Questions from Kerala MD Homoeopathy Entrance 2011-‘12

Paper 1 & 2
Total questions: 150   Correct answer: +3  Marks     Wrong answer: -1


1. Medial border of axilla is formed by?

a. Pectoralis major                       b. Pectoralis minor

c. Clavipectoral fascia                  d. Serratus anterior

2. Which nerve supplies the genioglossus muscle of the tongue?

3. No. of chapters in Kent’s repertory?

a. 38                    b. 39                 c. 40                 d. 41

4. Boenninghausen was born in the year?

5. The Repertory of Antipsorics was published in the year?

a. 1832    b. 1833             c. 1835             d. 1846

6. Boenninghausen was

a. Agriculturist by profession                    c. Lawyer by profession

b. Doctor by profession                           d. Artist by profession

7. Who authored the repertory on diarrhoea?

a. Bell                  b. Clarke           c. Boger           d. Allen

8. No. of gradings in Therapeutic Pocket Book?

a. 3          b. 4      c. 5       d. 6

9. What is meant by ‘Galenicals’?

a. Polypharmacy

b. Contraria contraries

c. The medicines proved by Galen

d. None

10. No. of ATP molecules produced by the anaerobic oxidation of 1 molecule of glucose?

a. 2               b. 10                c. 18                 d. 22

11. hCG production is maximum at:

a. 1st trimester

b. 2nd trimester

c. 3rd trimester

d. Implantation

12. The group of Hahnemann’s provers were called

a. Leipsic stars                             b. Hahnemann’s servants

c. Homoeopathic flowers              d. Prover’s union

13. Head hot as if surrounded by hot air?

14. The following are the signs of live birth EXCEPT

a. Cry      b. Heart beat     c. Twitching of eyelids   d. Cord pulsations

15. Who has the authority to order a medico-legal post-mortem?

a. Police              b. Magistrate                 c. Coroner                     d. All

16. Which is the remedy for ‘yawning, air, open in’ in the Therapeutic Pocket Book?

17. Tinea capitis is caused by?

18. The word Repertory is derived from?

a. Greek               b. Latin             c. German         d. French

19. The 1st English repertory was authored by?

a. Hahnemann                  b. Clarke           c. Hering           d. Boger

20. ‘CUR’ refers to?

a. Seat of disease            b. Cause of disease      c. Modality        d. Location

21. Quibus auxilis means?

a. accessory circumstances of the patient

b. auxiliary symptoms of the patient

c. accessory causes of the disease

d. none

22. Determinative symptoms refer to?

23. Condition which is a precursor to CA breast?

a. cellular hyperplasia                   b. duct ectasia

c. …                                            d. …

24. Which is a sign of ectopic pregnancy?

a. secretory endometrium                         b. proliferative endometrium

c. decidua development                           d. development of chorionic villi

25. Aversion to cold bathing?

26. ‘Varicose veins’ is found in which chapter of Kent’s repertory?

a. skin                 b. generalities               c. extremities                d. chest

27. The application for the license to procure alcohol should be given to?

a. central government                   b. local excise authority for the state

c. …                                            d. …

28. Post-mortem luminescence is caused by?

a. Cl. welchii                     b. B. proteus

c. B. colli                            d. …

29. Headache preceded by blindness, stops when headache appears and returns when headache ceases:

a. Glonoine          b. Kali bich       c. Nat mur         d. …

30. Complaints of tea drinkers?

31. Pale chlorotic, but with fiery red face?

32. Concept contributed by Hahnemann?

a. Decimal scale               b. fluxion potency

c. Jumping potency                      d. LM scale

33. LM potencies are prepared from?

a. 3C                   b. 6C                c. 10C               d. 30C

34. Concept of vaccinosis was by?

35. Green profuse watery stool belongs to which miasm?

a. psora               b. sycosis         c. syphilis         d. tubercular

36. Primary health care includes all EXCEPT

a. prevention of disease               b. family planning

c. special services                                      d. …

37. ‘Medicamens au globule’

a. LM potency                  b. decimal scale

c. size of globule                           d. centesimal scale

38. Alternating disease is a type of

a. Intermittent disease                   b. primary psora

c. …                                            d. …

39. Complaints from cabbage, relieved by eructation?

40. A man with mild itching and hoarseness of the throat developed dyspnoea and wheezing after taking Homoeopathic medicine. Which observation of Kent does this relate to?

a. I                       b. V                  c. X                  d. XII

41. Kent’s third observation relates to which aphorism of the Organon of Medicine?

a. 150                  b. 158               c. …                 d. …

42. Schein symptom is due to excess of?

a. decimal scale               b. antipathy                   c. isopathy                    d. LM scale

43. A person with c/c myalgia under analgesics develops gastritis. This is an example of?

a. pseudo chronic disease            b. artificial chronic disease

c. alternating disease                    d. …

44. 6th volume of the HPI was published in?

a. 1971                b. 1986                 c. 2000         d. 1990

45. No. of rubrics in the mind chapter of Kent’s repertory?

46. Choose the correct order of events in a prescription?

a. superscription, subscription, inscription, signature

b. superscription, signature, inscription, subscription

c. superscription, inscription, subscription, signature

d. superscription, subscription, signature, inscription

47. The 1st card repertory was by?

a. WJ Guernsey    b. Jugal Kishore            c. HN Guernsey              d. Sharma

48. American Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia was compiled and published by?

a. Boericke & Tafel                                   b. Bhattacharya & Co.

c. Otis Clop & Sons Pvt. Inc                     d. …

49. JH Clarke’s repertory belongs to which category?

a. concordance                b. general                     c. regional                     d. card

50. Patel’s autovisual repertory is a _____ repertory:

a. card                 b. general                     c. mechanical                d. regional

51. Amblyopia is found in which chapter of Kent’s repertory?

a. Eye                  b. vision                       c. ear                            d. nose

52. Of the following, who authored the repertory of rheumatic remedies?

a. Clarke b. Roberts                    c. Knerr                         d. Boger

53. Medicine given for Mercury poisoning?

a. Ars alb             b. hepar                        c. plumbum                   d. …

54. Albumin : Globulin =

a. 1: 1.7               b 1.7: 1                         c. 1.1: 7                        d. 7.1: 1

55. Urea is derived from?

a. carbohydrate                b. protein          c. vitamins                    d. fats

56. ‘Bromides, abuse of’ is found in which chapter of BBCR?

57. Which medicine is found in the trio of sweat, weakness and backache?

a. Kali carb          b. Rhustox                    c. Nitric acid                  d. …

58. RA factor is important in rheumatic fever because?

a. Presence of RA factor shows bad prognosis

b. It shows the progress of the disease

c. Absence of RA factor means no rheumatoid arthritis

d. Helps in the treatment of RA

59. Commonest fracture of spine?

a. compression and pressure fracture

b. railway spine

c. contre-coup fracture

d. whiplash injury

60. Which factor helps determine the paternity of the girl child?

a. Rhesus                        b. Lutheran

c. Duffy                           d. Xg

61. 1st immunoglobulin to be synthesized in foetus?

62. Gout is a result of?

a. Purine metabolism                    b. Pyramidine metabolism

c. protein metabolism                   d. …

63. Alkaloids are always compounds that contain?

a. carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen

b. carbon and nitrogen

c. sulphur and oxygen

d. …

64. Inferior radio-ulnar joint is an example of what type of joint?

a. sliding b. pivot             c. hinge            d. condyloid

65. Weight bearing bone of the body:

a. ischium            b. calcaneum                c. patella           d. tibia

66. The lower end of tibia and fibula articulates on?

a. talus                b. navicular                   c. calcaneum                 d. scaphoid

67. The stool sample of a patient needs to be taken to the laboratory situated at the periphery about 20-30 mins far away. The best medium to be used to preserve the sample is?

68. Methylene blue test for milk is used to determine?

a. efficacy of pasteurisation                     b. presence of starch

c. fat content                                           d. …

69. Lipoprotein synthesised by the intestinal mucosa:

a. LDL                 b. HDL c. chylomicrons                       d. VLDL

70. Intrinsic factor in the stomach is secreted by?

71. 3rd grade symptoms of Kent refer to?

72. Remedy for pain from sacrum to pubis, and upwards into the vagina?

73. Sweat in axilla smells like garlic?

a. sanicula           b. bovista                     c. …                 d. …

74. Remedy for cobweb sensation on face?

75. Remedy for ‘sleeps into an aggravation’?

76. Remedy for ‘sensitiveness of back’?

77. Pains come and go gradually call for this remedy. Which one?

78. Calcium requirement of a newborn?

79. For the fracture of femur, Hahnemann suggests:

a. dynamic aid                                         b. mechanical aid

c. dynamic & mechanical aid                     d. …

80. Level of Hb at birth?

a. 18g%               b. 10g%            c. 15g%            d. 23g%

81. The ultraviolet rays of the sun act upon this for the synthesis of Vit. D?

82. Nerve passing through the right side of the tongue?

83. Legumes and cereals are both included in a balanced diet because:

a. legumes contain threonine and cereals don’t contain leucine

b. legumes contain methionine and cereals don’t contain lysine

c. …

d. legumes have essential amino acids and cereals have non-essential amino acids

84. The best method of administering medicine in idiosyncratic people:

a. olfaction          b. ingestion       c. rubbing         d. injection

85. No. of cards in Kishore’s card repertory?

86. Motor aphasia is due to problems in?

a. Pre central gyri                  b. Broca’s area         c. …                 d. …


1. Remedy for dyspnoea > walking rapidly?

2. Remedy for necrosis of the left lower jaw?

3. Best method of estimating HIV in an infant born to an HIV positive mother?

a. ELISA                             b. western blot

c. CD4 count                    d. PCR-RNA estimation

4. A 62 year old male, complains of occasional cough, haemoptysis and a painless lump in the left supraclavicular fossa. What is the best appropriate method of investigation?

a. needle aspiration biopsy           b. …                 c. …                 d. chest X-ray

5. Middle lobe of lung can be best visualised in?

a. CXR-AP view    b. CXR-PA view                  c. lateral view                      d. lordotic view

6. Medicine for affections of left lower lobe of lung?

7. Which condition presents with painless haematuria?

a. cystitis             b. vesical calculi            c. ureteral calculi           d. CA urinary bladder

8. The 1st repertory was authored by?

a. Boenninghausen           b. Hahnemann   c. Boger           d. Kent

9. Vitamin deficiency not known in a newborn?

a. Vit. A               b. Vit. D            c. Vit. E                  d. Vit. C

10. Post-coital test is done in which phase?

a. early secretory phase

b. late secretory phase

c. early proliferative phase

d. late proliferative phase

11. Chemical analogue of Ignatia?

a. Nat. sulph        b. Nat. carb       c. Nat. mur        d. Nat. ars

12. Spring coryza is due to?

a. exogenous allergens                 b. endogenous allergens           c. …                 d. …

13. Commonest presentation in twin pregnancy?

a. cephalic/cephalic

b. cephalic/breech

c. breech/cephalic

d. breech/breech

14. ‘Retroversion’ is seen:

a. after inversion                             b. after extension

c. after internal rotation                 d. after external rotation

15. ‘Pains come suddenly and go suddenly’-which remedy?

16. Ailments from too much river bathing or getting wet in summer?

17. In HELLP syndrome, ‘EL’ stands for?

18. A man has hoarseness and pain in the mid-sternal region which is aggravated by cold air and drinks. According to Boenninghausen’s philosophy, what all are given here?

a. Quis & Ubi                   b. Quid & Cur

c. Ubi & Quomodo           d. Quando & Quid

19. According to Stuart Close, the best 2nd prescription is?

a. any nosode      b. placebo        c. sulphur          d. …

20. Which is not a drug relationship?

a. cognate           b. similimum                 c. complementary                      d. antidote

21. Which is not a vulval cyst?

a. Gartner’s cyst                           b. Sebaceous

c. Cyst of the canal of Nuck         d. Bartholin’s cyst

22. PANSS (positive and negative symptom scale) is used to measure?

a. Mania               b. IQ                 c. depression                d. …

23. All but one is a contradiction for ECT:

a. cerebral haemorrhage         b. SOL        c. previous M.I       d. dementia

24. Fiery red face before every haemorrhage?

a. Millefolium                   b. Ferrum met               c. …                 d. …

25. Craving for meat in a child born to tubercular patients – which remedy?

a. tuberculinum                 b. …                 c. …                 d. mag carb

26. Tenderness of the calf muscles on squeezing, during pregnancy should make one suspect of?

a. Cardiac problems         b. physiological            c. DVT d. …

27. A man, after eating a peanut, developed swollen throat, swollen tongue, wheezing and respiratory difficulty. Most probable diagnosis of the condition?

a. Stridor          b. Angioneurotic oedema           c. choking         d. …

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