Precautions while treating your Gulf patients

patientDr.Sinsen Joseph M D (Hom) Specialist-Homeopathic Medicine City Point International Specialists Medical Center.Dubai Al Amal Medical Center, Al Khuwair, Muscat.Sltanate of Oman

Homoeopathic system of medicine is gaining momentum all over the world. People from India, especially from the state of Kerala are spread all over the world. The greatest concentration can be seen in Gulf countries like UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar etc; homeopathy system of medicine is legalized in Oman and UAE. Recently in Bahrain also our system of medicine is legalized. Since large portion of expats are living in this Middle East area and they are visiting their home countries once in a year, many of our practitioners are treating these persons.

Our system requires the exact mode of living, the occupation, its nature, the climatic conditions of dwelling place etc; many of our practitioners are not been to these places. So there is difficulty in exactly determine the mode of living. This article aims to help such physicians to get an idea for advising healthy life style and also for a better prescription.

1. The ideal way to treat such patients is to refer them to your known colleague practicing in such places. Give him the list of prescriptions. The doctor can refer back the patient to the old physician, when the patient comes back and settle in his area.

2.  But the cost of medicine, the charge for consultation, the cost of investigation etc; in overseas make the reality different. The patients will prefer to consult doctors from their place. The first thing to keep in mind is to gain the confidence of the patient. It is a known fact that the majority of Egostic Indians won’t tell you the exact nature of their job and their living conditions overseas. It is rather like an unbreakable oath. Sharing accommodation, crowded bachelor accommodation etc; are very common in Gulf countries. So if they feel great confidence on the physician, then only they will reveal the above facts.

3. Oxidative stress is a more important cause for all complaints in Gulf countries. So the physician must be well aware of this and should give them the written advice how to combat it.

4. Long working hours and long driving time are inevitable part of Gulf working people. Difficulty in finding parking, traffic fines etc; remain as a night mare for many of them. So before jumping into your similimum enquire properly about these issues.

5. Mental stress is at its peak in this labour force. Frustration, indignation, wounded honour, sense of helplessness, high competition, chances of exposure to bad habits etc; are high. Be a compassionate friend and gently enquire about this sensitive area. Our golden tool- THE EMOTIONAL SURGERY will definitely prevent many heart attacks, suicides and cancer deaths among the gulf patients. Consider the patient as your own, instead of thinking about them as Petrodollars.

6. Most of the complaints in Gulf population are psychosomatic in origin. This is aggrevated by the extreme climatic conditions. So the role of homeopathy is vital and crucial. We can prevent it 100% if we do justice to our profession. But don’t be a fanatic too.

7. Next important complaints in Gulf population are Hormonal problems. The females are worst affected. PCOS, Thyroid complaints, Endometriosis, Infertility are at a rise. Don’t be hesitating to advise a proper endocrine assessment. If you are thorough with hormone hemostasis and hormone disorders, you will be a true healer for them. But use your analytical mind.

8. onsider the legal status of homeopathy of your patient’s resident country. In UAE including Dubai, majority of 30C medicines are available. Few tinctures, 200C and 1M also available. Never give medicine in powder formIt is ideal to give the prescription, but warn the patient about the repetition without physician’s advice. It is the duty of a true healer to give contact number of at least one physician in his resident country, if homeopathy is legalized there. Never give the reference of a physician who is practicing without the proper MOH license of that country. (There are few homeopaths doing house practice, which is punishable). This may leads to the arrest and may end in punishment of that physician, though he is legalized in his home country. This may damage the image of our profession. In UAE the alternative medicine is practiced legally and is regulated properly. Homeopathy enjoys a great privilege here. Please don’t misuse it.

9. Don’t feel ashamed of advising your patient to seek the help of other system of medicine in case of emergency. It is the duty of a true scientific practitioner to save the life of a patient than trying his similima over the phone. In all Gulf countries the prevalent system of medicine is also regulated very strictly. Even fully equipped private hospitals are also not allowed to treat certain diseases and emergencies. Instruct your patients about this properly, instead of blaming authorities or your colleagues abroad.

10. Understand the true spirit of §5 and be a preserver of health rather than a mere therapeutist. Healthy life style, food hygiene, proper physical exercise etc; will act as adjuvants for the similimum and will augments the action of medicine too. Update yourself with modern investigations and laboratory procedures. Discuss with the patient rather than putting suggestions into his head. These patients may have interactions from well-known overseas doctors of different nationalities.  Be aware of SI system of reference lab values.

It is highly appreciable that many of our physicians are regularly referring patients to their colleagues in Gulf. Together we can keep the reputation of our homeopathic system of medicine high, by respecting the patients and their consulting doctors.

(Dr. Sinsen Joseph is a post graduate Govt Homeo Medical officer in Dept of Homeopathy, Govt of Kerala (on leave).He is the first Specialist in Homeopathic Medicine in Middle East. He is practicing in Dubai, Oman and India. He represented UAE in 9th reproductive biomedicine conference held on August 2008 in Tehran, Iran and presented a paper. He is a life member of IHMA. He is member of NUPATH Canada.)

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