NATRIUM MURIATICUM- A Transit of symptoms from mind to body.

Dr Henna Khanam

COMMON NAME – Common salt

HABITAT – Sodium chloride, also known as salt, common salt, table salt or halite, is an ionic compound with the formula NaCl, representing equal proportions of sodium and chlorine. Sodium chloride is the salt most responsible for the salinity of the ocean and of the extracellular fluid of many multicellular organisms
PROVER – DR.C.F.S.Hahnemann

HISTORY OF COMMON SALT – Some of the earliest evidence of salt processing dates back to around 6,000 years ago, when people living in Romania were boiling spring water to extract the salts; a salt works in China has been found which dates to approximately the same period. Salt was prized by the ancient Hebrews, the Greeks, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Hittites and the Egyptians. Salt became an important article of trade and was transported by boat across the Mediterranean Sea, along specially built salt roads, and across the Sahara in camel caravans. The scarcity and universal need for salt has led nations to go to war over salt and use it to raise tax revenues. Salt is also used in religious ceremonies and has other cultural significance. The word salary originates from Latin: salarium, which referred to the money, paid to the Roman Army’s soldiers for the purchase of salt. The word salad literally means, “Salted”, and comes from the ancient Roman practice of salting leaf vegetables.

In 1930, Mahatma Gandhi led at least 100,000 people on the “Dandi March” or “Salt Satyagraha”, in which protesters made their own salt from the sea thus defying British rule and avoiding paying the salt tax. This civil disobedience inspired millions of common people, and elevated the Indian independence movement from an elitist movement to a national struggle.

TRADITIONAL USE – Common Salt is essential to the health of people and animals and is used universally as a seasoning. It is used in cooking, is added to manufacture foodstuffs and is often present on the table at mealtimes for individuals to sprinkle on their own food.

In many cuisines around the world, salt is used in cooking, and is often found in saltshakers on diners’ eating tables for their personal use on food. Table salt is a refined salt containing about 97 to 99 percent sodium chloride.

While people have used canning and artificial refrigeration to preserve food for the last hundred years or so, salt has been the best-known food preservative, especially for meat, for many thousands of years.

These are used in the manufacture of PVC, plastics, paper pulp and many other inorganic and organic compounds. Salt is also used as a flux in the production of aluminium. For this purpose, a layer of melted salt floats on top of the molten metal and removes iron and other metal contaminants. It is also used in the manufacture of soaps and glycerine, where it is added to the vat to precipitate out the saponified products. As an emulsifier, salt is used in the manufacture of synthetic rubber, and another use is in the firing of pottery, when salt added to the furnace vaporizes before condensing onto the surface of the ceramic material, forming a strong glaze.

PREPARATION – One part by weight of pure chloride of sodium is dissolved in nine parts by weight of distilled water (solution or trituration)

CHEMICAL PROPERTIES – It occurs abundantly in nature, nearly everywhere. It crystallizes from aqueous solutions in colourless, transparent, anhydrous cubes. It is soluble in three parts of cold water but is insoluble in absolute alcohol.

ADAPTIBILITY – Nat. mur is suited for the anaemic and cachectic persons. Anaemia from loss of vital fluids; profuse menses, seminal emissions or mental affections.

 Natrium muriaticum or Sodium chloride, yes, the very Common Salt of our diet, which has been assumed to be of no significant use in the field of medicine, is one of the most important and useful homoeopathic remedy; so dispensed after proper trituration.Salt is the essence of life. It means just like the salt in our food, without which food seems tasteless.Similarly, lack of salt in our body tissues also exhibit certain manifestations whenever there is deficiency of it. However, sodium chloride or this common salt, in one of the jars of our kitchen, has been restricted to its necessity in cuisine, and hence maybe regarded as the pons asinorum of homoeopathy. Those who are able to grasp in a practical way, the homoeopathic uses of this remedy are less likely to fail in their prescriptions, while those who can see nothing but “common salt” in Natrium Muriaticum, may conclude that they have not the ‘root of matter’ in them i.e.; their mere glimpse of this table-salt in their dining table was of actual no depth. However, we know as per Paracelsus citation- “Poison is in everything and nothing is without poison. The dosage makes it either a poison or remedy.

Therefore, this salt is a constituent of every liquid and solid part of our body, which regulates the metabolism within the cells and distribute the water throughout the organism. Deficiency in this salt causes the disturbance of water in the human organism, just like the salt-less food destroys the essence of the cuisine. An unequal distribution, hence leads to excessive dryness of mucous membranes in some part, while it may be copious, watery fluid in other part, thus disturbing the uniformity, Natrium muriaticum will set things right and establish the equilibrium. On the other hand, if the salt is being consumed in great quantities, or somehow is in excess in the body, then also the equilibrium comes to stake and profound nutritive changes takes place in the system, with not only the symptoms of salt retention as evidenced by dropsies and oedemas, but also an alteration in the blood, causing anaemia, and leukocytosis. There also seems to be a retention of certain materials or products in the tissues, giving rise to symptoms of gouty or rheumatic gout. Hence, common salt in excess, in our body can pose to be a threat as a silent killer or pinch-by-pinch killer. Thereby affecting our vital organs, as heart, kidney, lungs, brain etc. Natrium Mur is a deep-acting, long-acting remedy, taking a wonderful hold of the economy.

It  tends to change the prevailing mixed miasmatic or even the Sycotic-dominant era, and thus, touching lives and leaving an ever-lasting effects  on the population in its potentised few drops or globules, thereby giving the system, not what it needs only, but cures the internal disease gradually putting in order the internal physical man. Thus, the system bounces back to normal and the tissues start taking up the salt enough from the food in required proportionate amounts thus attaining a proper balance. Hence, the proper dosage can work wonders in fulfilling the high and only mission; and to attain this goal, the first thing should  be to observe and ponder over the symptoms, outlook, personality and the display of the patient enquiring each detail until the secret spring is touched. A great deal of these can be presented on looking at the patient, so that we can conclude saying- “ This looks like a Natrum mur patient”, thus artistically classifying patients as per their appearance which definitely comes after experience.

APPEARANCE-The skin is shiny, pale, and waxy as if greased. Swelling of face or lips. Fever blisters on lips; tottery eruptions around mouth.Unclean complexion of earthy hue, dirty face, in prostration and nervous irritability, dating back of which lies a long chain of mental symptoms. Hysterical condition of the mind and body.

The primary characteristics of a patient of Natrum Mur, presenting any pathology is introversion, arising out of a feeling of great vulnerability to emotional injury, any over-lying grief, anger, fright that remained unsorted or unexpressed. These patients are emotionally very sensitive, can very well feel the emotional pain of others, and can sense that any form of rejection, ridicule, humiliation or grief would be intolerable5. For e.g.; they are likely to be quiet and withdrawn, but with a sense of responsibility. At a party, he will sit on a sideline and enjoy himself by watching others, and if attracted to someone, he will not be flirtatious or friendly but pretend as if he is not paying attention at all, but would be silently watching that person with the wink of an eye. They are liable to fantasizes that the other person is likewise attracted and he may romantically take steps ahead to decorate his fantasy fairy-tale. But a Natrum mur patient would never express his feeling easily and will be slight hesitant on going on a date for that very fear of rejections, be it in any grounds. Like “a burnt child dreads fire”, Natrum Mur patients are very sensitive to disharmony. If the parents fight, the child may not react immediately, but may suffer inside, even to the point of acquiring a physical ailment. After being hurt several times, they learn to become cautious and would think twice before getting involved in any emotional experience.

They turn to introverted activities, which are emotionally safe i.e; reading romantic books or things having practical values in human relations; listening to music and dwelling on fantasies. And thus,  to avoid being hurt all over again, just like his previous misfortunes, the Natrium Mur patient creates a wall of insecurity, becomes enclosed in his world and prefers to stay in his own shell. A Natrium Mur patient is emotionally sensitive and vulnerable, but definitely, from his shell he does not exhibit his infirmity. A daughter may have deep feeling for her father but never lets anyone realize it. Then the father dies. The daughter grieves silently, locking herself in a room and crying in the pillow, without letting anyone know as to how this tragedy affected her. To those around her, who do not perceive the depth of her affection, she becomes very introvert, wants to be alone with her books and music. She never moans and cries in front of others, but sobs when all alone, when all have slept in the mid-night or away in a separate place. She does not want anyone’s sympathy to be inflicted upon her because she avoids seeking sympathy. She becomes self-contained; solves her own problems without seeking aid from others and eventually comes to the point where she feels that she does not need to be in connection with the outside world. If someone intrudes into world of her own, she might become resentful.

He/she is strong on mental and physical levels and has a great sense of responsibility; and for this reason, they are likely to be a sympathetic patient-listener to others when they count upon him on being depressed. Theirs, this sense of responsibility makes Natrum Mur patient lead into the fields of counselling, psychotherapy, the ministry etc. and when they give an ear to others problems; they display a strong and positive attitude and reflect a ray of hope and confidence for the other. A Natrum Mur patient faces many topsy-turvy curves in his life and that is what impresses upon his bodily actions. However, they are at the initial stages, strong and loves to take up challenges in life, even risking his/her own emotions. They enjoy receiving affection from others and indeed in hearts of hearts, do expect and demand a positive gesture of emotion from the other end, but does not expresses themselves or their emotions easily. Their sensitive nature of getting hurt, or getting offended by the slightest comment or gesture can cause suffering. She is benumbed to slightest impressions, easily takes on grief or is distracted by it. Hence, the hysterical mood develops; Tendency to make mistakes while writing weeping alternates with laughing, irresistible laughter at unsuitable times. This they do to put a mask over their nervousness or the mental stress they are going through, and when this giggling and laughing becomes difficult to feign with, they burst out crying loudly .e.g.; a lady while normally talking of divorce with her husband, displaying how strong she is to be independent enough to move on in this world without his support, but on continuous detailing, she will have an outburst and she will start weeping uncontrollably. A Natrum Mur patient is a bit gloomy, no matter how cheering the circumstances are, she cannot bring herself to the state of being joyful because she dwells on the unpleasant occurrences of the past and grieves of them, yet never speaks of them with others.she feels awkward on others sensing her problems and being a part of it too.

This sense of responsibility of not bothering or even hurting others or ridiculing someone by even joking, thus makes him/her more of a serious person, and he appears cold to his own sufferings in front of others, portraying a normal attitude.this strong nature and attitude makes him a motivating factor in others’ lives. Counselling, at times, becomes hard for for a Natrum mur patient, because consoling and calm words makes him feel even more worse- the melancholy , the tearfulness, sometimes even brings on anger. She refuses to gain sympathy of others and is mad when is given. She will be like;” You don’t have to be so much concerned of me, mind your business”. She is so reserved, that, to speak of her thoughts and feelings and her past occurrences is something that cannot be expected of her, for she feels that incapacity for reflection. Unrequited affections, where she knows that what she is thinking or doing is illogical, but still cannot resist herself and goes on to do so. She falls in love with a married man or someone of lower strata or even someone unattainable. She knows that she is being foolish but cannot help it. This then causes intense anguish and grief and the result is an even greater introversion. She then prefers to be alone and feels contented in her loneliness. If someone intrudes into world of her own, she might become resentful. Life goals for them is “not to hurt and not to be hurt.” These psychic influences then tend to affect the physical being of the individual.

CHEMISTRY– Linking the chemical action and its source, we can easily tally out the symptoms to its source and chemistry. NaCl is derived from water, source of which is all the water-bodies on the planet Earth. Due to the presence of this salt in it, sourced from the food and water we take in, this water enters into blood through the epithelial cells of the mucus membrane because salt has the well-known property of attracting water i.e.: it is hydrophilic. The nascent Chlorine that splits from the Nat-mur of the inter-cellular fluid combines with the soda, the most abundant ion in the body.

                                             2NaCl→ 2Na + Cl2

                          2Cl + 2NaHCO3→ 2NaCl + H2O + CO2 

Thus, the Natrum Mur arising out of this combination attracts water and thus the cells get enlarged and divides. If there is no common salt in the cell, then water remains in the intercellular fluids and hydraemia results leading to bloated face- tired and sleepy and inclined to weep (i.e.; wishes to expel the excess of water). They are chilly with sensation of cold limbs. At the same time, they have a strong desire for salt i.e.; the cells cry for salt, to let go off this endosmosis state. Moreover, even though they take the salt in excessive amounts, it can have no curative effects because the cells could only receive it in attenuated dilutions. So instead, there will be nothing but due to material doses of the salt, there will be salty taste in their mouth and the pathological secretions and excoriations of the skin may also be corrosive. Disturbances in salt distribution may lead to lachrymation, salivation, toothache with salivation, watery or mucous diarrhea , constipation etc. It is during the earliest phases of pathology that some of the most well-known Natrum mur keynotes are found- strong desire for salt, aversion to slimy food and fat, even dislikes chicken. Characteristically, there is an intolerance to heat, sensitivity to light and aggravation of headaches and skin complaints particularly, from the sun. Obviously, less of affection from the sun and light as of Natrum sulph and Natrum sulph has marked aggravation from sun as compared to Natrum carb. Natrum mur patient is sensitive to both heat and cold, though more sensitive to heat, yet less sensitive to heat than Natrum sulph and less sensitive to cold than Natrum carb.

Schussler’s well-explained chemistry of the drug process is that Natrum Mur is “tears”, which remains hidden from the public view. Wants to be alone to cry. Does not want company to console for it irritates her and hard to endure for she sickens at the thought that people will come to know about her sufferings. Hence, there will be even tears with laughter or even laughs at, until she weeps at things, which are petty. Thus, her normal discharges like stool, urine or even tears remain unpassed in the presence of others; for fear of ridicule, resulting in chronic tension of sphincter muscles, which can be relaxed only in private

SLUGGISHNESS and RELAXATION– Due to scarcity of salts in tissues ,there develops a state of  which is observed both in physical as well as mental plane, the above example is also the result of this; must wait for the urine to start and then it comes slowly, dribbling without much force in the flow. Involuntary urination on coughing, laughing sneezing and walking is also seen which is due to the laxity of the sphincter of the bladder. Children late in learning to walk and talk. While, coughing, tears stream down the face.there is abundant feeling of hair on being touched even slightly, even of whiskers. Loss of pubic hairs in males. As the emotional vulnerability predominates Natrum Mur, the patient is greatly disturbed by excitement. There is a state of fret and irritation with aggravation from noise, the slamming of a door, ringing of a bell and music and this is why a Natrum mur patient startles in sleep with the slightest noise and wakes up thinking or even after dreaming of thieves and robbers and it becomes difficult for her to resume her sleep, unless she checks if everything is perfect or not.

MUSIC– Music is such a tool for Natrum Mur, which he/she prefers in time of depression, rejection or grief; not because it alleviates the depression, but makes him go deep into it, and thus he/she starts sulking into it, exaggerating everything out of all proportions. e.g.: a young man from a middle class family, who went in for an interview in his most desirable firm, fared well in his performance and was expecting selection for the same, but two days later he learnt that he was marginally disqualified. He retires to his room, puts on the saddest music he can find, starts placing himself in the throne of depression and keeps on pondering over the rejection, overthinking into it deeply, allows no one in his room nor entertain anyone when questioned of his condition, but instead tries to overcome it himself, no matter how much time it takes, but tries to solve it all by himself without calling anyone for help. Moreover, as soon as he passes of that phase, then at this time this very music becomes his stress-buster and relieves him from the remnants of depression. Thus, music is both a source of aggravation and amelioration to a Natrum Mur patient, depending upon the circumstances. There are mood-swings. Brain-fag with gloomy fore-bodings and sleeplessness. There is great emaciation most marked around the neck, which is thin and shrunken. Emaciation proceeds from above downwards. The collar bones are prominent, neck scrawny, but the hips and the lower limbs are plumpy.

DRYNESS– Dryness of all the mucous membranes is one of the characteristic property of Natrum Mur. Dryness of mouth, lips and tongue, which leads to unquenchable thirst.dryness of vagina and painful sexual act, leading to aversion to coition. This dryness of vagina relates to the frigidity, even to a degree, where there will be aversion to men i.e.; dryness or lack of sexual impulse. Even the skin around the nails is dry and cracked. Lips are dry, cracked especially in the middle of the upper or lower lip; fever blisters like pearls about the lips. Anus dry, cracked and ulcerated-constipation prolonged or even second day, scanty evacuation, hard, dry and crumbling stools. There will be constipation at seaside also. Natrum Mur has most complaints by the seaside, worse or cannot stay by the seaside. Again, the chemical rhythm and psychic influence plays a role. Natrum mur is derived from water-bodies, and putting salt back in water, means the salt will lose its identity, and a Natrum mur patient doesn’t and will never want to lose his identity and things that can endanger his identity is what he dreads, and so the sea-side ,having all its complaints becoming worse by the sea-side. There can be alternate constipation and diarrhea, irregular unsatisfactory stools. Burning, dryness and heat in rectum and anus during and after stools. She has a marked disposition to weep much and she would cry even more, if words of consolation and upliftment were confused on her; but she prefers to be alone and so locks up herself in a room or rolls her eyes to control her tears in presence of others.

HEADACHE– There is headache of peculiar type. It is one of the first remedies for headaches of school-girls. Headache which dates back to any psychic causes, violent headache as if the head would burst with nausea and especially in school-girls or those who regular have a sun-exposure, which is relieved after taking rest and perspiration i.e; when the excess of salt creating congestion, comes out. Headache, much aggravation by coughing. Throbbing, beating as of little hammers; as if the head would burst.

TOOTHACHE– The toothache of Natrum mur is drawing type, like post-extraction pain, which extends to the ear and throat aggravated after meals and at night with swelling of cheeks. Gums swollen and will be bleeding.

GENERALS – There is mapped tongue with red insular patches, ringworms on the tongue frothy saliva that is salty with numbness and heaviness of the tongue with oral ulcers and vesicles that pain from contact with food and water. Bitter taste in the mouth. Loss of appetite especially bread, meat, fat, wine and tobacco smoke, but there might be immoderate appetite in afternoon and evening. Bulimia can be there, but without appetite, with fullness and satiety, however, little may have been eaten. Longing for bitter food   and drinks, salt, salty things fish, milk and acids. Great desire for open air and washing in cold water. Sweat on the face during the meal. After a meal, there is empty risings, nausea, and fullness of the abdomen, somnolence, and head confused, acidity, palpitation and intermittent or accelerated pulse and there will be violent hiccoughs too. Therefore, a very peculiar ameliorating factor is that the patient feels better in empty stomach and fasting or going without regular meals. Apart from the physical distress that he faces post meals, the Natrum Mur patients under emotional stress, rage, grief, would put aside his meals or go without his meals, and this makes him feel better. Dyspnea on ascending stairs and shortness of breath has to take full inspiration. In the progressive stages, when the pathology begins to reach  the emotional level, there develops fear- claustrophobia because after acute phases, she already restricts her own boundaries of safety, but if such enclosure is imposed on her by the situations an circumstances, she becomes more fearful, and there develops an anxiety about health, especially in regards to heart affections.

This hypochondriasis leads to fastidiousness, where patient feels a need to avoid contaminations and maintain hygiene and he takes to always cleaning, washing hands, disinfecting everything. This fastidiousness is due to fear of microbial infection and not due to the feeling of disgust. Throat and neck emaciate especially in summer-goitre of a large size-warts on palms-numbness and tingling in the fingers- urticaria after violent exercise, acute or chronic-sensation of constriction of anus, rectum, vagina, hamstrings etc. painful contractions of hamstrings. Cramps in legs and calves with trembling and weakness. Most of the complaints aggravated in the morning at 10-11 a.m.; after sleep. Wakes up feeling tired. Periodicity in physical complaints is most marked which occurs at predictable intervals and times. This is why Natrum Mur is often indicated in patients who have suffered from malaria in the past or who have been adversely affected by quinine drugs. Migraine attacks in Natrum Mur patients tend to occur at fixed times, usually between 10 a.m. and 3p.m. every day or every 3rd or 4th day. Asthmatic attacks, likewise, tend to occur between 5 & 7p.m. the characteristics discharges from the mucous membranes is watery or thick whitish, like the white of an egg. Coryza thick, white; gluey oozings from ears and eyes. Leucorrhoea thick and white. It also has a marvelous action on females, in troublesome menstruation. There is a great variety of menstrual complaints- too scanty, too profuse, too frequent or too late, but it can’t be given merely by these indications, but only by constitutional totality. It is needed by those chlorotic girls, greasy skin, who menstruate only once in two or three months. When the symptoms agree, this remedy can eradicate chlorosis and turn the countenance into a picture of health, but not in a short time.


  • Iodum-Ravenous hunger; yet emaciates
  • Natrum m- emaciates particularly, in neck, quits food due to psychic causes
  • Herpes circinatus- Sepia; Bar-c; Tellurium
  • Herpes in bends of knees- Hep-s; Graph
  • Painful contraction of hamstrings- Caust, Guaicum,Ammon-mur
  • Stool hard, difficulty, crumbling- Ammon-mur, Mag-mur
  • Involuntary passing of stool, knows not, whether flatus or stool is escaping- Aloe; Iod; Mur-ac; Podo
  • Urine passes involuntarily, when walking, coughing, laughing-Caust; Puls; Squilla
  • Worse after sleep- Lachesis, Sulph
  • Weeping mood- Puls (but Puls is better by consolation), Sep, Ign
  • Oily sweat on face-Bry
  • Face oily, shiny as if greased- Plumb, Graph,Thuja.
  • School-girl’s headache- Calc-c; Glon; Kalmia;Spigelia; Sang-can; Calc-p
  • Headache increases and decreases with the sun-Glon;Kalmia;Phos;Sang-can;Spig;Stannum
  • Amenorrhea-Kali-carb; acts when Nat-mur fails.
  • Ignatia- acute of Natrum Mur- the depressive, acute phase of mental shock.
  • Paralyzed by emotion- Staph; Gels
  • Mapped tongue- Ars; Rhus-t; Kali-bi;Tarax; Ran-s
  • Indigestion- hypochondriasis with indigestion+ melancholy- Nat-s
  • Indigestion+ melancholy+ constipation- Natrum Mur
  • Headache with cough- Bry; Caps ; Sulp, Sulph- in occiput; Natrum mur- fore-head
  • Uterine prolapse- Sep; Lil-tig
  • Constriction in anus- Lach;Bell; Caust., Ign, Nitric acid, Opium, Phos (Nat-m < or> 10 am)
  • Sadness during menses- Lyco, Nitric-acid;Sep (Nat-mur-10-11a.m.)
  • Breasts painful before  menses–Con; Calc-c
  • Laughs at serious matters- Anac;Phos;Lyco;Plat
  • Headache from eye-strain and masturbation- Onosmodium
  • Head and face >> uncovering, Nat. c., Lyc.
  • – Hair sensation on tongue, Sil. 
  • Weeps if looked at, Kissingen.
  • Umbilical hernia with absence of urging, Bry., Ver. (with urging, Nux, Cocc.).
  • Sinking 11 a.m.  , Sul.
  • Chilblains on feet only, Lyc.
  • Half sight, Aur., Lith. c., Lyc., Titan.
  • Distended stomach >> tight clothing, Fl. ac. (opp. Lach., Hep.).
  • Hydroa labialis, Hep., Rhus, Ars., Camph.
  • Chill 10 a.m.  , Stn. (Stn hectic, Nat. m. intermittent).
  • Backache, spinal irritation, Kali. Carb
  • Cold feeling about heart, Petrol.
  • Spinal irritation, Act. r. (Nat. m. >> lying flat, Act. r. agg. from touch).
  • Intermittents, chill beginning in small of back, Eup. pf.; Rhus (chill   begins in one leg, or thigh, or between shoulders), Gels. (runs up spine).
  • Sensation of foreign body in anus, Sep. (ball).
  • Stitches in heart, Spi., Ars., K. ca., Carb. v.  – agg. After sleep, Lach., Sul.
  • Ripping-up sensation of anus after stool, Sep.  – Stomatitis, Caps., Sul. ac.
  • Dreams persist after waking, Chi

Antidote- Silver nitrate (Ag-n) – seen inn cases operated or cauterized as in hysterectomy in females for ulceration of the os-uteri. Salt with due success antidotes the poisoning with AgNO3, As it changes the soluble nitrate of silver into the harmless insoluble chloride. when there is history of cauterization or when used as a cautery, Natrum-mur will never fail to do good to the; sore throats that have been cauterized; the local and remote effects of uterine injections of Arg-n or even scrophulous opthalmia which had been treated locally go with Argo-n but in vain, can be overcomed by the potentised doses of Natrum mur.

Comptabile  Before-Sep., Thuja; after-Kali m., Kali p., Kali s., Nat.sul.,, Fer.p.
Other relations – Is followed by Sepia and Thuja. – Cannot often be repeated in chronic cases without an intercurrent, called for by the symptoms. – Should never be given during fever paroxysm. – If vertigo and headache be very persistent, or prostration be prolonged after Natrum, Nux will relieve.

Hence, these peculiarities of the so-called “table-salt” of our cookhouse is not meant only to serve the purpose of cuisine but also to serve prescriptions and cure the ailments demanding it. And to a homoeopathic practitioner, if he cannot artistically sense the need and master the use of this antipsoric remedy, he need not trouble his mind elsewhere.


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Dr. Henna Khanam B.H.M.S.(WBUHS)
Post-Graduate Trainee
Department of Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Under  guidance of Dr. Arpita Basu, B.H.M.S, M.D (Hom)  H.O.D ,  
Department Of Homoeopathic Materia Medica
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