Lectures on Organon of Medicine Volume 2 by Dr Manish Bhatia

by Dr Mansoor Ali

Full name of the book : Lectures on Organon of Medicine Volume 2

Author : Dr Manish Bhatia 

Published by Hpathy Medical Publishers, Jaipur

Email: webmaster@hpathy.com

Price: Rs 399

Pages: 206

With in a short span of 12 months, the first volume of Lectures on Organon of Medicine by Manish Bhatia reached many countries and every homeopathic library and even translated into many foreign languages and included in the syllabus of Central Council of Homoeopathy, Govt. of India.

This book forms the second volume of commentaries on Dr Samuel Hahnemann’s Organon of Medicine.

Hahnemann’s words are still relevant, but it is difficult to digest in German language or translations in old English with long winded sentences and difficult words – author simplified the seemingly complicated language of the Organon of medicine.

This volume is on Aphorism 72 to 145

In Aphorism 71 to 104 we will study what is to be cured in disease, case taking and what is curative in medicine.

The author kept the Dudgeon/Boericke translation 6th End as the base for this work.

The author highlighted several phrases and words in aphorisms by either making them bold or with underlines.

Some words have been explained with in the text of aphorism using square brackets.

Bhatia explained most of the aphorism in modern language, using relevant examples, clinical cases and correlating with modern science.

“Dr Bhatia’s writing ability and encyclopedic style creates a fascinating and intriguing framework that makes you want to read more” – Louis Klein in Foreword.

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