Location based homoeopathic management in vitiligo

Dr Apurva Dixit

Vitiligo is a chronic condition where white patches develop in between of normally pigmented skin due to loss of melanocytes. It may appear as a well-defined white patch at any part of the body. Typical locations for vitiligo are hair root which develops white hair too, areas surrounding body openings, bony areas, fingers, and toes. There is some evidence suggesting it is caused by a combination of auto-immune, genetic, and environmental factors. The constitutional approach shows better result to treat vitiligo. Although repertory has many rubrics related to specific location which could be very beneficial in practice.     

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Vitiligo is an acquired pigmentation of the skin characterized by well defined, depigmented  mostly starts with yellow latter it becomes white patches. Etiology is closely associated with autoimmune disorder and thyroid abnormalities [1]. It enlarges centrifugally with an unpredictable rate.


  • Trichome vitiligo
  • Marginal inflammatory vitiligo
  • Quadrichrome vitiligo
  • Koebner phenomenon vitiligo

Treatment is less amendable in the case of vitiligo but in repertory there are many rubrics as well as medicine related to specific parts of the body .by using these, the physician can get better result in such cases.

In some other literature it is mainly classified in 2 major groups 2

  • Non – segmental (bilateral vitiligo)
  • Segmental (unilateral vitiligo)
  • In rare case if it covers whole body called as complete vitiligo

Table no1. Rubrics related to vitiligo in synthesis repertory [3]

S. No. Location Medicine
1. In spot on abdomen Chloralum hydratum
2. In spot on ankle Calcarea carbonica
3. In spot on forearm Berberis vulgaris
4. In spot on arm Apis mel
5. In spot in centre of nipple Nux vomica
6. On ears Graphitis,
7. On face in spot Arsenic, Merc sol,
8. Of nostrils Stramonium
9. Of soles in spots Nat mur ,Apis
10. Between toes after bleached Baryta carb,Plumbum
11. At tip of finger Alumina ,Acid flour,Derris pinnata
12. On finger Lachesis,Vipera
13. On thumb Vipera
14. On thumb in spot Sulphur
15. On lower extremities in spots Calcarea carb
16. On thighs in spots Calcarea carb
17. On scrotum in spots Merc ,Thuja
18. On neck in spots Nat.carb
20. Red discoloration of face followed by white spot Histaminum
21. On upper limb in spots Berberis ,Kreosotum
22. On foot Marb-w
23. On face with itching Sulphur
24. Vitiligo after dreams of white things Ozone

Homeopathy treats the person as a whole. Homeopathic treatments focus on the patient as a person, as well as his pathological condition. The Homeopathic medicines for vitiligo can be selected after a full individualization of case and secondly, it can also be prescribed on therapeutic ground as particular location or specific sensation where not much symptoms are available. The homeopathic remedies for vitiligo given above indicate the therapeutic affinity as per location of the lesion.


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Dr. Apurva Dixit, MD Scholar, Department of Practice of Medicine (Hom.), Dr. M.P.K Homoeopathic Medical College, a constituent college of Homoeopathy University, Jaipur.

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