Rare Homoeopathy remedies on allergic rhinitis



  • NOSE – SNEEZING – morning
  • NOSE – SNEEZING – dust causes
  • NOSE – SNEEZING – odors, from
  • NOSE – SNEEZING – paroxysmal


  • Diseases – ALLERGIC, reactions – rhinitis


  • NOSE – Sneezing
  • NOSE – Stoppage stuffiness
  • NOSE – Coryza – Lachrymation, sneezing
  • NOSE – Type of discharge in rhinitis – Acrid, watery, fluent, hot, or thin mucus
  • NOSE – Sensitiveness of nose to air, touch


Hay fever in august every year.
Violent sneezing on rising from bed; from handling peaches.

Copious, watery and extremely acrid  nasal discharge & bland lacrymation.

Acrid water drops constantly from tip of nose, burns like fire, excoriates the lips and wings of nose. Feeling of a lump at root of nose.

Sneezing, especially when entering a warm room and toward evening; better in open air.Eyes burning, biting, smarting as from smoke, must rub them; watery and suffused; capillaries injected and excessive lachrymation.

Fluent coryza with laryngeal symptoms- headache, cough, and hoarseness. 

In persons of pale, delicate complexion, prone to glandular affections.

Is to be preferred for persistently irritating, corrosive discharges . The discharge irritates the membrane from which it flows and over which it flows. The discharge may be fetid, watery, and the mucous membrane is always red, angry, swollen; itches and burns.

Sneezing/ hay-fever- thin, watery, irritating, excoriating discharge from anterior and posterior nares; – irritation and tingling of nose constant desire to sneeze.< Warm room.

Membrane sore and excoriated, itches and burns.   Swelling of tissues within the nose

Frequent sneezing. The least current of air causes sneezing, with copious watery, excoriating nasal discharge, of salty acrid taste. Smarting soreness of the posterior nares and alae nasi; awakes with suffocative breathing; dry, wheezing breathing, aggr. During inspiration, amel. by bending forward

Hay-fever begins with burning and itching of palate and conjunctiva. Annoying itching in the nostrils and roof of the mouth. Coryza; loss of smell. Sneezing, itching of nostrils.

Burning and itching in auditory canals.

Itching, burning in swollen nose; violent, incessant sneezing. Stoppage of nose, though discharge is watery and profuse. Puffiness of lids, eyes deeply suffused, lachrymation

Red spots, itching and burning in eyes and ears

Copious, thin, ichorous discharge from nose without foetor. Rawness of nostrils, nose and upper lip covered with thick scabs. Fluent catarrh with sneezing. Eyes suffused and congested.General torpor and prostration. Symptoms remarkably alike to malignant scarlatina.

A remedy for hay-fever, lachrymation and intolerable itching of the eye-lids. Coryza; sneezing; watery discharge.

Nosebleed. Stuffed up feeling of nose and head. Irritation of trachea and bronchial tubes, with asthmatic attacks. Wheezy cough. Eyes smart and burn.

Has used the remedy as a prophylactic with success in those cases appearing at the time of the blooming of the ragweed and has prescribed it with marked benefit in cases unquestionably due to the ragweed irritation.

It would probably be inefficacious in cases arising from the pollen of the golden rod or daisy

Increases secretions of mucous and serous membranes and acts on cellular tissue, producing oedema and dropsy and on skin causing diaphoresis. Long-continued sneezing.

Snuffles of children. [Sambucus.] Chronic nasal catarrh with tendency to acute stuffiness with dull, sluggish memory. Dull headache. Takes cold easily, nostrils become congested and blocked up easily.

Obstruction of nose, wakes him at night, blowing nose doesn’t >  During headache , while lying on abdomen , sitting. Sneezing in cold air, when walking in open air

Itching in the nose, with tickling and tingling in the nostrils. Redness of the tip, and scabs at the point of the nose. Obstruction of the nose, esp. towards evening, or serous flow, without coryza. Violent coryza, with hoarseness and rawness of the chest, tingling and tickling in the nose, and ineffectual inclination to sneeze. Itching, smarting, heat, pressure and burning pain in the eyes, and in the corners of the eyes. Nocturnal agglutination of the eyelids.

Frequent sneezing with profuse discharge from nose and loss of smell and taste

Itching in ears. Confusion of head with dim vision, pale face, rings around eyes

Depraved appetite, enfeebled digestion and menstrual irregularities

Sneezing, cough, chilliness and heat alternating. Inflamed eyelids glued together morning

Dryness of mouth and throat; oppression of chest; dry, deep, hollow, hoarse cough, with irritation of larynx. General prostration with desire to sit or lie down; aggr. From draught of air or dust. Red swelling of cheeks. Nasal pruritus with mucous secretions from naso-pharynx

Hypersecretion from the nasal and ocular mucous membranes. Oedema of the eyelids

Sneezing. Hypersensitivity to weather changes.Hay fever. Allergic vaso-motor afflictions of the nose. Bronchial asthma. Skin allergies : urticaria, herpetic dermatitis, allergic eczema, mycotic eczema

Allergic and psoric constitutions. Pruritus in the nose , with feeling that the skin on the nose is shrinking.Feeling that nasal orifices are enlarged. Feeling of painful dryness in the nostrils.
Inspiration difficult, and painful in cold air. Nose blocked on one or both sides.

Head cold, with blocked nostril on one side, and feeling of heat and prickling.
Feeling of heat, and pruritus at the edge of the eyelids. Feeling of a foreign body in the eyes. Edge of the eyelids red, oedematous

Lachrymation, pain in nose pain, sand, as from. Nose ; Coryza agg. eating. Dryness in morning on waking. Sneezing during daytime; in cold air;  during chill. Face- sensation of coldness above mouth. Sensation of dryness and moist mouth

Sneezing, crying colds. Incessant sneezing for an hour or more every morning on rising the sneezing is incessant, the lachrymation is profuse and the coryza is acrid. The profuse,hot,thin watery, acrid coryza with pain in frontal sinus.Tip of nose red.

Ozaena, with perforated septum. Open air<;stuffiness and dryness of nose, without discharge.

Profuse, cool, greenish, unirritating discharges;every little exposure to damp or even cool air starts the trouble with neuralgic pains in the cheeks involving the frontal sinuses and antrum of highmore eyes and conjunctiva red

Chromico-Kali sulphuricum 3x has been used successfully in this disease by a number of European confreres. In general, covers a large number of cases, and is equally valuable as protective if given before the season sets in. With the Pulsatilla cold there is usually loss of smell and taste, and there is relief in the open air, even though the patient be chilly

Hay-fever, with marked aggravation from breathing the least dust. Profuse, watery coryza; drops down throat. Itching in anterior chamber; worse, breathing any dust; better, indoors.

Eyes suffused. Worse, right side, open air, continued motion, jars, noises.  Better, warm room

Strong odors may start spasms. The greatest sensibility to smell of tobacco; tastes snuff while box is one foot distant. Frequent sneezing, mostly early in morning or late in evening, as if a coryza would begin; also when looking at something bright, and from every little dust.

Throws head back when sneezing. Sensitive to least breath of air; air of agreeable temperature feels cold. Slightest draught agg..

Acute or chronic inflammation of the mucous membranes in the nasal cavities. Head cold , with pale or yellow nasal secretion , especially in the morning. Frontal and occipital headache. Dryness of the nasal mucus, with sticky scab formations. Hypertrophy or atrophy of the nasal mucous membranes < in a room, in dry air > in fresh air.

Bluish, drooping lids. Itching of eyes. Sneezing in paroxysms, coryza. Intense itching, tingling, numb feeling on end of nose, rubs it constantly. Tickling in nose, oesophagus and larynx as before a sneeze. Thirst. Loss of appetite, with aversion to meat. Drowsiness

Severe coryza, thin, acrid secretion. Nose sore, hot, and swollen; with thin discharge.

Stuffing of nose, beginning in morning, increasing later, agg. in open air, >> by discharge of thin, watery mucus. Soreness of left wing, with irritation; soreness of right nostril, with ulcerated feeling. Wing of nose becomes sore, with heat and tenderness; worse next day with swelling and pain, secretion suffused; next day >> by an eruption on its edge.

Hay-fever. Spasmodic asthma; better in open air. Fullness, pressure, stuffed up and aching feeling in frontal sinus and forehead, with itching in mouth, nose, ears and eyes

Severe paroxysms of sneezing, profuse coryza and lachrymation, irritating the anterior nares, causing redness, heat, swelling and soreness of nose; coryza drops from nose

Asthmatic labored respiration, desire to have doors and windows open; stuffed up feeling in chest, more especially left and under sternum; must loosen clothing; used also as a prophylactic. Dyspnea and sighing inspiration. Emphysema in the aged with asthma; long and continued paroxysms of coughing, unable to get a respiration

Sneezing, with pain in throat. Pain in chest, with difficult breathing. Tongue feels numb. Asthma; relieved by stool. For asthmatic complaints; worse from inhaling any dust.

Better in open air.  Red swelling  across the bridge of the nose

Spasmodic sneezing, with running nose. Coryza, with severe frontal pains and redness of eyes and lachrymation. Of great use in hay fever with watery discharge, profuse coryza and frontal pains. There is spasmodic and continual sneezing. It will often cut short an attack, but it will not always cure permanently as it is not deep acting enough. Great itching and irritation of Schneiderian membrane, with violent paroxysms of sneezing; copious watery discharge from nose and eyes; severe frontal headache; Sever lachrymation in open air and when looking at a bright light; redness of eyelids; dryness of mouth without thirst

Lachrymation during paroxysm. Sensation of a skin hanging loosely; must swallow it.

Warm food and drink relieve.

Frequent sneezing, aggr. By odors; watery acrid discharge with much burning

Depraved of smell. Dry cough; oppression, pain and soreness in upper part of chest with difficult wheezing breathing, wheezy whistling cough; Asthma with desire to take a deep breath; cough agg. Night. Frequent sneezing and is worse on the right side.
Chronic rhinitis; membrane dry and congested

Of great use in the treatment of acute colds, coryza, sore throat, etc. Will often “break up” a cold. Coryza. Stopped up feeling in nose, also itching and sneezing.

Dry nares and pharynx, with thick, lumpy secretion. Mucous membrane of nose dry and hot, no discharge, aggr. afternoon and evening; or red smarting eyelids, much lachrymation, frequent sneezing and discharge of thick acrid mucus, excoriating.

Stoppage of left nostril all day, or in afternoon and evening.

Nostrils alternately stopped. Throat feels scalded, hot inflamed. Dryness of anterior nares.

Mucus from posterior nares feels cold. Hacking cough; better lying down

Fluent coryza; margins of nostrils feel sore. Sneezing; throat irritated; short, dry cough; must take a deep breath. Dyspnoea and stitches in chest, and painful contraction of abdominal muscles. Violent, furious, exhausting cough, with much mucus; profuse, salty, slimy expectoration, and with involuntary spurting of urine and sneezing.

Child rubs face with fist during cough. Cough provoked by taking a deep breath or cold drinks, from exertion, change from warm to cold air. Cough of measles. Sneezing with coughing.

Feeling of fullness at the root of the nose. [Nux.] Atrophic rhinitis. [Calc. fluor.]

Dryness of nasal membrane. Constant need to blow the nose, but no discharge. Dry scabs, especially in evening and night. Hay-fever; incessant sneezing. [Sabad.]. Burning in eyes and soreness of balls. Burning in eyelids.

Nose ulcerated, with scabs, deep in interior. Violent fluent coryza, with obstruction on one side of nose, frequent sneezing, and lachrymation. Sneezing without coryza. Coryza, with ulcerated nostrils. Coryza; at first discharge of only thick mucus, after of thin water.

Obstruction of nasal fossae, with nasal voice. Itching in margins of lids. Itching and biting smarting in internal canthi. Smarting and burning sensation in eyes when writing.

Burning sensation and tingling in the nose. Diminished power of smell, which, however, is very sensitive to odour of wine; fumes all but intoxicate her. Frequent sneezing. Dryness and obstruction of nose. Smarting in eyes. Heat and burning sensation in eyes, with redness.

Tingling in nose, frequent sneezing, followed by coryza. Profuse smarting in ears, in open air

Tearing and scraping in fauces; tickling in upper part of trachea, aggr. When coughing.

Catarrhal condition of both anterior and posterior nostrils. Chronic catarrh; discharge of large, irregular clinkers. Foul breath. Crawling in nostrils, with lachrymation and sneezing. Coryza, with stoppage of nostril

Hay-fever symptoms; itching in posterior nares. Dry, posterior nares; no relief from clearing.

Throat feels swollen; epiglottis dry and burning. An excellent remedy in pharyngitis, especially the follicular form. Constant clearing and hemming. Dry, hacking cough, caused by tickling of the epiglottis.


  1. Dr Carl H Rust,mentions hay fever best remedies,Arsenic wants to keep hot cloth over nose eyes,Arsenic Iod feels better in cool air.Nash said sleep suppresses coryza when one gets up has headache and sneezing esp spring season use 200c Subrata Banerjea marks Lachesis as Sycotic Tubercular preponderance also thyroidinum.Ambrosia q and chloral hydrate 5 grains is used by eclectic practitioners for acute relief.after hay fever is finished sinusitis Kali Bich and later off on causticum help.Dr Rust says hay fever is GOUTY diathesis hay fever discharges is inside body natural doctor effort to keep body clean as we clean floor dust every day,suppression by strong drugs will only complicate may provide insrant relef by antihistamine drugs also lays foundation for bronchitis asthma in future.till you approach appropriate doctor cleaning discharges by handkerchief is best option.homoeo recorder 1920 page 112 refers.chloral hydrate use with care under guidance of doctor only,this is Dr Hale remedy.

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