Mega homoeopathy seminars or public awareness programmes? Why?

Mega homoeopathy seminars or public awareness programmes? Why?

Dr Mansoor Ali 

Why are public awareness programmes unavoidable in Homoeopathy?

Based on a study report

A study done by the Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi University, published in PLOS One journal in 2017 based on National Sample Survey, reveals that only 3 % of Indian Population using homoeopathy.

Current Indian population is 134.25 crores. That means only 4 crore people utilising homeopathy in India, even though Central Government and many state Governments supporting homoeopathy.

That is the need for public awareness programmes in Homoeopathy – if we can create awareness among the public – homoeopathy has wonderful future in India – 130 crores more people to cover!!

So we are requesting all organisations and Govt bodies to conduct Public awareness programmes and medical camps, g to the public in addition to the seminar for homoeopaths.

Photo : Hindustan times

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