Pre-legislative Consultation of Homoeopathy Minimum standard regulations

cch-2Amendment in Homoeopathy Central Council (Minimum Standards Requirement of Homoeopathic Colleges and attached Hospitals) Regulations 2013.

The undersigned is directed to refer to the draft amendments proposed in the Homoeopathy Central Council (Minimum Standards Requirement of Homoeopathic

Colleges and attached Hospitals) Regulations 2013 and say that as a part of the pre- legislative consultation, the soft copy of the draft amendments proposed in the Homoeopathy Central Council (Minimum Standards Requirement of Homoeopathic Colleges and attached Hospitals) Regulations 2013 along with a note are placed in the Ministry’s website “” and comments in this regard are invited from the public/stakeholders etc, within thirty (30) days.

Any comments may be sent within thirty days to :
Dr.Alok Kumar
Joint Adviser(Homoeopathy)

The salient features of the proposed amendments are pertaining to the following:-

(i) Amendment has been proposed to merge the content of sub regulation (2) and (3) of regulation 3, so as to specify that availability of operation theatre and labour room is mandatory in the hospital, and sending the students to multispecialty hospitals to gain specific knowledge in management of acute and emergency cases shall be made as in addition. A Form to be annexed to the regulations in this regard has been proposed for having a MoU between the Homoeopathic College and hospital of modern medicine. 

(ii) The existing provision of sub-regulation (5) of regulation 3 has been proposed for amendment, in order to have uniformity in granting permissions, so that granting of permission to the colleges which fulfills the requirement of these regulations by 31st December, 2014 shall be for a period of full five years.

(iii) In the existing sub-regulation (7) of regulation 3, after the word and sign “Schedule-IV” the words and sign “Schedule-V as the case may be” are proposed to be inserted as Schedule-V is about additional staff requirement of PG requirement. The same has not been mentioned in the existing regulations.

(iv) In regulation 5 of the existing regulations, after the existing proviso, an additional proviso has been proposed, which clarifies that the colleges applying under section 12A of the Act need to comply with the requirement of constructed area as prescribed in Schedule-I of the said regulations.

(v) Amendments have been proposed in sub-regulation (2) of regulation 7, in order to clarify the following:-

  1. that PG college requires only average 250 OPD attendance and average 30% IPD bed occupancy.
  2. the calendar year for OPD consideration shall be for 300 days instead of 365 days as the OPD will not be functioning during holidays and other festivals.

(viii) In sub-regulation (3) of regulation 7, maintenance of computerised records of hospital is mandatory and in Schedule-II, the same has been mentioned as “preferable”. Therefore, in order to remove the confusion, it has been proposed to  delete the word “preferably” mentioned before the word “computerized”, in schedule-II, under the table for the entries against serial number 27.

(ix) The list of equipments mentioned under Schedule-III has been revised and rationalized depending on the criticality and necessity. The major amendments proposed in the said Schedule are:-

  1. Five items from the existing schedule III have been proposed to be deleted.
  2. Sixteen items (including screening and sonography unit) have been identified as desirable.
  3. The remaining items have been considered as essential or mandatory and their deficiency could affect the Homoeopathy education and training.

The quantity of required number of items has also been rationalized.

(x) Under Schedule-IV of the said regulations, in order to remove misunderstanding the sign “*” and the words “Only full-time faculty at all level.” mentioned at the bottom of the table has been proposed to delete as the sign “*” was not defined in the existing regulations.

(xi) Titles have been proposed for the Schedule-V and Schedule- VI of the existing regulations.

(xii) Under the Schedule-VII of the existing regulations, amendment is proposed for deleting the mention of House physician under essential qualification for the posts of Assistant Professor and for deleting the desirable qualification for the posts of M.O and R.M.O.

Download proposed amendments and comment


  1. MoU between the Homoeopathic College and hospital of modern medicine,is recommendable it would be helpful, along with let incurable patients in these hospitals, be allowed to be benefited with Homoeopathic medicnes

  2. Yeah very good. ….minimum standards requirements for colleges and hospitals. …. what about minimum standards provision of job vacancies and salary…….at the time of admission was said bhms equivalent to mbbs… yeah figuring that out quite well now

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