Palladium–mentals of the sparkling metal

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Palladium occurs as a silvery-white metal with a face – centred cubic structure, as black powder, or as spongy masses which can be compressed to a compact mass.

In the Periodic Table it is placed in the second line of metals, and it is next to Argentum. The remedies in this line are concerned with show. Also, it is placed above Platina.

Among the transition metals palladium has one of the strongest tendencies to form bonds with carbon. Palladium is the first element in the silver series.

Metal has been named after Pallas Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom

A gold catalyst, part of world palladium production is snapped up by the motor industry for exhaust catalytic converters, for which palladium, platinum and rhodium are used.

White gold is an alloy of gold decolourised by the addition of palladium

The chief use of the metal is in the field of communication as electrical contacts for telephone relays.

Palladium is used to make electrical points and surgical instruments because it doesn’t rust.

Its rigidity makes it useful in crowns and bridges to relace broken teeth.

Very thin Palladium membranes are used in hydrogen filters.

Novel antitumour agents like CISPLATIN based on platinum and palladium, highlighting the close relationship between their structural preferences and cytotoxic ability

Major class of metal based anticancer drugs include platinum, palladium, gold, ruthenium and copper compounds.

High cytotoxic effect upon variety of tumour types especially testicular, ovarian, head and neck and bladder carcinomas as well as lymphomas.


The main feeling in Palladium is that if she does not earn the good opinion of others, she will be neglected and forsaken.


  • Mind, Delusions, imaginations, deserted, forsaken
  • Mind, Delusion neglected he is

These persons lay a great emphasis on what other persons think of them, and so they always try to get good opinion of others. Appreciation / approbation desires, loves praise, does everything to win appreciation. If they do not succeed in this, they feel insulted and neglected


  • Mind, Longing for good opinion of others
  • Mind, Delusion insulted he is
  • Mind, Delusion appreciated he is not

Loves praise, longing for the good opinion of others. Does everything to win appreciation. They like to get all the attention and praise. They want to hear they have done well and they like to be flattered. They feel very humiliated if they aren’t the centre of attention. They get annoyed when they aren’t invited to large parties. Feels if she doesn’t earn the good opinion of others, she will be neglected and forsaken.


  • Mind, Flattered desire to be
  • Mind, Longing for good opinion of others
  • Mind, Delusions, appreciated she is not
  • Mind, Affectation
  • Mind, Eccentricity
  • Mind, Delusions, forsaken is
  • Haughty, wounded, wishes to be flattered.
  • Delusion, insulted, he is.
  • Delusion, neglected, he is

They know what they are worth and are fully confident in putting it across to the public. They are sure that they have enough inspiration to create something that will be a success.

Successfully showing your work of art, ‘glittering prizes’. Successfully showing your works of art. They feel that they will finally succeed in showing what they can do.

Performance is easy, it comes naturally. Their performance speaks for itself, they were made to perform. Even in childhood they loved to act and they love being the centre of attention.

They hardly know what stage fright is and they revel in the attention they are getting, all eyes and ears must be focused on them.

Ambition makes them want to be the centre of attention: pride. They like to get all the attention, but also all the praise.

They want to hear they have done well and they like to be flattered. They don’t only want to be the best, they also want to hear that they are the best.

Their position needs to be acknowledged by others.


  • Mind, Ambition increased
  • Mind, Company desire for


Concerned too much about physical appearance, stylishness. Go through cosmetic surgery at early age. So they have problems of getting older. Surround herself with younger as proof of her unremitting attractiveness. As soon as she admits to herself that she is getting older, she usually will seclude herself from contact and, not uncommonly, commit suicide because her life is meaningless. Palladium has a preference for the colour ultramarine. They love appearing in front of an audience, being with large groups of people, the more people that admire them the better. They sparkle at parties.


  • Mind, Vanity

Rigid pride Their honest conviction that they are brilliant and talented can easily turn into pride. They start to speak with the air of someone who has made it.

Palladium’s haughtiness is mostly seen in what they expect of others rather than in the way they act toward you. The situation of Palladium is that of a person who wants to win, an argument, for example, yet is not willing to accept that the loser thinks badly of her. Palladium wants to be on top and at the same time everybody must think them to be wonderful.

You rarely get the feeling that the Palladium patient feels superior to you. Obstinate, tries to appear amiable. The haughtiness is in the constant need to be included, the constant need to be flattered or paid attention to.

In this sense, it is a passive sort of arrogance rather than the aggressive, negative arrogance that we usually associate with Platina. Easily offended; easy prey to slights, real or imaginary.


  • Mind, Egotism
  • Mind, Contemptuous
  • Mind, Abusive
  • Mind, Delusions, tall, he or she is tall, walking; had grown, while.
  • Mind, Obstinate, amiable, tries to appear.
  • Mind, Offended, easily

Mainly sycotic remedy with predominance of sycotic symptoms like longing for good opinion of others, flattery desire for, egoistic, haughty, obstinate.

Mostly indicated in affection of female genital system: Oophritis, uterine prolapse and retroversion, subacute pelvic peritonitis, menorrhagia, leucorrhoea, menstrual discharge while nursing, neuralgic pains

Induration and swelling of right ovary, with soreness and shooting pains from the navel to pelvis. Heaviness and weight in the pelvis with bearing down pains, pain in right ovary < mental agitation, music, from being in society, > by rubbing.

Symptoms of falling of womb with weeping mood, all motions are painful, she can hardly stand or walk. Heaviness as from a load with pressure deep in pelvis, better by lying on left side, weakness as if womb were sinking; empty feeling in groins as if eviscerated, every excitement causes pain in right ovary; menses during lactation.

Transparent, jelly like discharge, < before and after menses; heaviness and weight in the pelvis; pain and weakness as if the uterus were sinking down. Pain in back and hips, with coldness of extremities; sharp, knife like pains in uterus, > after stool, after sleep


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