Rajya Sabha’s Proposal for uniform Consultation Fee across country

cashThe Rajya Sabha’s proposal to cap doctor’s consultation charges has created chaos in the medical fraternity. If the proposal is approved, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) is ready to go to the court. This proposal entitled ‘Regularisation of Doctors’ Fees’ was put forth by Renuka Chowdhury, a Congress leader.

Dr Jayesh Lele, IMA secretary questioned “Never in the history of India has regularisation of consultation fees been implemented on any of the professionals. Then why are doctors targeted this time?’ He further said, ‘IMA has already consulted legal professionals to look into this matter and are well prepared to take this matter to the court. Also, it is against the constitutional rights to put a cap on remuneration of professionals.”

Dr Ramen Goel, senior metabolic and bariatric surgeon, Hinduja Healthcare, Khar said, “This move is draconian. In an open market economy the prices of services are determined by the experience & training of professionals. It cannot be uniform & should not be capped. This is beginning & very soon lawyers, journalists & other professionals will also face a similar situation.

Dr Mohan Thomas, leading cosmetic surgeon and MD, Cosmetic Surgery Institute, Mumbai said, “Doctors have always been soft targets for all actions – patients wrath, income tax and other agencies. Doctors constitute a group which is too busy working in their own areas of speciality instead of perhaps having lobbyists look after their interests such as other professions. Individual doctors cannot influence government policies and the government cannot arm twist lawyers & media professionals for obvious reasons, which is why doctors are at the receiving end.” [Source]

What is your opinion about Parliament’s idea to levy a cap on doctor’s consultation fees? 

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  1. This is a very irrational proposal from a so-called seasoned politician, who has been Minister too. The fee charged by the Doctors depends upon various infrastructure costs, the cost involved in the education, and the experience of the doctor.There are also the areas where there is a lot of economic backwardness, or there are other factors even in an urban set-up, there are cases who cannot afford treatment, and are treated free of cost, without any support from the Government/Insurance companies. These have to be compensated by others who can afford the treatment. Before such a proposal is adopted by the Parliament, it is important that a cap be put on the politicians’ remuneration & perks, and that these should be deducted, when they do not attend the parliament, or create ruckus therein. The proposal deserves to be packed lock, stock & barrel. At present the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India has worked out the fee structure for them, but at the same time the institute also promotes them to give business, and that they are needed only in cases of business houses, or other individual with comparatively higher income group. This is not so with the medical profession. Hence the proposal needs to be rejected outright.

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