Qualification and experience required for practicing Homoeopathy and Ayurveda in Qatar

How to practice Homoeopathy Ayurveda and other Complementary Alternative systems in Qatar 

Dr Mansoor Ali K R
Professor, Govt Homoeopathy Medical College, Calicut, Kerala, India
Independent Licence owner, MOH UAE

Facts about Qatar 

  • Qatar is the biggest spender on healthcare in the Middle East; 90% of residents are satisfied with health services.
  • Qatar ranks as the second safest country in the world.
  • Qatar ranks as the second most stable country in the Middle East.
  • Qatar has the highest GDP per capita ($145,000) in the world.
  • Qatar Airways, winner of the ‘World’s Best Airline’ Award, connects Doha to more than 150 destinations across six continents.
  • Qatar has a track-record for successfully hosting large-scale international conferences and events and sports 

The practice of alternative forms of medical treatment like Homeopathy, Ayurveda and Acupuncture has been officially approved by the Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners (QCHP) in January 2016 

“The regulation of complementary medicine by QCHP has been one of the decisions long-awaited by the public in Qatar. However, as our main concern is always patient safety, we wanted to assess the impact of this decision before beginning official implementation,” said QCHP’s acting CEO, Dr Samar Aboulsoud.

The regulatory framework will standardise the CM practice so that only licensed, qualified practitioners will be issued a medical license and allowed to practice in the country.

The existing practitioners will be given a grace period to correct and fix their situation in order to become fully registered and permitted to practice legally in the State of Qatar.

Basic qualification for Homoeopathy & Ayurveda
A professional degree of BHMS/BAMS- Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery of not less than 5 years including internship. Current licence/registration to practice in-home or last employment country.’

Experience: 1. Not less than 2 years after internship OR 3 years full time certified accredited homoeopathy programme

Current licence/registration to practice in home or last employment country

Information regarding starting a clinic – (still in the beginning stage only)
The complementary medicine practitioners are currently not given the privilege of starting a solo clinic, but rather given the opportunity to work under any licensed employer in the healthcare industry in Qatar, such as polyclinics, private hospitals etc. 

Data flow
They have currently asked everyone to submit documents to Dataflow, for verification process, whereby all the requested documents which are uploaded by us will be verified by them, and they will decide whether the qualifications and experience are sufficient and accordingly give approval if they are fulfilling.

You have to a valid Qatari resident permit, and the application under a present hospital or a polyclinic is a must.
Only the copy of the certificates is required for submission to Dataflow.
Attestation not required for the certificates.

Certificate of Good standing (CGS)
You have to obtain a Certificate of Good standing (CGS) from the registration department of your last place of work. 

This should be sent from that registration department to QCHP directly through mail. For this only original is accepted. Delay in getting this certificate can result in a delay in the whole process

If you worked in India as well as another country were you recently worked or last work place ,produce CGS from both countries.

And regarding the Certificate of Good Standing, they specifically reminded that it is NOT a document which is to be obtained from the institution you worked, but it must be received from the REGISTRATION AUTHORITY of the state you worked with a license.

Keralaite’s degree certificates and valid license are to be submitted at Travancore Medical Council, requesting for a Certificate of Good Standing

Application for good standing certificate is available in TCMC website http://www.medicalcouncil.kerala.gov.in/

Fee 5000 Rs. for Good standing certificate + attested copies of registration certificates.

Good standing certificate is valid for 6 months only.  

Scope of practice
As of now getting a license in Qatar as Homoeopathic physician is not easy, moreover, there is no clarity on medicine availability.
Physical examination and requested laboratory examinations consistent with their education and training, for diagnostic purposes, including clinical laboratory tests and physiological function tests;

Request diagnostic imaging studies consistent with their license;
Administer or order homeopathic medicines (pharmaceutical dosage form) and ‘over the counter’ medicines registered with SCH approved products list.Provide nutritional, dietary and preventive medicine advice.

Guidelines for Allied Healthcare Professions (AHP) 

  • Apply online for evaluation, complete and submit the application with all the required documents 
  • Pay the fees (if applicable) 
  • The application after submission/ payment will go to the Employer Representative’s landing page. The Employer Representative must review the documents, ensure that they are complete, approve and submit the application (in this stage the status is “Pending with Employer ”)  
  • Registration Section will check the request 
  • Registration Section will check results of primary source verification 
  • Registration Section will issue the following documents that can be printed from the Employer Representative’s landing page :  Preliminary Evaluation  + CID Letter
  • Please apply through the Registration/Licensing Electronic System on the Department of Healthcare Professions’ website, complete the online application and pay the required fees (if applicable). 

1) Start here : https://www.qchp.org.qa/en/Pages/Registration.aspx 

2) Click “Login to Medical Licensing Registration system “

3) Click “Sign Up for New Applicant”

4) Enter all the mandatory details (indicates by *) and click “Sign Up” button (Make sure the Email id is valid since you will need to activate it after the account has been created)

Submit an electronic “Apply for Evaluation” request and upload the below mentioned required documents: 

  1. Copy of valid passport.
  2. Copy of valid QID (front and back) or the national number* with copy of the
  3. One recent photo (according to photo criteria stated in circular (04-2014) or in the
    “Additional Attachments” document).
  4. An up to date Curriculum Vitae (C.V).
  5. Copy of all academic certificates relevant to applicant’s scope with official transcript
    (refer to Table no.1).
  6. Copy of the recent work experience certificates (with an issue date) required according  to applicant’s scope (refer to Table no. 1).
  7. Copy of valid medical/registration licenses accompanying the required years of work
    experience (if applicable).
  8. Copy of primary source verification report.
  9. The verification report will be reviewed during this phase; any misleading information
    provided will result in further investigations and could result in disciplinary action.
  10. Copy of the passing certificate of the qualifying exam (if applicable).

More details and Guidelines here 

Online registration link

Guidelines and useful links

If you have any questions, please contact
Dr Souma El-Torky

Ministry of Health building
The old SCH building, Rumaila, near Hamad Medical city

General Principals & Guidelines of Practice for Complementary Medicine Practitioners

  1. Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners permits Complementary Medicine (CM) practitioners to act as a portal of entry and provide healthcare services limited to their area of training and expertise.
  2. CM practitioners need to recognize that they are holding themselves out to practice within a system of law and medicine which will review the standard of care that has been taken in relation to a patient.
  3. Provide healthcare services consistent with and in accordance with the scope of qualifications and training.
  4. Consider the health and wellbeing of the patient and have an understanding of the therapeutic nature of the patient and practitioner relationship.
  5. Treat patients with compassion, respect and have an appreciation of the diversity of human background and cultural values.
  6. CM practitioners should ensure that their practice and procedures are well defined and transparent, they operate in a way that is fair and hygienic and that all efforts to ensure standards of good medical practice are involved.
  7. CM practitioners should be aware of the extent and limits of their specialty. They should be able to identify and refer patients to medically qualified physicians and specialists when necessary. A patient showing signs and symptoms of an underlying pathological condition should be advised to seek a medical diagnosis.
  8. The practitioner should assist the patients in weighing the possible benefits and risks of other types of treatment, helping them to consider conventional diagnostic procedures; routine screening tests etc., acknowledging the usefulness of such procedures at appropriate times, even for those who may wish to avoid conventional treatment.
  9. CM practitioners may make a medical diagnosis and/or diagnosis according to the science and philosophy of their field of training/specialty. However when discovering dysfunctions, they should also mention any believed disorder and advise the patient to see the medical doctor for further advice and/or treatment outside the scope of his/her practice.
  10. Provide assistance to patients in emergency situations, to the greatest extent permitted by training and circumstances (ILS course).
  11. CM practitioners are not allowed to treat patients with acute or critical conditions who need immediate emergency medical care. They should not perform any surgical
  12. 12.CM practitioners should be aware of those diseases which are notifiable under the law and should direct the patient to go to the emergency or to medically qualified physicians.
  13. CM practitioners are not allowed to treat communicable diseases.
  14. CM Practitioner is allowed to advise his/her patients to use ‘over counter’ registered CM products within his/her scope of practice.
  15. CM practitioners are not allowed to dispense any remedies unless registered with SCH approved products list.
  16. The Practitioner should not alter a medical doctor’s prescription to the patient.
  17. When a patient’s health improves as a result of complementary treatment, the practitioner should not reduce the dosage or stop their prescribed medication. He should be aware that the responsibility for adjusting or withdrawing prescribed medication lies with the patient and the prescriber of that medication.
  18. Claims, whether explicit or implied, orally or in writing implying cure of any named disease must be avoided.
  19. CM practitioners must always balance their claims carefully while treating patients. They should consider the realistic chances of improvement and foresee the dangers of creating false hope and further disappointment.
  20. CM practitioner should only use the professional title granted to him/her by the Registration Department/QCHP.
  21. CM practitioners must act in the patient’s best interest when making referrals and when providing or arranging treatment or care. CM practitioners must not ask or accept any inducement, gift or hospitality which may affect or be seen to affect the way they prescribe for, treat or refer patients.
  22. CM practitioners intending to undertake research must be familiar with and abide by current research ethics requirements, and statutory obligations regarding research.
  23. Present information accurately and clearly to a patient in accordance with good professional practice.
  24. Respect the patient’s right to make decisions about their healthcare.
  25. Continue self‐education to maintain the currency of healthcare services.
  26. Maintain patient confidentiality in accordance with legal requirements.
  27. Maintain a professional reputation based on integrity and ability.
  28. Maintain and keep accurate up‐to‐date patient records in a secure and confidential

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  1. Hello, I am a BHMS Professional having eight years of clinical experience. i want to join Qatar’s health care departments. so may i apply for QHCP License first or i have to permission from any poly clinic?

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