Potassium group: an insight through Knerr Repertory

Dr. Yashasvi shakdvipiya1, Dr. Noopur kumari2, Dr. Darshana dabhi 2

ABSTRACT: This article is an attempt to traverse the antecedent knowledge about potassium group, and to find out its related rubrics from knerr repertory. In this article we will explore the rubrics related to the facial expression and body language of the patient i.e observations made on the part of physician It is a prospective analytical study which will clinically and academically enhance the knowledge of the physician and also the applicability of repertories for future references. 

KEYWORDS : potassium, mineral kingdom, security, rigidity, stout, knerr repertory.

INTRODUCTION: Potassium is obtained from the mineral kingdom. The word kali is derived from Arabic word ‘kali’ meaning ‘ash’. It is an alkaline substance. Symbol – K+ amu.  Group I A. Series – 4. Atomic number – 19. Atomic Weight – 39.096.1 Minerals are far more structured than plants and animals; the issues of the minerals are usually structure, organization, safety and security, specific relationships, finances, or performance. People who need mineral remedies wear plain clothes, stripes, checks, and geometric designs. Color is not as important to them.

Dress has to be functional rather than attractive. The two main keywords of the mineral kingdom are structure and function.  Potassium occupies 4th row and 1st column in the Mandeleef periodic table. In the fourth row – the main theme is work, duty, adult. 2 This is the level where abilities start to be developed. They have to learn to fulfill certain tasks. In order to do this they have to be schooled by another person, a master or a teacher, a school or the parents themselves. Eventually they learn to carry out this task by themselves.3

The main issue of the fourth row is security, which may be related go money finances, relationships, house, job and/ or health.2 Stage 1- The main theme of this stage is beginning. The spontaneous start, the impulsive begin. Things are done without being thought over, without reflection. This leads to naive, instinctive, simplistic and even childish or foolish behavior. It can lead to one-sidedness, which seems rigid. Manic. Alone and lonely.3 Individuals of this stage are totally dependent on others for everything. Their structure has not started to form they need support to avoid collapsing.2 Kali salts are great skeletal remedies. Rigidity and structure is the very essence of the remedy. Since they are unemotional, unimaginative people, kali live in and through their intellect.1 Kali people comes across as responsible, serious and conventional.4

Potassium constitutions are heavily built. They are stout and robust. All kalis have tendency to gain weight and have premature old look. There are black ring around the eyes. They are generally dark complexion, having dirty or unwashed look, tired and worn out. 5 The temperament of the most of kali group remedies are Phlegmatic, whereas Kali phos is choleric. 

Following are the rubrics of Potassium group personality from repertory of Hering’s guiding symptoms of our materia medica by Calvin B. knerr:-

  1. Rubrics pertaining to expressions of the patient6:- 
Symptoms  Rubrics 
1. Security related go money finances, relationships, house, job and/ or health.
  • MIND AND DISPOSITION- Anxiety- Sadness, with, In change of life :- Kali-br.
  • MIND AND DISPOSITION- Anxiety- Death:- Die, as if about to :-  Caust., 
  • MIND AND DISPOSITION- Anxiety- Disease, about :- At change of life :- Kali-br
  • MIND AND DISPOSITION- Anxiety- Face :- Red :- Kali-i
  • MIND AND DISPOSITION- Anxiety- Fear, with :- Kali-c.
  • MIND AND DISPOSITION- Apprehension- Future, for:-  Caust.
  • MIND AND DISPOSITION- Apprehension- Future, for: – And of her disease :- Kali-c.
  • MIND AND DISPOSITION- Apprehension -Evil, of- sadness and weeping :-KALI-I.
  • MIND AND DISPOSITION- Apprehension – Wrong, indescribable, of something :-Kali-br.
2. Childish behaviour 
  • MIND AND DISPOSITION-Childish -Melancholy, in :- Kali-br.
3. Rigidity – unemotional, unimaginative people
  • MIND AND DISPOSITION-Apathy – Kali-br.
  • MIND AND DISPOSITION-Listless :- Kali-bi. 
4. Maniac 
  • MIND AND DISPOSITION- Mania (dementia, insanity, mental aberration, alienation or derangement, madness) :-  KALI-BR., Kali-m.
  • MIND AND DISPOSITION- Mania- Brain:-From exhausted or depressed condition of brain or nerve cells:- Kali-p.
  • MIND AND DISPOSITION- Mania- Brain:-With irritation and congestion :- Kali-br.
  • MIND AND DISPOSITION- Mania- Brain :-Despondency, with :- Kali-br
  • MIND AND DISPOSITION- Mania- Erotic:- Menses, after :- Kali-br.
  • MIND AND DISPOSITION- Mania- Eruptions:- Following suppression :- Caust.
  • MIND AND DISPOSITION- Mania- Fever:- Kali-p.
  • MIND AND DISPOSITION- Mania- Fever:- Puerperal :- Kali-p.
  • MIND AND DISPOSITION- Mania- Paroxysms, in :- Headache, with :- Kali-i.
  • MIND AND DISPOSITION- Mania – Puerperal:-  Kali-bi., Kali-c.
  • MIND AND DISPOSITION- Mania – Puerperal:- Delirium, with ferocious or erotic :- Kali-br.
5. Alone and lonely, they need support to avoid collapsing
  • MIND AND DISPOSITION- Desire for :-  Kali-br., KALI-C.
  1. Rubrics pertaining to the looks of the patient6 :-
Symptoms  Rubrics 
1 Stout 
  • TISSUES- Adipose :-Increase-Kali-c. 
2 Premature old look with dark ring around the eyes 
  • UPPER FACE- Face- Haggard :-  Kali-p
  • UPPER FACE – Face Livid :- Eyes, with hollow :- Kali-p.
  • UPPER FACE- swelling- Eye, beginning about right, extends downward and to left eye and left side of face :- Kali-c.
3. Dark complexion 
  • STAGES OF LIFE AND CONSTITUTION -Complexion (including color of eyes and hair) : Dark (brunette) :-  CAUST
  • STAGES OF LIFE AND CONSTITUTION- Dark, lax fibre, inclined to obesity :- KALI-C.
4. Choleric temperament  STAGES OF LIFE AND CONSTITUTION- Temperament -Choleric (irritable, inclined to anger):-   Caust., Kali-p.
5. Worn out 
  • STAGES OF LIFE AND CONSTITUTION- Constitution -Cachexia :- Kali-bi.
  • STAGES OF LIFE AND CONSTITUTION- Constitution -Fibre :-  Lax :- KALI-C
  • STAGES OF LIFE AND CONSTITUTION- Constitution -Fibre :-  Lax, in blonde persons :-  Kali-bi.
  • STAGES OF LIFE AND CONSTITUTION- Constitution -Fibre  Rigid, in dark persons :-  Caust.
  • UPPERFACE –expression- Dissatisfied :-  Caust.
  • UPPERFACE –expression -Dull :-  Kali-br.
  • UPPERFACE –expression –Fear- Melancholy, with:- Kali-ar.
  • UPPERFACE –expression -Imbecile :- Kali-br
  • UPPERFACE -Face- Sickly :-Caust., Kali-c., Kali-m.
6. Plethoric temperament 
  • STAGES OF LIFE AND CONSTITUTION- constitution- Plethoric :- -Nervous persons, spasms :- KALI-BR
7. Choleric temperament 
  • STAGES OF LIFE AND CONSTITUTION- Temperament -Choleric : -Caust., Kali-p.
8. Stiffness 
  • LIMBS IN GENERAL- limbs-Stiffness -Rigid, paralytic :- Kali-p.
  • LIMBS IN GENERAL – Rheumatism :-  CAUST.,  Kali-ar., Kali-c., KALI-I., Kali-m.

Knerr repertory is a puritan group of repertories, i.e the symptoms are mentioned in the language of the patient without much change. It is an index to hering guiding symptoms of materia medica in which the symptoms are arranged systematically and alphabetically, making it a concordant repertory as well. Homoeopathy treats the patient nor just the symptoms of the patient.  The above mentioned rubrics are the few examples quoted from Knerr repertory.  Based on these a portrait of the patient is created   in the mind of the treating physician and he can co relate this diseases partite with that of the portrait of a remedy. Recognition of the expressions and bodily make up may helps the physician to individualize the patient. 


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Dr. Yashasvi shakdvipiya1, Dr. Noopur kumari2, Dr. Darshana dabhi 2
MD(Hom.)(PGR) 2
Dept. of Repertory
Dr.M.P.K.Homoeopathic Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre
Homoeopathy University, Jaipur-302029

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