Suicidal disposition and scope in homoeopathy

Dr Ambareesh

Suicide occurs more often in younger people and it is one of the leading cause of death in adults. There can be many reasons to commit suicide like depression, mental disorders, previous suicidal attempts, specific personality characters, genetic loading and family process in combination with triggering psychological stressors etc.

Suicide not murder takes more lives around the world, murder is universally feared but the chances of a person being murdered are actually lower than those dying by suicide. Homoeopathic system with its holistic approach can remove the tendency or disposition to commit suicide.

Worldwide more than 8,00,000 people die due to suicide in each year. The suicide mortality rate in 2015 was 10.7 per 1,00,000 which means about one death in every 20 second, and it is 15th leading cause of death globally. It is more common in men than women, the male to female ratio is 4:1 and it is more common in richer countries.

In Japan the rate of suicide is 57 times more than murder, in Senegal it is 45.2, in South Koria it is 45.2, in Singapore it is 31.4, and in Hungary it is 20.3 times more than murder.

In India the rate of suicide is 5.5 times more than the rate of murder, and state wise Kerala has the wide range of gap between suicide and murder rate, but in Bihar the murder rate is almost 4times the suicide rate, in fact Bihar is the only major Indian state which has this trend. In Kerala the rate of suicide is 26.7 times more than the rate of murder, in Telangana 10.2, in Tamilnadu 10.1, in Maharashtra 9.5, in Karnataka 9.2 and in Bihar the rate of suicide is 0.3 times more than the rate of murder.


  • Age- 7-20 years age group of people are more vulnerable(adolescence).
  • People suffering from mental disorders are more vulnerable.
  • About 90% of people committed suicide have suffered from at least one mental disorder.
  • People suffering from affective disorders.
  • People suffering from depression.
  • Substance abuse (alcohol, drugs etc).
  • Personality disorders such as borderline disorder, antisocial personality disorder etc.
  • Eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa.
  • Schizophrenia.
  • Anxiety disorders.
  • Mood disorders.
  • Substance abuse disorders.
  • Previous suicidal attempts.
  • Personality characteristics- suicide is associated with impulsivity.
  • Young people with poor problem-solving skills.
  • People with rigid thinking process.
  • Dichotomy thinking people.
  • Poor communication with family and friends.
  • Family factors like marital dispute, divorce, single parent family, financial crisis.
  •  Specific life events trauma- Death of a friend, family member or a partner.
  • Interpersonal losses such as relationship break up, peer rejection.
  • School problems and academic stress.
  • Unemployment
  • Bullying, cyber bullying
  • Mental physical and sexual abuse etc.

Homoeopathic system considers patient in all level such as physical, mental, social, biological, psychological. Homoeopathic system treats the patient not the disease, root cause of the disease is given importance. There are various drugs in Homoeopathy for suicidal tendency or disposition. The main causes and risk factors can be clearly understood by the way of detail case taking in Homoeopathy and its holistic approach.

We have many medicines mentioned in our Homoeopathic Materia Medica and Repertories for suicidal tendency and disposition with different causes and events with various examples.

  • Anger driving him to commit suicide- carbo veg. dulc, spect.
  • Suicidal tendency during anguish- carcinocinum and hepar sulph.
  • Suicidal tendency due to anxiety- aur met. Nux vom. Puls.
  • Wants to commit suicide with an axe- naja.
  • Wants to commit suicide at the sight of the blood though she abhors the idea-Alum
  • Wants to commit suicide after seeing blood on a knife-alum. Ara. Nat sulph. Thuja.
  • Wants to commit suicide when brooding-naja. Spong
  • Wants to commit suicide by throwing himself under a car-alum. Ars. Aurum met. Kali brom. Lach. Ozone.
  • Wants to commit suicide but lacks courage- alum. Arg nit. Chin. Nit acid. Nux vom. Ozone. Phos. Plat. Rhus tox. Sulph. Tab.
  • Wants to commit suicide with a dagger-alum, petr-ra.
  • Suicidal tendency from delusions- ars. Hyos. Verat.
  • Suicidal tendency from despair- ambr. Ant c. carb veg. hyos. Positronium. Ruta. Sep. spong. Triticum vulgae. Verat.
  • Wants to commit suicide by drowning-ant c. ambr. Arg n. aur. Aurum mur n. bell. Dros. Hell. Hep. Hyos. Ign. Lach. Nux v, ped. Puls. Rhus tox.sec. sil. Spong. Staph. Sulph. Ust, verat.
  • Wants to commit suicide by drowning due to disappointment from love- hyos.
  • Wants to commit suicide during drunkness- ars, bell, nux v.
  • Wants to commit suicide due to eruptioins-plut nit.
  • Suicidal tendency in evening- aur. Chin. Dros. Dulc. Hep. Kali chi. Rhus Ruta. Spig.
  • Suicidal tendency in evening specially in twilight- Rhus tox.
  • Suicidal tendency at night- ant c. ars. Chin. Nux vom. Phos.
  • Suicidal tendency after midnight-ars. Nux vom.
  • Suicidal tendency in bed- ant c.
  • Suicidal tendency due to fear- Chin. Nit ac. Nux vom. Plat. Rhus tox. Staph. Tab.
  • Suicidal tendency due to fear of death- alum. Chin. Nit ac. Nux vom. Plat. Rhus tox. Staph. Tab.
  • Suicidal tendency -fear-window or a knife with fear of an open- arg n. camph. Chin. Merc.
  • Suicidal tendency to set oneself on fire- ars. Hep.
  • Suicidal tendency after fright- ars.
  • Suicidal tendency by gassing- ars. Nux. v. spong.
  • Suicidal tendency due to grief- nat sulph.
  • Wants to commit suicide by hagging-ars. Aur. Met. Aur ars. Aur mur nat nit. Bell. Carb.v. hell. Nat sulph. Nat sil. Terebenthinae. Verat.
  • Wants to commit suicide during heat- ars. Bell. Nux v. puls. Rhus tox. Stram.
  • Suicidal tendency from home sickness-capsicum.
  • Suicidal tendency by hypochondriasis- alum. Aur. Calc. caust, chin. Con. Graph. Hep. Nat mur. Sep. staph. Sulph.
  • Suicidal tendency after injury to head or brain-nat sulph.
  • Suicidal tendency during intermittent fever- ars. Chin. Lach. Spong. Strom. Valer.
  • Suicidal tendency from itching of skin-dolichos.
  • Suicidal tendency with knife- alum. Ars. Aur. Bell. Calc. hyos. Merc. Nat sil. Nuix v. plb. Positron. Stram.
  • Suicidal tendency before menses- iris. Lach.
  • Suicidal tendency during menses-cimic. Merc. Sil.
  • Suicidal tendency from music-nat c. symph.
  • Suicidal tendency from pains- aur. Aur m nat n. bell.
  • Hep. Lach. Nux vom. Plut n. rat. Ruta. Sepia. Thuja. Triticum vulgaris.
  • Suicidal tendency during perspiration- alum. Ars. Aur. Aur ars. Calc. hep. Merc. Sil. Spong. Thuja.
  • Suicidal tendency by poisoning- ars. Bell. Lil tig. Ocimum sa. Opium. Puls. Verat.
  • Suicidal tendency by poisoning with cyanide- ocimum sanctum.
  • Suicidal tendency during pregnancy-aur.
  • Suicidal tendency with a razor- acon. Alum. Strom.
  • Suicidal tendencyby opening a vein with a razor- falcon peregrinus desciplinatus.
  • Suicidal disposition to be run over-alum, ars. Aur. Kali brom. Lach. Ozone.
  • Suicidal tendency from sadness-alum. Aur met. Arum m n n . zur sul. Calc. caust. Chin.cimic. con. Graph. Hep. Hydrog. Ign. Med. Merc aur. Morph; naja. Nat m. nat s. nat sil. Op. Ornithogalum. Psor. Ran b. rumex, ruta. Sep. spig. Spong. Staph, sulph.
  • Suicidal tendency with violent sexual desire-origanum majorana.
  • Suicidal tendency by shooting- alum. Anac. Ant c. aur. Caqlc. Carb v. chin. Hep. Med. Nat m. nat s. nux v. ol eur. Op, puls’ sep. staph. Sulph.
  • Suicidal tendency at the site of cutting instruments-alum. Merc. Positr.
  • Suicidal tendency by stabbing- ars. Bell. Calc. nux vom.
  • Suicidal tendency by stabbing his heart-ars.
  • Suicidal tendency by starving- merc. Nat m.
  • Suicidal tendency with stomach complaints- ant c.
  • Always talks abiut suicide but never commits- nux vom.
  • Suicidal tendency- thinking about suicide amel-aur.
  • Sui cidal thoughts drive him out of bed-ant5 c.
  • Meditates on easiest way of committing suicide-lac def.
  • Suicidal tendency from despair of loss of mental power -hell.
  • Suicidal tendency with offensive odor or discharges- psor.
  • Persistant suicidal thoughts-mancinella.
  • Restrains himself suicidal thoughts due to duties of his family-nat sul.
  • Restrains himself suicidal thoughts without wish for it-bacillus prot.
  • Suicidal thoughts throwing himself from a height- acon. Anac. Arg n. ars. Aur, amn. Bell. Camph. Crot h. gels. Glon. Hydrog. Hyos. Ign. Iod. Iodof. Lach. Lyc. Lyss. Marb w. nux v. orig. sec. Staph. Stram. Sul.
  • Suicidal tendency -throwing himself into river-arg n. sec. sil.
  • Suicidal tendency -throwing himself from windows during delivery-aur. Thuj.
  • Suicidal tendency -throwing himself from windows after puerperal- thuj.
  • Suicidal tendency -throwing himself from windows in headache-glon.
  • Suicidal tendency -throwing himself from windows from pain-aur.
  • Suicidal tendency -throwing himself from windows during parturition-aur. Thuj.
  • Suicidal tendency on walking- lyc. Nat c. nux vom.
  • Suicidal tendency while walking in open air- bell
  • Suicidal tendency meliorated by weeping- merc. Phos.

Homoeopathic treatment can prevent suicidal disposition in people if it is detected early. Along with treatment moral and social support is very essential to the patients those suffering from any mental illness. Family members should create appropriate environment with proper love, care, attention and respect. Homoeopathic treatment helps not only removing the tendencies to commit suicide it also helps to remove the root cause of the underlying medical disease.


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Dr Ambareesh(PG scholar)
Guide : Dr Vijay Krishna V
Associate professor
Department of Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Government Homoeopathic Medical college and Hospital Bengaluru.

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