Ministry denied permission to more than 40 Homoeopathy Colleges,blind assent to Govt Colleges

Dr Mansoor Ali

Permission denied by Ayush Ministry, Govt of India to more than 40 Homoeopathy Medical Colleges, but blind assent to all govt homoeopathy colleges

First time in the history of homoeopathy in India – due to the deficit in faculty and shortage in infrastructure – Ministry of AYUSH denied permission to more than 40 homoeopathic medical colleges across India for 2017-18 admission.

Bakson Homoeopathy Medical College UP and  Dr. M.L. Dhawale Memorial Homoeopathic Institute, Palghar lost their PG admission. AN.S.S. Homoeopathic Medical College Kottayam Kerala, RVS, Martin College, North east homoeopathy Medical College etc lost their BHMS admission for 2017-18 session.

This time Ministry of Ayush ensuring strict compliance on Homoeopathy Colleges and hospitals.

  • The inspection and hearing process is almost complete.
  • 154 homoeopathy medical colleges got approval as on 22.09.2017.
  • More than 200 Homoeopathy Medical colleges are there in India.
  • Many pioneer institutes fell down this time
  • Permission denied for 41 Homoeopathy Medical Colleges as on 22.09.2017
  • Some of the postgraduate homoeopathy medical colleges also didn’t get permission – so PG seats will go down this year.

Blind permission to Govt Homoeopathy Colleges
But despite these facts, Ministry gave open permission to many Govt Homoeopathy Medical Colleges which have the formidable shortage of faculty and infrastructure – this is a bad precedent and decision – ultimately this leads to more deterioration of Govt Homoeopathy Medical Colleges in India – better not to have two dine at a table.

Number of Colleges denied admission for 2017-18 by Ministry

Maharashtra: 10

Bihar : 7 Colleges

Madhya Pradesh: 5

Gujarat : 4

Tami Nadu : 3

Arunachal Pradesh : 1

Chandigarh: 1

Jharkhand : 1

Karnataka: 2

Rajasthan : 1

Kerala : 1

Orissa : 2

Punjab : 1

Telengana : 1

Uttarakhand : 1

Uttar Pradesh : 1

List of colleges permitted and denied
Permission and denial of admission to Homoeopathy Medical Colleges 2017 – Final order by Ministry of Ayush


  1. Could be some over confidence, or a conflict, or a failure in presentation of the standard items, and a link failure, resulted in ouster. But everything is manageable so don’t worry…

  2. Dear Dr. Ali,
    I was surprised to see Bakson Homoeopathy Medical College and Dr. M.L. Dhawale Memorial Homoeopathic Institute on that denied list. Does this feel legitimate to you, or could this be homeopathy’s enemies at work?

    • This time many inspectors are new. They might have pointed out minor lapses. That may be the reason. Both colleges are good. But few other colleges are not upto the standard. Ministry trying to improve the standard of colleges.This is in good direction

  3. sir how to get the list of the colleges where permission has been denied for pg admission,its not showing up on the above mentioned link.

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