Need of Health Informatics curriculum in Undergraduate Medical Education

HealthInformaticsRecommendations of the Indian Association for Medical Informatics(IAMI) For Introducing Health Informatics curriculum in Undergraduate Medical Education

For the smooth adoption of eHealth throughout Digital India, there would be a tremendous requirement for formally trained health informatics professionals in India very soon. It will be prudent to incorporate health informatics as a part and also as a specialty for healthcare professionals in India. It is essential to make healthcare professionals at all levels aware of such initiatives and adopt standards for health information exchange

A practitioner of healthcare would need to be able to seek information on-demand, analyse and take meaningful decisions rapidly in real-time, have the ability to undertake meaningful discussions with patients and other stakeholders to decide on an acceptable treatment plan for a successful problem resolution with respect to time and money while having the confidence in the tools used to deliver the desired level of care.

It will be imperative for a medical graduate of tomorrow to know how things work in digital health and why, have sufficient insights into the ways and means of working of digital health solutions along with the ability to design and develop newer and better solutions for digital health directly or indirectly.

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