Panel studying AYUSH doctors’ demand to use allopathy medicines

Karnataka : The Health Department’s decision on permitting AYUSH practitioners to prescribe allopathic medicines during emergencies will be based on the recommendation of a committee headed by the Additional Chief Secretary.

Announcing this after presenting AYUSH awards to 28 veteran practitioners from the Indian systems of medicine (ayurveda, yoga and naturopathy, unani, siddha and homoeopathy), Health Minister Aravind Limbavali said the government was ready to give permission for it if the panel proposed it.

Minister’s take
“Most of our primary health centres have AYUSH practitioners. Although they are assisting doctors in attending cases, it is a violation of rules if they do it on their own. As AYUSH practitioners are allowed to prescribe allopathy medicines during emergencies in 12 States, we can also look at its feasibility. However, the oxygen [emergency medicine] should not become food [a regular practice],” the Minister said.

Mr. Limbavali asked the State AYUSH Directorate to present awards annually to deserving candidates.

Pointing out that the deadline for private hospitals to register under the Karnataka Private Medical Establishments Act had been extended by six months, the Minister said it would help the government regulate the functioning of private hospitals.

M. Madan Gopal, Principal Secretary, Health and Family Welfare, said lack of scientific research and standard operating procedures based on certain accepted protocols was coming in the way of public acceptance of Indian systems of medicine.

Asserting that AYUSH systems should get an impetus, Mr. Madan Gopal said: “We have suggested to the Union Health Ministry to launch a separate AYUSH mission in the country because this field of medicine is as important as allopathy. ”

R. Roshan Baig, MLA, wanted the government to regulate the functioning of corporate hospitals as he claimed they, along with the allopathy pharma sector, were exploiting the common man.

State Drugs Controller B.R. Jagashetty was present. [Source]


  1. Decision on permitting AYUSH practitioners to prescribe allopathic medicines during emergencies in PRIMARY HEALTH Centres /Government Hospitals is different as even a Nurse or any health worker can do it,than allowing the same in private practise by private practioners to do the same,the decision can boom rang and misused.
    Why not allow Ayush practioner use their own medicines in cases of emergencies- they do have such medicines but lack of opportunity – let allopaths allow Ayush practioner use their Ayush medicines in cases where they feel they are failing- this would create confidence in Ayush practioner and develop better emergency care.ALLOPATHY IS NOT THE ULTIMATE IN EMERGENCY MEDICINE, THEY ONLY HAVE BETTER TOOLS TO MANAGE EMERGENCIES

    • Dr Vasist is right in saying so.Every system has its own way of dealing with emergencies and after this they can be refered back to the modern hospitals if necessity araises.Now a days we can see that many Ayurvedic practioners are prescribing the allopathic medicines instead of Ayurvedic medicines because it is easier to prescribe.Allowing the Ayurvedic practioners to deal with allopathic medicines will destroy the purpose of having Ayurvedic practioners and if needed they may be trained for another one year and licence may be given for practising in allopathic medicine instead of allowing the Registered Ayurvedic Practioners to treat with allopathic medicines.

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