Miasmatic Prescribing – Second Edition by S K Banerjea

Review by Dr Mansoor Ali

Full name of the book : Miasmatic prescribing, its philosophy, diagnostic classifications, clinical tips, Miasmatic repertory, Miasmatic  weightage of medicines and case illustrations.

Second enlarged edition

Author : Dr Subrata Kumar Banerjea

Published by :  Bjain Publishers New Delhi

Website : wwww.bjain.com

Price : INR 399

Pages : 294

A good  description of how to prescribe miasmatically with helpful graphs and charts to compare symptoms and how they relate to each miasm clinically.

The Utility and Incorporation of Miasm in Prescribing:
The consideration of miasms is of paramount importance in effective homoeopathic prescribing particularly in this world of multi-suppressions where perceiving a clear picture of disease is becoming increasingly difficult.

According to author –  “In order to make a miasmatic assessment, we need to uncover the layers of predisposing weaknesses”.

Removal of the different layers of suppression one after another through changes in the plan of miasmatic  treatment according to the presenting surface miasm and corresponding symptomatic totality

There are six main sections to this book  

Part I — Philosophy and Utility of Miasm: Here I have taken the opportunity to discuss the philosophical background of Miasm, and to share my views regarding suppression and the need for miasmatic prescriptions in the modern world. Key words are presented to reflect the miasmatic  tendencies.

Part II — Miasmatic Diagnostic Classifications: Starting with the mental symptoms, this is a head to foot schematic classification of the four miasms, including my tips for rapid miasmatic diagnosis.

Part III — Miasmatic Diagnosis of Clinical Classifications: In this section I have shared all the possible  clinical nosological names under their respective miasmatic headings with a view to enabling fast  diagnosis of the corresponding miasm.

Part IV — Miasmatic Ancestral Tips: All the tips of my four generations of Miasmatic Prescribers.

Part V — This is a totally new concept, and once again aimed for your quick miasmatic diagnosis.

Part VI — Miasmatic Weightage of Medicines: A comprehensive guide to the weight, value or gradation of the medicines and listings of the leading anti-miasmatics.

Three new chapters in this edition

VII – Practical approach in classical prescribing

VIII – Case illustrations – how incorporation of miasm help to reach the similimum

IX – Look and diagnosis – Personality assessment through miasm

How Miasmatic Medicine acts !
Author beautifully explained that Deep acting anti-miasmatic medicines by virtue of their centrifugal action will remove the layers of suppression which can be evidenced as follows:

a) A quantum jump in the sense of well being.

b) Improved energy.

c) Increased appetite.

d) Better quality of sleep.

e) Harmony and tranquillity of temperament.

f) Stability (in obese people) or weight gain in under weight subjects.

g) Clarity of the existing or presenting symptoms or even lighter symptoms.

h) Suppressed symptoms (even of years ago) reappear on the surface and are permanently eradicated.

Miasmatic selection of rubrics – Really innovative
I am really impressed by Banerjea’s  comprehensive Miasmatic interpretation of rubrics from mind to generals- which helps the practitioners to select the correct miasmatic rubric for the patient.

Repertory Section covers

  1. Mind rubrics
  2. Vertigo
  3. Head
  4. Eye
  5. Ear
  6. Nose
  7. Mouth
  8. Face
  9. Respiratory rubrics
  10. Cardiac rubrics
  11. Stomach
  12. Abdomen
  13. Sex
  14. Urinary
  15. Rectum
  16. Skin
  17. Nail
  18. Extremity
  19. Sleep
  20. Modalities

Author also explained with examples – Why should we know the miams?

Banerjea’s ten principles on miasm on page 8 are very interesting and though provoking – that highlights the relevance the need to study miasm in detail.

I am recommending this book to the students, teachers and practitioners of Homoeopathy. Dr Banerjea tried his level best with summaries, charts, tables and cases in a novel way, to conceptualise the concept of effective miasmatic prescription, which he had successfully incorporated in his practice for many years


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