Materia Medica Guiding Symptoms for Confirmation of the Remedy

Dr Sushil Vats

Title of the book: Materia Medica Guiding Symptoms for Confirmation of the Remedy
Author: V.K.Arumugam
Publisher: Hahnemann Publications, 74, Kundrathur Road, Porur, Chenai-600 116.
Price: Rs.80

Author is an electronics engineer by qualification but is involved in the management of Venkateshawa Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital Chennai. This is his third book, earlier he has written two books namely-Human mind and Homoeopathy & Treatise on Homoeopathy. Current book deals with 129 remedies from Homoeopathic Materia medica. Each remedy is described in the form short notes Divided in to External Features, Guiding symptoms And Worse and Better.

In the preface of this book author tries to postulate a battery theory about the action of Homoeopathic medicines .He discuss this by giving the example of Natrum Mur. According to writer during the process of dilution of Natrum Mur., Sodium and Chlorine elements in the medicinal substance are separated due to mechanical disturbance during dilution and subsequently by further dilution release their ironic energy. These elements could act only on the corresponding energy elements everywhere in the body [dipole energy battery in the cells, the function of which has not so far been identified by the scientists.].Hence it is a proof that sodium and chlorine stored energy are available in the body.

Author has tried to form a theory of battery analogy wherein he is comparing the energy available in Human body to the one in the battery. It is a confusing, un- wanted and un-warranted induction from someone who is writing a book on materia- medica. In the process author has complicated the whole issue .Homoeopathy does not new theory or explanation, the whole concept is well explained by the masters and is available in simple language. We have to look in to our old literature.

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