Quality improvement in Homeopathy Colleges

Dr Nazia Ali BHMS
The more we know about homoeopathy, the more we are assured that it indeed is a blessing to humanity-gentle, permanent, rapid and let me add, cost-effective; because even the poorest of the poor can afford our system of medicine for every conceivable malady on earth.

The quality, nevertheless, needs an enhancement, NOT the quality of the system, but rather, the quality of implementation and propagation of the system.

The quality of the physician is mandatory while considering the quality of the system. Accordingly, $3 of the Organon of medicine states certain qualities of a homoeopathic physician which are:

1. Knowledge of disease.

2.       ”          of medicine.

3.       ”          of the therapeutic relations between disease and drugs.

4.       ”          of what is to be cured in disease.

5.       ”          of the choice of the remedy.

6.       ”          of obstacles to recovery and how to remove them.

7.       ”          of hygiene or health-preservation.

My friends, knowledge is always an asset. Even if u happen to know more, we shall never regret “O ! My knowledge has gone beyond the limit; let me shed some of it.” U never say that. The more u know, the more gifted u become. And in today’s racing world, where even the common man claims to have a general knowledge of maladies, it’s a prerequisite that the physician knows in-depth about maladies.

The quality of the system stands to gain a lot when its practitioners happen to be wise knowledgeable men. Keep ourselves abreast of what’s happening in the medical field in general & the homoeopathic field in particular by reading relevant journals of national & international acclaim. When we have to discuss with practitioners of other systems of medicine, v cannot afford to be ignorant of diseases in depth.

We say diagnosis is not that relevant in homoeopathy; but when today’s folks look into our eyes & ask “What is it,Dr.?” you cannot say “I don’t know. But I’ll treat & cure with the symptomatology.” The patients will never say then”Dr.so & so doesn’t know.”On the contrary, they’ll only make a general observation “Homoeopathic Dr.s are poor in making diagnoses”. Y should v coz of our lack of knowledge contribute towards such e widespread misinterpretation of our system? Stagnant homoeopathic practitioners degrade the quality of our system. I would like to add that a homoeopathic practitioner with a basic knowledge of the other systems is an added boost.

Physicians of various systems of medicine are alleged to have an ego-clash among them. The only solution is to follow the age-old adage “Give respect & take respect.”Our service is towards humanity. When a particular case demands referral, for eg.a surgical one, v must do so & not indulge in spoiling the case. No system of therapeutics can monopolise the medical field. As long as v keep in mind that v are serving mankind, v shall only humble ourselves as physicians.

To combat advanced cases, there’s an increased need for training in auxiliary measures like I&D, catheterisation, suturing, IV Drip & enhanced competency in first-aid means. We must also opt for improvisation in investigation procedures to arrive at the correct diagnosis. Auxiliary measures for use in advanced cases & emergency conditions can never be called unhomoeopathic, in my personal opinion.

But I must say, the greatest challenge remains the knowledge of the relation between the diseased individual & the homoeopathic drug selected. The Hahnemannian homoeopathy never fails. It is when there’s a deviation from our master’s method that the quality of tretment deteriorates. As long as the homoeopathic practitioners go for the holistic approach, we can make a consistent ride towards cure. Otherwise we may make cures once in a while, but the consistency of our treatment suffers. I need not specially mention that more than any other system of medicine, our system calls for consistency. For that we have to adopt Hahnemannian principles strictly. Sadly, bit understandably, the emergence of mixtures & patents only spell doom to the quality of treatment. And, with regard to repertorisation, a homoeopathic physician who makes himself adept with computer repertorisation, together with his logistic skills can reliably make a correct prescription.

Now, most of us came to know first about this wonderful system through homoeopathic colleges. Therefore, a better mode of imparting knowledge will go a long way towards creating quality homoeopathic physicians. Standardisation of teaching methods & regular seminars with eminent faculties help a lot. A subject being taught by someone who’s specialised in that particular stream is an added asset. For eg.When surgery is taught by a surgeon himseif, you get to differentiate more convincingly between surgical & non-surgical cases. Training that way helps clinical knowledge gain weightage over mere theoretical knowledge. Improvement of hospital facilities in colleges invites more patients which can help enhance clinical knowledge.

And, it indeed is a sad truth that homoeopathy is,most of the time, given a back seat in the drive towards medical advancements. Neglect by Govt.authorities, in spite of our best efforts s truly discouraging. Low wages for teachers in private homoeopathic colleges, insufficient job opportunities, lack of research in our system to such an extent that even today, journals like the Lancet have dared question the scientificity of homoeopathy-all these overshadow this blessed system of therapeutics & put doubts in our minds about the scope of homoeopathy.

Therefore, a conscious effort is needed by all who are convinced of the wonders of homoeopathy & have therefore dedicated themselves to the service of homoeopathy. But we do not need the services of money-mongers who adopt in homoeopathic principles to mint money in the name of homoeopathy. As Imran Khan once said “Meke money for an objective. Never make money your objective.”I cannot help but say that the latter group continue to be a curse for our system & have contributed a lion’s share towards the degradation of our system.

Keeping away the vested interests & selfish motives, immerse yourselves in gaining knowledge in relevant aspects, research more about homoeopathy, encourage its propagators through proper wages, seek the Govt.to abhor their negligent attitude & by these means, work towards the enhancement of the quality of our system..

Dr Nazia Ali BHMS
Internee. Homeopathic Medical College. Nemam. Trivandrum. Kerala
Email : alinazia22@yahoo.com

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