Open Rep – A free, fully functional homeopathic software

Open Rep (P & W Synopsis)  – A free, fully functional homeopathic software designed to support homeopathy.

7 repertories plus
Patient Management System

OpenRep is the first truly free homeopathic software. Its latest version 2.2 FREE can be downloaded.

OpenRep is the first truly free Open Source homeopathic software, developed by Vladimir Polony with only one goal – to provide functional and portable homeopathic software that could contribute to the whole homeopathic community. The whole design is driven by the functionality and ease of use, always offering the least complicated way of repertorizing and evaluating a homeopathic case. OpenRep is the first homeopathic software developed in Java, making it the most portable homeopathic software that can be run under a wide variety of operating systems.

The source code of OpenRep FREE is freely available for download making in the world’s first and only Open Source homeopathic software. OpenRep FREE is a 100% pure Java desktop application designed to serve as a homeopathic software with capabilities to open and use multiple repertories, perform repertorizations and view its results, manage patients and view different materia medicae. It is also designed to save and load data in human readable xml format.

List of changes in the version 2.2

1.A new generation of Patient Management System was implemented providing even more efficiency and functionality.
2.Changed the system of executing OpenRep FREE in MS Windows by the means of a Java loader. This allows for even more performance and resolves the memory issues.
3.Implemented the possibility to change font in all the Trees, Tables and Text Editors by clicking ALT+UP or ATL+DOWN.

Vladimir Polony is the developer of OpenRep FREE. He wrote it primarily to provide a free homeopathic software for everyone in order to support the homeopathic community. He is responsible for designing the original repertory data model and for designing and programming the OpenRep desktop application and the OpenRep repertory editor. He is also responsible as an editor and main contributor for the Repertorium Publicum – the first free homeopathic repertory.
As of 22.10.2008, OpenRep FREE is released as an Open Source project under the GNU GPL 3 license.

Portable version
Since version 0.7, OpenRep is a truly portable homeopathic software. This means, that installation of OpenRep does not rely on installation folder in which the OpenRep is installed. OpenRep always uses the folder from which it is executed as the source for repertories, configuration files and Patient Management System data.

This does not mean, that it is impossible to install repertories into a totally different folder than OpenRep installation folder. This option has remained. But, when importing a repertory that is located in the OpenRep installation folder, OpenRep will replace the absolute path with a relative path, which means, that even if the drive letter changes (e.g. when the USB key on which the OpenRep is installed will change its name from E: to G:), OpenRep will always find the repertories in its installation drive.
Installation of OpenRep to an USB key is very simple. Simply download the OpenRep – version for all OS from the www.homeopathyonline and unzip the installation file into any folder on your USB key and execute the OpenRep.jar file.

Repertorium Publicum is the first free open-source homeopathic repertory.
Repertorium Publicum is the first open source repertory. It is based on the latest version of Kent’s Homeopathic Repertory and is fully dependent on the efforts of community to make it as best as possible.

Repertory structure
The structure of the Repertorium Publicum uses mostly the original structure of Kent’s repertory, that was enhanced by symptom groups from Boenninghausen’s repertory. This means that apart from very detailed symptoms describing the full symptom in its totality, Repertorium Publicum also contains so-called supergroups of symptom that meaningfully group locations, aggravations, ameliorations or phenomena for the whole group of symptoms. In this way the repertorization is very much enhanced and allows using the principle of supergroups and also the detailed symptoms used in Kentian style.

The symptom of grades remained unchanged from Kent’s system, which means that Repertorium Publicum contains 3 grades and their meaning is the same as was used by Kent.

The first changes to the repertory have consisted in replacing the old medical terms used in the time of Kent for more modern terms (and also the spelling was changed from British to more widely used US version). The most important change consisted of adding remedies from subrubrics to the superrubrics and generating a system of symptom references and cross-references. The other important change was moving clinical symptoms from the rubric Generalities to newly created rubric Clinical and enhancing the clinical section by cross-referencing the symptoms with the relevant symptoms in repertory.

Contributing to the repertory
Contributing to the Repertorium Publicum project is so easy. We are looking for people willing to help the community and to promote homeopathy, that are willing to offer their free time to make additions to the repertory and to share them with the community.

Modification of the repertory can be done by using the OpenRep – free homeopathic software. Each time a modification is made to the repertory, the list of changes is added to a “history file” generated by the REPed. The whole file is composed as a .xml file that is totally human-readable, so you can review the information stored there.

To contribute to the Repertory Project, simply send us the history file and we will incorporate it into the Repertorium Publicum and make it available to the whole community. After the updates were done, you can download the new version of the repertory with all the updates made by you and all other people working on the project and thus use the most current version of the repertory.

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  1. The free version of OpenRep by Vladimir Polony hasn’t been maintained in ages. I have created a fork from the wonderful work of Bergische Academy, who managed to save and build on the original sources, here:

    You will need certain Java skills in order to run it though.

    If that is not so much your cup of tea, I have created another, free to use repertory which you can try at and which you may use to look up rubrics in Boenninghausen, Kent, Hering, etc. Please note that OOREP is not affiliated with OpenRep in any way.

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