‘MBBS doctors have no knowledge on health sector’- Kerala PSC

Thiruvananthapuram: Concerned over the lack of awareness among candidates on the state’s health sector, the state public service commission has submitted a report to the CM expressing concerns over it.

“They are academically brilliant, but they have no knowledge about the state’s health sector and this is a matter of concern. We have not suggested any remedies or solutions but we have only conveyed our findings,” said chairman of state public service commission K S Radhakrishnan. 

Sample this — Who is the health minister of Kerala? What is medical ethics? What is a primary health centre and how is it formed? What are the major health programmes of the government? These were some of the questions that were unanswered in the interview held for the post of assistant surgeon by the state public service commission. If you think that the candidates came from other states, then you are wrong. Of the 3,443 candidates, only 215 have studied outside the country or state.

The report submitted to the chief minister pointed out that those who have applied for ‘category’ reservation are not from the first generation, but children of those who have secured jobs through reservation and have now become affluent people. Hence none of the reserved categories have directly benefitted from this, the report said.

 Irrespective of the academic background, the candidates are totally ignorant of medical ethics, which is a serious issue since these doctors have to get placements in hospitals where thousands of patients are to be treated every day.

They also have no idea about the medical system of the state or the country, the report said.

The MBBS graduates are not aware of the structure of the primary health centre and its role in a community. They are not aware of the centrally sponsored health schemes and also the major health initiatives of the state.[Times News Network]


  1. Finally, someone realized that the race to be a efficient doctor is uprooting the basic goal of becaming a doctor. This system asks best of us but do not expose us to worst.

  2. The status will not be different about Homoeopaths who attend P S C Interviews.When one joins a Medical Institute,That person is cut-off from all channels that connect to the Outer World.All things happen in the Outer World are masked from them.No connection to a society that exist outside is established.No concern about a society suffering there of various problems like poverty,gender issues and like.Various Social Service Modules should become an integral part of Medical Course Design.A doctor is expected to be a person capable of Social change should not be unaware of the society to which he/she is exposable during the Career.

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