Mentality of homoeopathic gold

Dr N Sushmita

Mentality of homoeopathic gold


  • Throughout the history of recorded civilization, a rich and variegated gold legacy has been handed down to mankind in Biblical parables and Greek myths, folk tale allegory and poetic imagery; by way of similes and metaphors to portray man’s spiritual welfare and metonymy to signify the wealth of nations. The precious metal has been linked with sovereignty, leadership and authority, whether secular or religious; and gold has ever been symbolic of worldly achievement and success. In 1818, Hahnemann introduced gold into Homoeopathy.
  • M.L.Tyler calls Aurum HOMOEOPATHIC GOLD (because gold when tested on normal healthy persons has produced just such states of suicidal despair & hopelessness).
  • Group in the periodic table: I B
  • Series in the periodic table: 6th
  • Atomic number: 79
  • Atomic weight: 197amu


  • HARD WORKING: They are very correct & proper in their dealings with others (Kali.c). They are intelligent, hard working, who become successful and obtain high position. Their feeling is that they must perform tasks which are impossible or much beyond their capacity. They almost destroy themselves in trying to achieve the goals. If they don’t achieve, then develops the feeling of failure, guilt and despair of salvation. They feel that they may fall down from their high position. Never rest until they have completed the day’s work – duty conscious. Does things from a sense of duty, than from sympathy or anxiety for others.
  • DICTATORIAL: If others do wrong, it provokes anger.  When rebelled by the person who is closely attached, they experience mortification, anger with indignation, tremendous depression, sadness, hopelessness, forsaken feeling and disappointment. They totally withdraw & become highly irritable which leads to suicidal thoughts
  • TAKE IT TO HEART: Very sensitive to any criticism or comments (Similar to Nat.). They feel very low, become melancholic with a disposition to weep. They become more of closed type. They develop a feeling that they have no right to live, start condemning self and again end up in suicidal thoughts. They think “one jump and there will be relief
  • ADVANCED PATHOLOGY: When pathology advances, they may seem cruel & unfeeling to others, esp. in their manner of speaking. They turn to mental activity to be stable. Work becomes an outlet to avoid the discomfort of an emotional life. Any suppression, affects heart
  • DEPRESSION & LOATHING OF LIFE: This is the main idea essential to Aurum according to George Vithoulkas. In the later stages of life, they become RELIGIOUS. They pray for salvation with weeping and listen to religious songs, which gives them relief. They have fear of disease, not of death. There is a polarity between high morality & extreme guilt & suicidal tendencies. Ultimately they don’t want to live. 
  • We see this entire perversion of all the lovers of mankind, and finally their entire destruction -KENT 
  • No drug produces more ACUTE MENTAL DEPRESSION than Aurum -CLARKE



Duty bound





Loathing of life



Affects – circulation of blood Respiratory organs
On mind – emotional symptoms Intellectual part of mind
Tendency to hyperemia Nervous phenomena
Attacks bones Very little affinity on bones
Scrofula with redness of face Chlorosis
Affects distribution of blood

Fullness or hyperemia

Affects quality

Incapable of fully carrying oxygen

Malnutrition of all parts


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Dr N Sushmita
MD Part-2 (Homoeopathic Materia Medica)
Father Muller Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Deralakatte, Mangaluru-18

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