Manual of urogenital disorders by J PS Bakshi

Book review by Dr Sushil Vats

Author: Dr.J.P.S.Bakshi
Publishers: Cosmic Healers Pvt.Ltd.
7393,B 10, Vasant Kunj. New Delhi
Pages: 418
Price: Not mentioned

Book is part of a series of books written by Dr.Bakshi on various subjects. Author has intended to provide a compendium of precise user friendly information, the systematic use of which can expedite accurate diagnosis and disease management for each individual patient. It presents the relevance of rubrics along with the text of medicine.

Format is broadly divided into following.

  • Disease condition, etiology, clinical features. Investigations.
  • Disease management, alternative therapies.
  • Repertorial references according to disease causation, clinical features, modalities, and concomitants.
  • Repertory of all sections from Phoenix repertory.

Author has discussed all clinical conditions of urogenital system. Glomerulonephritis,,pyelonephritis ,vascular kidney disease, congenital anomalies of urogenital system .Different types of renal calculi are discussed in great details .Topics like Infections of the lower urinary tract ,renal failure & urinary incontinence are well written and add to our knowledge.

Change in the urinary output, anuria, oliguria & diseases of the female urethra also are the topics homoeopaths must know in detail, author has tried to arrange good information on these conditions.

However one fails to understand the objective of information on allopathic treatment as it serve no good to homoeopaths. Writer has indulged in book engineering, as there is hardly any original writing. But book serves very good purpose of ready reference for urogenital system.

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Co-Editor, Vital Informer
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