

If not, make a beginning today. To be underlined, in the course of building up a career and excelling in it, family and friends are not to be forgotten. Service and savings, learning and leisure, dreams and duties all are equally important. My dear women folks, never compromise one for the other.

Dr. Thaslim. M. Nadir

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  1. Thanks.. its really reflecting almost every lady homoeopath.. if we want to do..some times its highly impossible due to some un avoidable factors .. but one day every one realise to do something ..though im doing my best.thank u..

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