Relevance of 50 millesimal potencies in Homoeopathy

Dr Sakshi Singh

Long-lasting complicated and intractable chronic diseases may be cured within the shortest period of time, very useful in mental disease, this potency can affect the cure smoothly without the least aggravation.

Keyword-50 Millesimal ,or L.M Scale


  • This is the finer and latest scale of potency
  • Introduced in the 6th edition of Org anon of medicine .
  • Prepared in ratio 1:50,000
  • Mention Its preparation ,preservation, and administration clearly.
  • In fact this name was not given by Hahnemann but by Pierre Schmidt  of Geneva.
  • Hahnemann himself termed this new method as, ‘RENEWED DYNAMISATION
  • In foot note 1,sec 132 he writes “New dynanmisation method”
  • The details of this method was incorporated in his 6th edition of Organon .
  • This method name was given by Schmidt as Fifty Millesimal potencies.
  • Fact that the material Part of the medicine decreased by 50,000 times for each
  • degree of dynamisation.
  • The physicians are not in the habit of using this scale but recently some physicians are using it.

 History of Development

  • 1838 – on 19th feb 1838 Hahnemann ,in Paris ,wrote the introduction of Chronic Diseases.
  • In 5th part of Chronic Disease he wrote about the new  dynamisation  methods.
  • 1842-Hahnemann completed the manuscript of 6th edition of Organon of medicine Introduction of 50 –millesimal scale in India
  • In India ,many homoeopaths usec50 –Millesimal scale of potency successfully,but few of them only narrates their experience ,idea ,and views in different books and journals.

How Hahnemann arrived at the Concept of 50-millesimal potency ?

  • Hahnemann’s view of the highest ideal of cure was rapid ,gentle and permanent.
  • But during his practice life,he faced various problems with medicines prepared under centesimal scale of potency ,as per 5th edition of Organon. The main causes of dissatisfaction with centesimal scale are:
  • Rapid gentle cure is not possible at all,it takes a long time.
  • Undesirable medicinal aggravation comes even after the well –selected medicine is administered.
  • After administration of single dose ,one has to wait for long ,and watch helplessly the action of the medicine.
  •  Too frequent repetition is not possible.
  • For this purpose Hahnemann concluded experimental research through clinical trial and came to minimise the quantity of the dose with maximum results.
  • The laborious research for last 4-5 years of his life shows the light for the
  • Introduction of “new dynamisation method .
  • Different advantages were observed by Hahnemann than centesimal scale which
  • Compelled him to introduce the 50-Millesimal scale,which he scale ,which he called
  • New altered but perfected method ‘instead of ,so near to perfection”.

With the new scale of potencies Hahnemann observed the following advantages.

  1. The action of the selected medicine is rapid.
  2. Medicinal aggravation can easily be avoided by minimising the quantity of the Medicine
  3. Medicine can be repeated frequently both in acute and chronic diseases.
  4. Medicine may be continued even after improvement starts.
  5. Chronic disease can be cured within the shortest period of time.
  6. Within 4 to 5 days after administration of the medicine.

So we see the different disadvantages after using centesimal scale,which dissatisfied Hahnemann “ For Rapid ,gentle ,permanent cure.and after his rectfication by laborious work,how Hahnemann reached the goal of “the perfected method” Designation

  • In India ,It is designated as 0/1 ,0/2,0/3,0/4 etc.
  • In Bangladesh ,it is designated as M/1 ,M/2 ,M/3,M/4
  • In Western world ,it is designated as 1/0.2/0,3/0.4/0 etc.
  • Hahnemann used to write 0/1.0/2.0/3.
  •  It would be better if we write LM/1 ,LM/2,LM/3.

Here L stand for 50 and M for Millesimal
The numerator “0’ represents symbolically the poppy –sized globule employed in each dynamisation , as distinct from the drop of medicine utilised in the centesimal.

Materials and appliances

  • Ingredients
  • Crude drug substance
  • Vehicles
  • (i) sugar of milk,purest quality for potentisation .
  • (ii) Purified water
  • (Iii) Purest quality for potentisation and dispensing
  • (iv) Strong Alcohol
  • (v) Sugar globules ,of purest quality ,which are free from dust particles by passing them through a sieve.
  • Then they are passed through another sieve which will allow only globules of such size – a hundred of which weigh one grain

Preparation of 50-Millesimal potencies.

  • The mode of preparation according to new method (6th edition,Organon of
  • Medicine )has not yet found any place in any Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia.
  • Hahnemann himself clearly explained about the mode of preparation in Sec 270-
  • 271 and their footnotes
  • Preparation of 50 millesimal potency is easier in the sense of the range of potencies is less and the arrangements are not complicated.Moreover,these medicines can be prepared without any machine.The quality and quantity of the dose are properly measured as per Hahnemannian Docterine (Medicaments au globule) Schematic representation of preparation of 50- Millesimal Potencies (Step by step) I Orginal substance(Rhustox ) 1 drop ( 1 grain ) +100 grains of sugar of milk +1 hour trituration by grinding ,pounding ,scraping etc. This is the first trituration =1/100 II.1st trituration 1 grains of sugar of milk + 1hour trit =2nd trituration = 1/10000 1/100 = 1/10,oo,ooo III.2nd trituration 1 grain + 100 grains of sugar of milk + 1 hour trit =3rd trituration

IV .3rd Trituration 1 grain + 500 drops of a mixture containing 1 part of 20 % alcohol and 4 parts of purified water ( 100 drops of dispensing alcohol + 400 drops of purified water)= Mother Tincture  Drug power = 1/10,00,000 1/500 = 1/50,00,00,000 V. 1 drop of mother tincture +100 drops of absolute alcohol+100 succussions =LM/1 ,the 1st potency

VIII.In this way ,LM/3 Or 0/3 onwards will have to be prepared and potentised .

ADMINISTRATION OF MEDICINE IN 50-Millesimal Scale Of Potency  A Medicinal Solution  (a) Mode of preparation of medicinal solution for dispensing :  (i) firstly one brand new (unused)phial of 120 /60/30 ml with new washer and cap are taken. (ii) Then ¾th part of the phial is filled up with purified or distilled water. .

( iii) Only one medicated globule of no .10 of selected medicine in desired potency is added. (Iv) To this solution 5/8/10 drops of rectified spirit are added as preservative agent. (v) The Phials is closed with cork tightly. (vi) The phial is marked with 16/8/7/4 0r less equal doses. (vii) Now ,this medicinal solution is ready for use.

Direction to the patient for taking of medicinal solution  (i) Before taking the medicine each time 8/10/12 downward succussions are given ,according to the susceptibility of the patient -10 for less sensitive patient ,and 12 times for the least excited and sensitve  patients.  (ii)After succussion ,one dose (marked over the phial) is taken in 3/4 th glass of pure water. Then stir it well,with a tea-spoon.  One or two tea-spoonful (as directed by the physician )  From it should be taken by the patient ,and the rest portion of the solution is to be thrown away.  Each dose from the medicinal solution of each potency is to be applied in the same manner.

If there is any aggravation by taking the medicine in medicine in above mentioned process ,then repetition of taking the medicine is to be stopped .The aggravation will be diminised gradually in a short period and then the same remedy is diluted further in 2nd or 3rd or if required,in the 4th glass of water (as the patient can stand )and only one tea-spoonful of it will be taken and rest portion will be thrown away.

(a) The single medicine (or the simplex):One single ,simple,medicinal substanceto be administered at one time.( sec.273 ,6th edition )
(b) Minimum dose ( or infinitesimal dose ): Every dose should be as small as possible
(c) Exception to the minimum dose ( F.N,Sec 282) However ,there is a very important exception in regard to minimum doses in the treatment of primary (cutaneous manifestations ) psora ,syphilis , and sycosis and in psora recently developed itch, syphilis untreated primary chancre, Sycosis : Condylomata.

In this three cases,large doses of their specific remedies of over higher and higher degree dynamisation daily

Potency problem

  • Limitation of potency
  • Hahnemann has recommended potencies from 0/1 to 0/30 only.
  • In majority of cases patients proceeds towards ideal of cure within 0/10
  • In long lasting and so –called incurable diseases,potencies beyond 0/30 may be necessary ,R.P Patel of kerala  has mentioned  high experience of using this scale. The treatment must be start from the lowest degrees of Dynamisation ,i.e with any potencies from 0/1 to 0/6and gradually higher as necessary ,in any patient ,either acute or chronic ( F.N .270). But to begin the treatment from a particular potency we should follow the susceptibility of the patient.

If we start treatment of acute disease ( where susceptibility is high without h/0 loss of vital  fluids and not allergic or Idiosyncratic ) from 0/6 or 0/10 or 0/20 . But in acute diarrhoea vomiting ,severe bleeding treatment should begain from 0/1 .

In many cases,to fulfil the susceptibility of the patient ,and by applying the jumping potency such as 0/3 ,then 0/5 , then after 0/7 it minimises the unnecessary killing of time than going through serial potencies.

Dr Sakshi Singh
PG Scholar
Dept of ,Organon of medicine
Guided by DR.Tejinder Kaur Principal SGNDC&H LUDHIANA

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