Top 10 Gulf Interview Cracking Tips

The following Gulf Interview Cracking Tips have been compiled with the help of the best Middle-East recruiters in agencies & companies, as well as, recently hired candidates.

Remember these TOP 10 Gulf Job Interview Cracking Tips:

  • Greet your interviewer with a firm handshake and a smile, address your interviewer by name, and make eye contact.
  • Never sit until asked to do so.
  • Ensure you are informed about the position and the organization before your interview. Wherever possible get a job description or review the details of the position.
  • Go to their web site. You should know approximately what the salary range is for the position (particularly if going through an agency). Research the organization and affiliations. Be aware of all products or services.
  • Make sure you are familiar with all dates and information on your resume. Be prepared to go into detail and to give examples of various difficult work situations you have successfully handled.
  • Make sure you know the exact location and how to get there. Get there five to ten minutes early.
  • Dress should be appropriate, business-like and conservative. Always look successful.
  • You may be asked to talk about yourself, but keep your entire life history for non-business situations! An interviewer is interested in how you and your experience best suit the position and the company.
  • Do not take notes, and do not be concerned if your interviewer takes notes. Never speak negatively about present or previous work situations.
  • At the end of the gulf job interview you may have an opportunity to ask questions. Express enthusiasm and interest in the company and the position. Thank the interviewer for their time. You may ask what the next step would be in their hiring process.
  • Do not discuss money/salary during the interview, or ask about benefits and vacation, unless the interviewer brings these subjects up for discussion. End the interview with a handshake.
  • A follow-up note or thank you letter sent after the interview, if you are particularly interested in the position and organization, is a good way to keep your name visible. A follow-up call within a week is a good idea, if you have not been contacted.
  • If an agency arranged the interview for you, call them immediately. It is important for the agency to get your response about the position, before they talk to the employer. A positive response from you can often lead to a positive response from the employer. Keep in touch with your agency.

Salary Negotiation:
Although negotiating salary, may be common in some places it is NOT recommended for the UAE and the Gulf market. It may give the potential employer a negative impression about the candidate.

These Gulf Interview Cracking Tips more or less cover almost everything. If you go through these thoroughly, you will be well prepared to make a Positive Impression. And in these competitive times, this may be the one thing that tips the job in your favor!

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