Millions of Italians using Homoeopathy-AMIOT report

italyAlmost 13 million Italians who use non-conventional medicines. Equal to more than 1 out of 5 people (21.2% of the population) and on the increase if compared to 2000, when they were just over 6 million. Among all the alternative treatments, the most popular continues to be homeopathy (76.1%). Followed by herbal medicine (58.7%), osteopathy (44.8%), acupuncture (29.6%) and finally, chiropraxis (20.4%).

The data, relayed by the Italian Medical Association of Homotoxicology (AMIOT), are contained in the latest Report by Eurispes (Italy 2017) and show how this Country is among those European nations that have developed the greatest awareness of a sector that, despite the crisis, is constantly expanding.

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