Natrum Group of Homeopathy Medicines

Dr Rajitha K N

Homoeopathic Medicines made out of Natrum/ Sodium group  and their preparation, properties and clinical indications

Sodium is a metallic element with symbol Na ,atomic no.11 atomicweight-22.991 silvery white lustrous alkali metal of the consistency of wax oxidising rarely in air or water. The salts of sodium are extensively used in medicine.

The cation sodium has its physiological task in water movement and acid base equilibrium. Its quantity in body fluids is so great. Its marked swelling action on colloids, its property of binding water and the great capacity of its dissociation of salts makes it chiefly as the chloride compound the chemical regulator of water balance. In the acid base equilibrium it acts in the first place in the form of carbonates and to a far less extent in the form of phosphate.

Chemical actions of sodium
The neutralisation of gastric acid through weakly alkaline sodium carbonate is a mass chemical action. Large doses of sodium carbonate before meals will produce a hypotonia of stomach and shallow peristalsis

NaCI provides a sodium ion which is a constant constituent of blood and tissue fluids in general. The so called buffer action of
carbonate against excess acid in body fluids rest upon the ease with which carbon dioxide is taken up or given off.

Sodium serves as an easily available transporting agent for decomposition products. The close connection of sodium to water
regulation can be considered best in sodium chloride and concerning intestinal secretion in connection with sodium sulphate.

Small doses of sodium carbonate increases the excretion of urea with a simultaneous reduction in uric acid output.

For purely palliative effects of threatening acidosis large amounts of sodium carbonate were in use. But excessive use of alkaline diet as in forced fruit diuresis and too excessive use of alkaline water favours the formation of inflammatory urate foci. Intravenous injection of soda solution in animals gives rise to pallor and complete cessation of circulation,

Sodium influences the optimum H+ concentration in digestive processes. By the development of HCl in the stomach a great deal of sodium is made free for combination with carbonate and is an essential participant in the preparation of alkaline intestinal juices.

This role of sodium in digestive processes is a chemical mass action on receptive organs. Rectal administration of sodium bicarbonate lessens the gastric acid secretion. Sodium ion is a physiological intermediator of chloride carbonate exchange.

Sodium as constitutional agents.
Sodium is mainly concerned with an oxygenoid warm febrile tendency and an erysthetic constitution of accelerated rhythm. They are hyperasthetic easily irritable and thin. They show an increased functioning of the endocrine glands associated with sympathetic system under the leadership of thyroid. They are basedowed type Iodine Chlorine, Iron, Nitrates and Phosphorus
show these tendencies. Sulphur has partly oxidising and partly reducing functions in metabolism.

On the electropositive side of the periodic system we get the tonic form giving elements. If the alkali and alkaline earth metals like Na, K. Mg and Ca as cations determines the drug picture , they shape it as hydrogenoid, cold sensitive to cold relaxed torpid lymphatic constitutional type stigmated along the side of parasympathetic system,

From the endocrine side they tends towards a hyper thyroid state and the function of lymphatic apparatus is increased. The neuro muscular tensions altered m such a way that they show a prolonged way of reaction with paroxysmal discharges and tetanoid states.

Members of the Natrum group

  1. Natrum aceticum
  2. Natrum acetylosuiphuricum
  3. Natrum arsenicosum
  4. Natrum benzoicum
  5. Natrum biboracicum
  6. Natrum boracicum
  7. Natrum bicarbonicum
  8. Natrum bisulfurosum
  9. Natrum boricum
  10. Natrum bromatum
  11. Natrum cacodylicum
  12. Natrum carbonicum
  13. Natrum caustieum
  14. Natrum chloratum
  15. Natrum cholemicum
  16. Natrum chloricum
  17. Natrum chromicum
  18. Natrum citricum
  19. Natrum cyanatum
  20. Natmm carbonicum
  21. Natrum formicum
  22. Natrum flouratum
  23. Natrum glycocholicum
  24. Natnim eentisatum
  25. Natrum glycerophosphoricum
  26. Natrum gluconicum
  27. Natrum hypochlorosum
  28. Natrum hyposulfurosum
  29. Natrum hexa meta phosphoricum
  30. Natrum hydroxidum
  31. Natrum hypophosphoricum
  32. Natrum iodatum
  33. Natrum lacticum
  34. Natrum marinum
  35. Natrum methyl arsenicum
  36. Natrum methylate
  37. Natrum metallicum
  38. Natrum molybdicum
  39. Natrum metavanadicum
  40. Natrum muriaticum
  41. Natrum nicotinicum
  42. Natrum nitrosum
  43. Natrum nitricum
  44. Natrum oleicum
  45. Natrum oxaloaceticum
  46. Natrum oxahcum
  47. Natrum oxidatum
  48. Natrum permanganicum  49.Natrum propionicum
  49. Natrum phosphoricum
  50. Natrum sahcylicum
  51. Natrum selenicum
  52. Natnim silicatum
  53. Natrum silicoflouricum
  54. Natrum silicicum
  55. Natrum stanaicum
  56. Natrum succinicum
  57. Natrum succinate
  58. Natrum sulfuratum
  59. Natrum sulfuronicuni
  60. Natrum sulfurosum
  61. Natrum sulphocarbohcum
  62. Natrum sulphuricum
  63. Natrum tartaricum
  64. Natrum taurocholicum
  65. Natrum telluricum
  66. Natrumthiocinamuiumcyaiiatm
  67. Natrum valerian icum
  68. Natrum vanadicum
  69. Sodnbicarbonas
  70. Aurum muriaticum natronatum
  71. Kalium Natrum tartaricum
  72. Natrummethylarsenicum
  73. Magnesium arterflacialis

Common characteristic features of natrum group
1.Salts of soda are particularly indicated in complaints that appear every summer or in spring. Electrical changes in atmosphere or direct rays of sun gives rise to various complaints.

  • Synthesis – Gen-Season -summer agg-Natmur, Natrum carb, borax
  • Spring – Natrum mur, Natrum sulph
  • Kent – Gen-Weather-hot weather agg -Natrum curb, Natrummur ,natrumsulph, borax
  • Thunder storm-Natrum carb, Natrum mur, Natrum phos
  • Head-Sunstroke-Natrumcarb, Natrum mur
  • Natmm mur- Great debility in summer, patient feels as though he would faint when walking in sun

Natrum carb- Great debility caused by heat of summer,particulariy when the patient is subjected to chronic head aches which are worse every time when when he exposes himself to heat of sun. chronic effects of sunstroke and now with return of weather suffers from headaches.
Natrum selenicum- Intolerence of heat of sun and extreme weakness when walking under sun.

2. Sadness depression and melancholia and anxiety.
There is weeping tendency which is aggravated by consolation.
Mind – Sadness
Mind – Weeping-Natrum ars, Natrum carb, Natrum mur, Natrum phos,Natrum sulph, Natrum silMind-anxiety-Natrmn ars, Natruna carb, Natrummur, Natrum phos, Natrum sulph, borax

  • Borax- Great anxiety from downward motion. When laying the child down on a couch or a crib it cries and clings to the nurse. Anxiety when going downstairs or rapidly down hill, horse back riding etc.
  • Natrum ars- depressed as if something impending cannot concentrate.
  • Natrum sal- depression
  • Natrum brom’- sadness and melancholia
  • Natrum carb- sadness and discouragement with tears about future
  • Natrum hypochlorosum- distressed laughs and cries .talks in sleep.
  • Natrum mur- sadness which induces recurrences of unpleasant recollections and much weeping aggravated by consolation.
  • Natrum nitricum- Great ill humour and indolence.
  • Natrum phos- despondent, could not study fears bad news
  • Natrum sulph- melancholy with periodical attacks of mania. Sadness and inclined to weep. Satiety of life, must use much self control to prevent himself shooting- Mental effects of injury to head. Melancholy and lachrymation especially after hearing music.
  • Natrum salicylicum- weariness and depression.

3. Looks on the dark side of every thing,Pessmsstic. -Natrum mur

4. Changeablity of moods
Mind -moods-changeable-Natrum carb, Natrum mur
Borax-laughter alternates with weeping.

5. Over sensitiveness to noise
Mind- sensitive-noise-borax,Natrum ars, Natrum. carb, Natrum mur, Natrum phos, Natrum sulph, Natrum sil
Borax- exessively nervous,easily frightened by the slightest noise or an unusually sharp sound, a cough, sneeze, cry, lightening amatch etc.violent frightfrom report ofagun even from adistance. Fear of thunder storm, sensitive to slightest noise, not much disturbed by louder ones.
Natrum carb- Great sensitivity to noise,
Natrum mur- sensitive especially to music, tingling ,rumbling& humming in ears

6. Intolerence of music
Mind- Music agg-Natruim carb, Natrum phos, Natrum sulph c Amel-Natrum mur
Natrum carb* Anxiety restlessness and apprehension are made worse by music hence music is deserted.
Natrum mur- music and noise are intolerable.
Natrum sulph-s adness aggravated by music. Lively music makes her sad use much self control to prevent shooting himself.

7. Emaciation .-All Natrums stimulate cellular activity and increases oxidation and metabolism. These lead to increased conception of oxygen and increased appetite but he loses flesh while living well.
Gen- Emaciation-Borax, Natrum ars, Natrum carb, Natrum hypochi,Natrum mur, Natrum nit, Natrum phos, Natrum sul, Natrum sil
Natrum mur- Great emaciation Joses flesh while living well,throat and neck of children emaciates rapidlyduring summer complaints. Emaciation more of body than of face.
Natrum hypochlorosum- rapid emaciation.
Natrum ars- Marked emaciation after previous increase of flesh.

8. Hypochondriacs. Mind – hypochondriasis—Natrum carb, Natrum mur
Natrum carb- hypochondriasis ^depressed and easily irritable. This is seen especially after a meal particularly after dinner which is usually the heavy meal. This degree of hypochondriasis decreases with the degree of digestion , when food passes from stomach to duodenum this hypochondriac mood lessens and continues to do so as food goes further down in to the bowels.
Natrum mur-h ypochondriaca! mood increases with the degree of constipation.

9. Periodicity of complaints.
Gen -Periodicity- Natrum ars, Natrum carb, Natrum mur, Natrum nit, Natrumsulph.
Natrum carb- aggravation from 10-11 am, weakness and goneness in the stomach. Sinking sensation more at 10-11 am.
Natrum mur- aggravation 10-11 am, every year, alternate days, head ache periodical every day, or every 3rd day, aggravation sunrise to sunset.

10. Aversion to bread
Natrum mur, Natrum sulph, Natrum phos.

11. Tongue characteristics’

  • Natrum mur-abnorma! sensation of hair on tongue. Tongue mapped with red insular patches like ring worm on tongue especially on sides, (ars. lach, mere, nit ac, tarax). Geographical tongue, clean shining tongue with froth on sides.
  • Natrum sulph- dirty greenish or brown coating on tongue, covered with mucous. Slimy taste,
  • Natruni phos- golden yellow or creamy coating on base of tongue or even upto the roofoffflouth. Sensation of hair on tip of tongue. Sometimes dry brown centre.
  • Natrum nitrosum- heavily coated tongue.
  • Natrum carb- affections of under surface and frenum- So heavy that the patient has difficulty in speaking,
  • Natrum hypochlorosum- tongue white shrivelled at sides, taste as after sucking alum. Tongue furred in morning apthae on sides of tongue.Natrum arsenicosum-tongue furred coated yellow, deep red corrugated anterior part fissured, tongue large moist and flabby.

12. Apthous stomatitis.

  • Natrum ars- ulcers in mouth which are very sore.
  • Natrum carb- pimples on tip of tongue. Tensive blisters on right margins of tongue. Papular eruptions beneath the tongue. Pustules and ulcers on the frenum,
  • Natruni hypochlorosum-apthae and sore pimples inside the lips,
  • Natrum mur—herpes labialis blisters like pearls about the lips.
  • Natrum sulph—burning blisters on tip of tongue and on palate.
  • Borax -apthae white fungus like growth, mouth hot and tender, ulcers bleeds on eating or on touch.
  • Natrum chloratum—sore and irritable, spots along sides of tongue and throat. Gums sore swollen with apthous ulceration.

13. Skin complaints 

  • Natrum mur- eczema raw red and inflammed along the edges of hair. Aggravated after eating too much salt or after ocean voyage or when at sea shore.urticaria acute or chronic over the whole body especially after violent exercise. (apis» calc, hep, sanic, urt), Face oily and shiny as if greased. Herpes on borders of hair and on nape of neck. Warts on palms, corns and hang nails,
  • Natrum carb- eczema with particular affinity to dorsum of bands. Skin becomes rough dry and chapped. Shoebite and march past ulcer on heels. Icthyosis and herpes circinatus. Complaints from using alkali soap. Warts and other scrofulous conditons of skin.
  • Natrum nitrosum- erruptions on chest like roseola syphillitica.
  • Natrum hyposulphuricum- For liver spots locallly and internally.
  • Natrum cacodylicum-d ry dermatitis of skin of abdomen.
  • Natrum bromatum- papular eruptions on face and acne which are indurate.
  • Natrum telluricum- ring worm and tinea, nummular eczema of intersecting rings. Eczema with highly offensive discharge of herring brine odour. Infective dermatitis, new eruptions on parts which come in contact with discharge.
  • Borax – Psoriasis and apthae on mucocutaneous junction. Tips of hair splits easily. Hair tangles easily. Plica polonica. Pruritus of vulva and eczema. Eczema of toes and finger joints. Itching of back of finger joints.
  • Natnim hypochlorosum – eczema of scalp and behind ears
  • Natrum arsenicosum-pityriasis rubra. Wens on bottom of each little toe.
  • Itching agg ravation when in warm and from exercise. Psoriasis.
  • Natrum phos- itching in various parts especially of ankles. Eczema with honey coloured secretion.
  • Natrum sulph- Itching while undressing. Jaundiced ,watery blisters. Warts like red lumps all over Skin eruptions appear every spring,

14. Respiratory complaints and asthma.
Resp – asthmatie-Natrum ars, Natrum carb, Natrum phos, Natrum sulph
Resp – difficult-Natrum ars, Natrum carb, Natrum mur, Natrum phos, Natrum sulph
Natrum sulph-constant dyspnoea with inclination to take deep breath. Slightest exertion brings on dyspnoea. Breathing difficulty most noticeable on a damp or cloudy day. Copious green expectoration offensive breath and harsh asthmatic breathing au (liable even at some distance. Asthma is associated with looseness of bowels. Humid asthma of children with every change to wet weather. Asthma with every fresh cold and damp rainy weather. Sycotic pneumonia affecting lower lobe of left lung. Great soreness of chest.during cough has to sit up in bed and holds chest with both hands. Hydrogenoid constitution. Catches cold easily. Bronchial asthma aggravated at 4-5 aCoughwith profuse expectoration. Each cough produces a mouthful of sputum. Associated with diarrhoea and flatulence.

  • Natrum mur- Tea’s stream down the face while coughing. Dyspnoea when going near sea or salt in any form may aggravate the dyspnoea.
  • Natrum arsenicosum- -cough with greenish expectoration. Miners asthma.
  • Oppression of the chest about the heart. Lung feels as though smoke has been inhaled.
  • Natrum iodatum-mam – component of nasal sprays for hay fever.
  • Natrum salicylicum-dyspnoea, patient is compelled to assume a half sitting posture. Breathes with great difficulty. Gasps like fish out of water.
  • Natrum nitricum-asthmawith urine supersaturated with solids.

75. Affections of blood aneamia, leukeamia or tendency to hemorrhage.
Gen – an earn ia-bor*nat ars, nat c» nat m, nat nit, nat pho, nat sulph
Gen – leukeam ia nat ars,nat mu, nat ni, nat su,
Gen – haemorrhage-natc, natmur,natnit,natsul.natsil,bor

  • Natrum mur-aneamic and cachetic individuals either from loss of vital fluids or due to profuse menses. Head ache of aneamic school girls-  Aneamia due to menorrhagia or metorrhagia- Even menses can be too profuse. Sometimes subsequent to aneamia patient develops amenorrhoea. It also produces leucocytosis.
  • Natrum carb- aneamic and emaciated individuals with blue rings around the eyes.
  • Natrum bromatum-aneamia after haemorrhage.
  • Natrum cacodylicum- aneamia especially in malignancies. Increases the number of RBC to double. Tongue looks like raw beef.
  • Natrum silicicum—haemophilia.    Natrum iodatum-inflammation of blood vessels especially arteries aid arteriosclerosis.
  • Natrum nitricum haemorrhagic tendency, haemoptysis haematuria,haemorrhagic variola and haemorrhage from mucous memberanes particularly nose. Very good remedy for epistaxis or nose bleed especially at puberty. It is called as rademachers aconite. Haemoglobinuria, influenza, aneamia
  • Natrum nitrosum- blood becomes colour of cherry red juice, WBC increased ,RBC diminished watery constituents increased.
  • Natrum salicylicum-  epistaxis retinal haemorrhage and albuminuric retinitis with hemorrhage
  • Natrum hypochlorosum- tendency to leucocytosis-

16. Easy spraining of ankle joints or easy dislocation of ankles.

  • Natrum carb- easy spraining and dislocation of ankles (led). So weak that it gives away foot bends as under, (carbo animalis, Natrum mur).
  • Natrum hypochlorosum -extreme weakness in ankles and knees.
  • Natrum lacticum- great weakness of lower limbs analogous to anxietas tibiarum after great physical exercise.
  • Natrum mur- Paralytic weakness of legs especially joints of foot.
  • Natrum phos- much itching at ankle Joint even an eczematous erruption.
  • Natrum sulph-  tearing and drawing in legs especially in tendoachilles.
  • Natrum chhratum- extreme weakness in ankles and knees

17.Affections of knees and hamstrings.

  • Natrum a-erratic joint pains. Joints feel stiff, aching anteriorly down the legs. Knee joints crack, shaking in tibia when walking. Pain in anterior crural nerves.
  • Natrum carb- Hollow of knee is painful on motion. Tension in bends of knees
  • muscles fee las if short. Great heaviness in legs and contraction of hamstrings.
  • Natrum chloratum- Extrws weakness in ankles and knees.
  • Natrum mur-orms and legs but especially the knees feel weak. Painful contraction of hamstrings. Cracking in joints on motion. Drawing pain in thighs knees and legs. Pain as if knees and ankles are sprained. Tension in bends of limbs and sensation as if tendons were shortened- Wrenching pains of knees. Painful contraction of hamstrings. Tetters in ham.
  • Natrum. nitricum-  Aching contusive pain in joints and adductors of thigh.
  • Natrum phos-  Sudden giving way of legs while walking as though they will be paralysed. Hamstrings stiff. Sharp shooting pains in front of the left thigh. Knees feel as if tendons were shortened. When walking calf feels pulled tight.
  • Natrum sulph- legs and thighs feel weary and exhausted.
  • Rheumatism and gout-tendency for deposition of chaffy stows in joints.
  • Natrum bromatuni- Arthritis deformans
  • Natrum iodatum- Incipient rheumatic endocarditis and rheumatism.
  • Natrum lacticum- Gouty or rheumatic concretions or chalk stones in fingers, rheumatoid pains. Diabates meilitus with rheumatic complaints.
  • Natrum sulph- gout and pain in limbs compels frequent change of posture.
  • Ulcerative pain around heels and soles, podagra.
  • Natrum salicylicum- joint pains of gout and rheumatism, Periosteal rheumatim and chronic gout.
  • Natrum phos- Acute articular rheumatism and gout.
  • Natrum nitricum Acute rheumatism and heart affections.

18.Glandular affections especially of thyroid gland

  • Ext .Throat- Goitre-Natrum mur, Natrum. carb, Natrum. pkos, Natrum sulph,Natrum nitricum-Exopthalmic goitre.
  • Natrum arsenicum- Tonsils fauces and pharynx are edematous.
  • Natrum carb- Swelling and indurations of glands. Goiter and swelling of sub maxillary glands.
  • Natrum mur-  exopthalmic goitre.

19.Laryngeal affections and laryngeotracheo bronchitis

  • Natrum nitricum- indicated in laryngeotracheo bronchitis or croup and in all inflammations.
  • Natrum selenicum- laryngeal pthisis with expectoration of small lumps of bloody mucous with slight hoarseness. Frequent clearing of throat. Chroniclaryngitis, laryngeal pthisis and hoarseness of singers-
  • Natrum iodatum- chronic laryngitis.

20.Bone affections.
Natrum silicicum scrofulous bone affections.
Natrum silicoflouricum  Destructive action on bones producing caries. So it is called bone scraper in case of caries.

Genitalia female- Sterility—borax, Natrum carb, Natrum mur, Natrum phos

  • Natrum carb- discharge of mucous from vagina after an embrace causing sterility.
  • Borax- Sterility favours easy conception,
  • Natrum mur- sterility with too early and too profuse menstruation.
  • Natrum phos- sterility with acid secretion from vagina

Sourness of discharges

  1. Natrum ars- – vomiting of large quantities of sour water.
  2. Natrum mur-  water brash and sour vomiting of food and bile.
  3. Natrum phos- sour eructation and vomiting of sour cheesy mass.
  4. Natrum nitricum- sour eructations.
  5. Gasiromtestinal disturbances and diarrhoea-sodium sobs have some sort of purgative action producing diarrhoea,
  6. Natrum mur- dryness of rectum producing constipation or increased secretion leading to diarrhoea. Sensation of contraction of anus. Stools hard dry and crumbling at the verge of anus. Involuntary, knows not whether flatus or feces would escape.
  7. Natrum sulph- Diarrhoea, sudden urging ,gushing with much flatus.Diarrhoea on every other day. Diarrhoea on first rising and standing on feet.After a spell of wet weather, living or working in damp basements. Patient is very much happy after a loose stool. Asthma associated with loose stool
  8. Natrum phos- Diarrhoea especially in children with green sour smelling stool caused by excess of acidity. Flatulent colic and vomiting of curdled masses. All discharges are acrid and sour smelling. Fatty and starchy foods aggravate.
  9. Natrum nitrosum-  Copious liquid stools at night.
  10. Natrum sulphurosum  diarrhoea with yeasty stools.
  11. Natrum choleinicum- constipation chronic gastric and intestinal catarrh, Cirrhotic liver with much flatus and ascites.
  12. Natrum carb- Yellow substances like pulp of orange in discharges. Sour eructation and formation of gas in abdomen. Distension of abdomen with fullness and hardness at 10-11 am.
  13. Natrum ars- alternate dairrhoea and constipation. Stool thin and soft. Painless and hurries out of bed in morning.
  14. Borax- loose pappy offensive stools in children with apthous sore mouth. After stool lively contented and cheerful.

Catarrhal complaints and affections of mucous membranes.
Natrum mur- respiratory system is mainly affected beginning from rhinitis and even whooping cough. In GIT it produces dryness of mucous membranes leading to constipation. Tears stream down his face whenever he coughs.
Natrum carb- GIT and respiratory system are affected. Purulent discharges which are greenish and yellow. Post nasal discharge offensive with mouldy smell. Main cause of catarrh in GIT here is intake of milk, vegetables, or starchy foods. Manifested as diarrhoea and flatulence. Catarrh of genitourinary tract manifested as excessive discharge from vagina after an embrace causing sterility.
Natrum sulph- catarrh of respiratory tract. Catches cold easily.- bronchial asthma. Expectoration purulent greenish or yellow. Dirty coating on tongue.
Profuse sputum which is purulent.

Post nasal discharges.
Natrum carb- post nasal catarrh. Hawking mucous from throat. Worse after slightest draught. Catarrh extends to the post nares and throat. Profuse discharge during day and is stopped all night. Purulent offensive nasal discharge.
Natrum ars- post nasal dripping of thick bland yellowish mucous.
Natrum phos – nasopharyngeal catarrh with thick yellow offensive mucous.
Drffminess after meals
Natrum chloratum- drowsy offer meals
Natrum choleinicuin-(Fel Tauri Depuratum)-tendency to sleep after eating.
Natrum mur

Uterine affections
Natrum chloratum- feels as if uterus were pushed up on sitting. Violent menorrhagia , leucorrhoea and backache. Passive bearing down sensation from heavy condition of uterus. Womb heavy sodden with tendency to prolepses. Sub involution of uterus.

Aururn muriaticum natronatum- indurations of ovary. Indurations of one part and softening of another part of uterus. Corrosive leucorrhoea with pustules on genitals. Schirrus carcinoma of breast and uterus. Ulcers with induration.
Sub acute metritis and sterility from ovarian disorders.
Natrum hypochlorosum- Water logged uterus. Uterus feels heavy. Pains low down in pelvic region. Tendency to prolapse , subinvolution of uterus afterlabour. Tongue swollen and shriveled at sides. Globus hystericus aggravated after eating and while taking cold water and before menses. Diffuse hydrogenoid constitution. Weight of uterus increased leading to prolapse. Hydreamia more marked in uterus. While sitting patient feels as if uterus were pushed up.. sensation of shutting and opening of uterus.
Natram mur- Prolapse of uterus with cutting in urethra. Bearing down pains aggravation morning. Must sit down to prevent prolapse.
Natrum carb- bearing down sensation as if every thing would come out. <sitting >moving about.

Natrum aceticum – Anxiety about future and dullness. pain in temples in the afternoon. Granular lids and dryness of eyes, inflammation of vagina. General aggravation in wet weather

Natrum arsenicum – Aching pain in eyes < sunlight. Griping pain in rectum relieved after stool. A remedy for nasal catarrh with head ache and pain in root of nose- It facilitates termination of cold and conserves strength and appetite. Watery nasal discharge. Nose feels stopped and pain at root of nose. Post nasal discharge of bland yellowish mucus. Crust in nose which when removed leaves the mucus membrane raw. Catarrhal conjunctivitis and marginal blepharitis. Throat dark purplish swollen and oedematous. Cough with greenish expectation. Oppression of chest. Miners asthma. Lung feels as though smoke has been inhaled. Post nasal dripping of thick bland yellowish mucus. Supra orbital headache with a feeling of fullness and heaviness in head and face. Soreness of eye balls. General oedematous condition of throat tonsils uvula and pharynx. Dark purple throat  great swelling, much prostration but without much pain. Restlessness, thirst and chilliness of Ars alb is present
here But itching is aggravated when heated by exercise.

Natrum bromatum : Sadness, stupor and unconsciousness. Eruptions like papules and acne on face which are indurate. Anaemia after haemorrhage. Arthritis deformans.

Natrum cacodylicum (sodium di methyl arsenite) : Cacodyle signifies evil smelling. It is a crystalline Arsenic compound symptoms are foul breath and mouth with bad odour dry dermatitis of skin of abdomen. Malignant growths . Increases the number of RBCs to double. Also indicated in malignant diseases with constant vomiting, tongue like raw beef, inflammation of conjunctiva and oedematous eye lids.

Sodium bicarbonate (NaHC03) : Vomiting of pregnancy with acetonuria. 30 g in water is used as gastric and systemic antacid to alkalinise urine and for washing of body cavities.

Natrum selinicum : Laryngeal phthisis with expectoration of small lumps of bloody mucous and slight hoarseness with frequent clearing of throat. Chronic laryngitis and laryngeal pthisis. Hoarseness of singers. Alopecia from hairy parts. Intolerance of heat of sun and extreme weakness when going in sun.

Natrum silicicum : Haemophilia and scrofulous bone affections. Confusion from mental exertion. Frightened easily. Lassitude aggravation night and morning. Wet weather aggravation..

Natrum lacticum : Rheumatism and gout. Rheumatism with diabetes. Great weakness of lower limbs analogous to anxiety tibiarum after great physical exertion.

Natrum nitrosm :  Angina pectori .cyanosis and fainting. Copious liquid stools at night. Throbbing fullness, faintness and nervous pains in head. Nausea eructation’s and blue lips.

Natrum silico flouricum : A cancer remedy tumours.bone affections, carries ethmoiditis and lupus. It is called as bone scraper in caries.

Natrum sulpherosum:  Diarrhoea with yeasty stools.

Natrum sulpho carboiicum : Pyaemia and purulent pleurisy. Empyema occuring as a complication of pleurisy indicated in septic conditions.

Natrum  telluricum :  Breath has odour of garlic, night sweats of pthisis. Ring worm and tenia, nummular eczema with intersecting rings and highly offensive discharge of herring brine smell. Sweat of garlicky odour- Otorrhoea with highly offensive fish brine discharge. Infective dermatitis.

Natrum succinite (Di sodium succinate) : Catarrhal jaundice. It is used as an antidote in barbiturate poisoning, to measure circulation time and as a hepatic stimulant in catarrhal jaundice.

Natrum choleinicum (feltauri depuratum) :Constipation, chronic gastric and intestinal catarrh, Cirrhotic liver and diabetes. Pain in the nape of neck and tendency to sleep after eating. Much flatus and ascites. Rumbling in abdomen.

Natrum iodatum : Cardiovascular system complications like palpitation and cardiomegaly. Incipient rheumatic endo carditis chronic bronchitis, rheumatism and tertiary syphilis. Chronic catarrhal affections and arterio sclerosis. Senile dementia. Arterio sclerosis and inflammation of blood vessels especially of arteries, Catarrh of mucus membrane. It is the main component of nasal spray for hay fever.

Natrum hyposulphuricum : For liver spots locally and internally.

Natrum hypochlorosum (lagarraque’s solution): It is not a pure salt. It contains carbonate of soda and calc calcinata or chlooride of lime. Indications are water logged uterus which is very heavy. Pain low down in the pelvic region. Tendency to prolapse. Subinvolution of uterus after labour- Tongue swollen and shriveled at sides. Globus hyustericus < eating warm food and before menses. Diffused hydrogenoid constitution. It is also suited to lax flabby indolent children who have in addition to weakness of ankles curved spine, prominence of scapula eczema of scalp and behind the ears. They are subjected to purulent otorrhoea, aphthae, scalding urine, wetting of bed at night and when asleep looks as if dead.

Natrum nitricum (Nitrate of sodium) :  Rademacherian remedy for inflammation. It is also called as Rademacher’s Aconite. It’s a very good remedy for influenza, Haemorrhagic tendency manifested as haemoptysis, haematuria, haemorrhagic variola, epistaxis and haemoglobinuria. Asthma associated with supersaturated urine, Rademscher used it all inflammations especially laryngeo-tracheo bronchitis and croup, acute pneumonia acute rheumatism and heart affections, purpura haemorrhagic inflamation of eyes etc. anaemia and hydreamia, congesions very prominent so it is indicated in inflammation. Epistaxis at the time of puberty.

Natrum nitrosum (Nitrite of sodium – trituration) : Most of the symptoms are produced by poisoning. Diarrhoea and fainting. Bitter eructation’s, heavily coated tongue. Eruption on chest like roseola syphilitics. Alarming symptoms of apoplectic order and cyanosis. Trembling sensation all over.

Natrum salicylicum (Salicilate of sodium) : This medicine affects head, ear throat liver, kidney and also metabolism. Haemorrhages especially epistaxis produces marked effects on the internal ear causing vertigo, deafness, loss of bone conduction and hence its use in Meiner’s Disease. One of the best remedies for the prostrating after effects of influenza. Retinal haemorrhage, albuminoric retinitis and iridocyclitis due to traumatism and infection. Joint pains of gout and rheumatism.

Periosteal rhematism. Tenderness of feet with enlarged veins. Dyspnoea -patient is compelled to assume a half sitting posture and breath with greatest difficulty. Gasps like fish out of water.

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  1. NATCARB,alkaline mineral,nervous pessimistic personality unable to face world is faced with sodium potassium unbalance with sad grieved mind keeps feelings at heart smiles from outside modern doctors will say you are excited take less salt.salt sodium gives instant energy temporary treatment for depression grandma remedy.Hyone 1880 said all alkalies debility is shown on skin as milky white and are phlegmatic.Morgan said Nat Carb remedy for wine drinkers palpitate perspire anxiety fearful face pimples.Raue said stich pains head eyes heart chest here there burning in eyes urethera,cough worse enter warm room,digestion disturbed feels full after eat diarrhoea.fearful suspicious estranged timid avoid society relations dry skin crack tendency go to a homeopath modern pathy will make you more miserable.

  2. Most gloomy sad weak nervous system go hysterical by small emotional disturbances in turn thyroid affected are Natrums,Natrums life is miserable and make life of others miserable close to them.Nat Carb mind so sensitive as that of goldsmith weighing scale chilliest sensitive to cold cannot afford to drink cold water estrangely also cannot bear sun heat easily exhausted by walk by over study are anaemic with WBC count high RBC count low over activity of organs may result sterlity dislocation easy sprain of joints esp ankles beg for massage of their muscle back,eclectics see by one eyelook esp females emaciated and bloated face, gents with female like voice let be included in this sensitive class.clinical nat carb hard swelling of thyroid.

  3. cm boger in 1908 homoeo recorder,lists key signs for sensitive natrums.natrum carb is puffy weak ankles sprain type subject to acidity lithaemia and recognise bores finger in ears or nose.emotionally hurt nat mur impaires elimination recognise by fever blisters on lips or forehead hair borders,heat headache constipation.natrum phos acidity fat metabolism defective 6x for a month or so corrects undue fat accumulation on body.natrums sensitive like sea tides best controlled by homeopathy,those who adopt allopathy route end up in fluoxetine rapiflux prozac like antidepression drugs a non ending cycle.

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