Model questions in Homoeopathic Pharmacy

pharmacy2Model questions in Homoeopathic Pharmacy

1) First homoeopathic pharmacoepia- by Dr.Carl W Caspari of Leipzig Germany in 1825 –“ dispensatorium homoeopathicum”

2) First homoeopathic pharmacoepia in India – by M. Bhattacharya & co of Calcutta in1893 called “pharmaceutist manual” revised edition in 1902 and is called” m.bhattacharya and co homoeopathic pharmacoepia”

3) Official pharmacoepia of India –h p i – in 1971 published by ministry of health and family welfare.govt. Already published 180 monographs (drugs) in 8 volumes.

4) Chairman of the first “homoeopathic pharmacoepia committee” in 1962- dr. B.K.sarkar.

5) Official pharmacy= preparation of the drugs according to the process which are prescribed in the official pharmacoepia.

6) Extemporous pharmacy= preparation and distribution of the drugs according to the physicians prescription.

7) Combining- it is the process of joining two or more thing together.

8) Compounding –joining two or more elements to form a new product with a new property, eg hepar sulph.

9) Preparation of medicines where whole plants are used—aconite, arnica, bell. Chamomile, drosera, ledum, hyos, hypericum, ruta, spigelia, ranunculus, stramonium

10)  Where fresh root are used?  Bryonia, cicuta and phytolacca and arum trphylum

11)  Where dried root are used –caltrops, ipecac, rawolfia.

12)  Where hanging aerial roots are used –ficus indica

13) Where stem are used- cactus grand folium

14) Wherecimicifuga,gelsemium,helleborus,hydrangia,podophyllum,rumex,sanguinaria,veratrum alb

15) Tubers-solanum tuberosum

16) Corns-colchicum, crocus

17) Bulb-allium cepa, allium sativa

18) Where fresh leaves are used: -aegle folia, digitalis, and ficus  Religiosa, justicia adathoda, kalmia, rhustox

19) Where dried leaves are used: -coca, tabacum, and eucalyptus

20) Where flowers /flowering heads with or without leaves are used: –   Calendula, eupatorium, cina,

21) Where dried stigma or flower is used- crocus sativa.

22) Where berries are used?  Sabal serrulata, a gnus castus

23) Where nuts are used? Aesculus hippocastanum

24) Where fresh seeds are used? Ignatia, syzygium

25) Where dried seeds are used? Cocculus, lathyrus, nux moschata, nux vom, staphysagria

26) Where bark is ised? -Abies can.cinchona, mezereum (dried outer bark), cinnamomum (inner bark)

27) Where bark of root is used? -Baptisia, berberis, hamamelis

28) Where juice is used? -Aloe soc (leaves), anacardium occi (juice of shell), anac.orient (juice of seed), opium (gummy juice of poppy)

29) Eg: – of medicines from resins-abies nig, asafoetida

30) E.g.:-of medicines from gum resins: -asafoetida, benzoinum

31) E.g.: of medicines from oleo resins: -rhustox, turpentine

32) Eg: of medicines from balsam: -balsamum peruvianum, bals.tolutanum

33) E.g.: of medicines from algae: -ficus vesiculosus

34) Medicines from fungi: -agaricus, bovista, ustilago, secale cor

35) Medicines from lichens: -sticta pulmonale (algae and lichens are  Thallophytic)

36) Medicines from bryophytes: -polytrichum juniperinum

37) Medicines from pteridophyta: -lyco, filix mas, and equisetum

38) Name of the alkaloids seen in

Secale cor: -ergotin

Ipecac:      -emetine

39) Resinoids

Cimicifuga:    -macro tin

Iris versicolor: -irisin

Baptisia:         -baptisin

Apocyanum cann: -apocyanin

40) Glycosides

Adonis vernal is:  -adonidin

Aloes soc:           -aloin

Digitalis:             -digitalis

Chemical formula of sac lac = c12 h22 o11

John Ernest staff process for purification


Insoluble in alcohol

1gm s.l. is soluble in 5 ml of ordinary water

1g, s.l. is soluble in 2.6ml in boiling water

Molecular weight –360.3

Synonyms of placebo=phytum, rubrum, nihilinum, lactopen

Globules soluble in water insoluble in alcohol.

Pillules = larger globules 40, 60, 70

Pellets = smaller globules.

Cones = for preparation, vegetable and animal kingdom substances are used. Cane sugar with egg albumin usual shape is conical, commonly used size is no 6.

Tablets =sugar of milk, soluble in water and in soluble in alcohol and are softer than globules.

1) Anagallis is prepared from                               whole plant

2) Gentiana cruciata                                               root

3) Aqua Petra                                                         mineral spring water

4) Radium                                                              artificial imponderables

5) Which plant possesses more medicinal qualities?

  •    a) Plants cultivated in botanical gardens
  •    b) Wild plants
  •    c) Plants cultivated in home
  •    d) All

6) Penicillin is prepared from-   Synthetic source

7) Narcotic plants are collected in –   Before or during

8) Corrosive substance is preserved in –  a) Hard glass

9) Fluoric acid is stored in—gutta purcha bottles

10) Drugs, which are affected by the light or sunlight, their glass bottles are covered outside with solution of—asphaltum and black varnish

11) For storing caustic or acid substances –Pyrex glass is used.

12) Venom can be preserved in—deep freeze in glycerin

13) Most common impurity in sugar of milk—starch

14) Saccharin lactis is derived from—Latin

15) For prepn of sugar of milk fat free skimmed milk is treated with————————————-to ppt the casein—dilute hcl

16) Purified water can be prepared by methods of—-de iodisation and distillation

17) Aqua distillate is mainly used for —potentisation purposes

18) Purified water should be preserved in—Pyrex glass

19) Synthetically ethyl alcohol is prepared from —hydrocarbon ethylene

20) Dilute alcohol contains ————-v/v of alcohol—-65%

21) Acc: to a.h.p, dilute alcohol consists ———part of alcohol and———part of distilled water—7:3

22) Alcohol fortis contains ———-vol: of alcohol——95%

23) Glycerin is ————-alcohol—tri hydric

24) Proof spirit is a mixture of ——- and ———-alcohol and distilled water

25) Rectified spirit is —60o.p

26) B.p of glycerin is 290 degrees

27) Glycerin is prepared from molasses, synthetically, spent, soap lye’s

28) Commercially glycerin is prepared from —propylene

29)———–is used as a suppository in constipation—-glycerin.

30) Glycerin is used in preparations of mother tinct. and lower dilution of Certain poisonous products like apis, naja, tarentula

31) The solution of cane sugar, sucrose, purified water, which is used as a sweet maker —–syrup complex

32) Olive oil is soluble in——–chloroform

33) Olive oil is —-tasteless

34) Synonyms of sesame oil—benne oil and gingely oil

35) Oleum amygdale is synonym of —almond oil

36)———oil is used in perfumes—rose mary

37) Family of rose mary oil is—labiates

38) The semi solid vehicles are – lanolin, Vaseline and spermaceti

39) Lavender oil is used for soothing effect=head-ache

40) Yellow paraffin is used in wools alcohol ointment

41) Cetaceum is the synonym of spermaceti

42) Spermaceti is a mixture of various constituents of which principle is –cetin

43) 1 dessertspoon full is = to 8 ml.

44) I wine glass full is= to 60ml

45) Wool fatis the synonym of lanolin

46) Acid value of spermaceti is  – not more than 10

47) — Balance is used for serving prescription= brass pan balance

48)—is used for weighing milk sugar and poisonous substances=horn pan scale

49) A chopping knife or chopper is made of stainless steel

50) For finer powder — sieves should be used=silk

51) Temperature of water bath always remain at – of water= boiling point

52) Corks should be washed with purified water

53) The mother powder is not soluble in == alcohol, water and olive oil.

54) The process of separating out the tincture with force from the solid drug material is known as = straining

55) The liquid, which is capable of penetrating the tissues of plant or animal substance and dissolving the active principle, is known as =men strum

56) Ferrum mur is prepared under class- va

57) For maceration the temperature should be maintained between the temperature within the range 15- 20 oc

58) Maceration should be allowed to continue for 15- 30 days

59) Idea regarding fluxion potency was -=skinner

60) Hahnemann himself made potencies up to =60

61) For 50-mm scale potency –potency of trituration is required= 3c

62) Psorinum is prepared under class 9 in old method.

63) In modern method the drug power of moschus is= 1/20

64) Succussion is a new method by =dr. Hahnemann

65) — Is called as therapeutic creams = ointments

66) For the preparation liniment ———– is used as vehicle= olive oil.

67) For the preparation of liniment the proportion of medicine & tincture of soap is–=1:4

68) Starch is insoluble in = cold water and  alcohol.

69)“aur” is =ear

70) “Bene “= well

71)” c.v.” =tomorrow evening

72) collut is a mouth wash

73) “o.n” =  every night

74) The letter  “rx  “ –  is originally signified the symbol of the planet of the sun is —-Jupiter

75) Rx – stands for the Greek word —recipe

76) Emulsion is introduced in the body by =“oral”

77) Who told, “The dose makes it a poison or a remedy”= Paracelsus

78) The first proving of apis mell was by ——- and that of virus by —– ==Dr. Humphreys, Dr. Hering

79) The main action of apium virus =is on skin & venous system

80) Percolation is done with substances containing —–=verry less moisture  % no moisture

81) Straight potency introduced by —-=Dr. Burt

82) Before Hahnemann drug proving was thought by —- =ALFRED VON HALER

83) The strong influential constituent which can be extracted from a drug and can be analyzed chemically–= is the active principle.

84) American arbor vitae is the common name of =thuja occi.

85) Indian name of Graphite’s= is the Krishna seeshaka.

86) Development of hypodermic needle for drug administration was demonstrated by = Wood.

87) Who defines pharmacy as an art and science of preparing and dispensing medicines= DR. GARTH BOERICKE

88) Iron mortar pestle are used for pulverizing -= nux.vomica

89) Moulded vehicle -== modified vehicle

90) Worm glass= spigelia

91) Palandu = Indian name of Allium Cepa.

92) Use of small amount of alcohol for moistening the sugar of milk  during trituration  as it will save the troubles of scrapings and stirring was mentioned  by  =Burt.

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