NHS homeopathy thriving in Liverpool

patientsA new clinic is now providing homeopathic treatment to NHS patients in Liverpool. The Liverpool Medical Homeopathy Service (LMHS) operates from the Old Swan Health Centre in Old Swan and is staffed by medically trained homeopaths. Patients can gain NHS access to the service through a letter of referral from their GP.

Liverpool PCT is commissioning the new service from the LMHS which is a Community Interest Company, a limited company created to provide a service for the benefit of the community and not purely for private advantage. The setting up of the clinic also highlights the new approach to commissioning NHS services being adopted as part of the government’s NHS reforms.

Dr Hugh Nielsen, Clinical Director at the clinic said: “The opening of LMHS represents the next chapter in a long and distinguished history of homeopathic provision in Liverpool. There has been a homeopathy service in the city for more than a century, which became part of the NHS at its inception in 1948.

Patient satisfaction with Liverpool homeopathy is very high. A patient experience survey conducted by Liverpool Community Health during 2010 at the NHS Liverpool department of homeopathic medicine showed that of 165 people questioned, 80 per cent rated the service as excellent, 14 per cent deemed it very good and 5.5 per cent rated it as good.”

Homeopathy is a system of evidence-based medicine that works on the principle that “like cures like”. This means that the medicines used are derived from substances that if taken by a healthy person can cause symptoms similar to the illness, but when taken by the patient they trigger the body’s natural healing process.

For more information contact the Liverpool Medical Homeopathy Service on 0151 285 3707.

Source : http://www.facultyofhomeopathy.org/


  1. ‘Patient satisfaction with Liverpool homeopathy is very high’

    Yes, it may well be, but satisfaction is much determined on how people are treated socially. This does not mean that homeopathy works.

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