Mentorship programme -A Comprehensive Course in Management of Cancers

Homeopathic Approaches in Oncology A first-of-its-kind Weekend Training program for Homeopaths in Oncology.

This course brings on Clinical Understanding of Cancers with an onco-surgeon, Approaching different types of Cancers with Homeopathy, palliative care, and more. Renowned Homeopathic Cancer Specialists are coming together to teach their clinical experience with cases to equip homeopaths to manage cases confidently.

Duration: 46hrs, on alternate weekends spanning 3months

Dates: Starting from 15th & 16th May 2021, alternate Saturdays and Sundays till 16th Oct,2021

Speakers : Dr Sunirmal Sarkar, Dr Sujit Chatterjee, Dr Farokh Master, Dr Manish Yadav, Dr Vinayak Patkar, Dr Ashok Borkar, Dr Saptharshi Banerjea, Dr Shrikant Talari & More.

Organised by Synergy

Salient Features:
1. Basics of Clinical Oncology for Homeopathic Practice by Oncosurgeon & homeopath
2. Homeopathic Approach to Different Cancers
3.Integrating Different Homeopathic Approaches and their application in Practice.
4. How to manage effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy
5. Role of Homeopathy in Palliative Care
6. Holistic Approach in Cancer Management with Diet, Lifestyle Management and Counseling, these lectures will be delivered by experts from these fields.
7. Role of Nosodes and Sarcodes in Cancer Management
8. Role of Actinides and Lanthanides in Cancer Management
9. A session on Questions & Answers with a Panel of Experts.
10. Certificate of Participation will be given to every Participant.

Listen to Dr Shrikant Talari about the Mentorship Program

Rs. 7500

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Contact:- Mrs Avani:-93236 21096, Dr Soni :- 77220 35131, Dr Padmakar :- 8793005502, Dr Kirtiraj- 9970 333 022

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