Renal Failure & Schizophrenia Cured by Homeopathy

Dr Jawahar Shah

One evening, a beautiful, tall, slim, teenage girl entered my consulting room accompanied by her mother. The young girl had very attractive features and long tapering fingers. I noticed a few pimples on her face and thought perhaps this was just another routine case of a young girl complaining of a pimpled face.
I was certainly taken aback when told that hers was a case of hypertension and renal failure and the doctors had advised, that she would have to undergo Kidney transplantation.  All through the interview, the girl had a smile on her face and appeared to throw her charm around, trying to impress everyone in my consulting room.

I continued to note down the preliminary details about her age, address, etc. I was informed that both her parents were also hypertensive. The eldest daughter was a medical student without any major / serious problems.

I noted some very interesting findings and some of my observations were as follows :  

  1. Her father was working for the United Nations and they had to travel quite a lot around the world. As a result she was exposed to different environments, different races with different cultures and food habits.
  2. She had to be trained in everything which included table manners, proper etiquette and behavioral attitude. She was taught how to address people correctly and learn how to suppress her own personal emotions.
  3. When her father was posted in Ghana, the girl suffered from attacks of Chickenpox and Malaria and was repeatedly treated with doses of Quinine on number of times.
  4. She also had attacks of Measles. As they visited many countries, she was frequently vaccinated.
  5. As far as her studies were concerned, as a child, she was very difficult to manage. She lagged behind in her lessons and never had the courage to stand up for herself. She was sensitive and highly emotional but could resist anything she disliked.
  6. I went straight on to ask about her hobbies because that appears to me as the most important area of her characteristics.
  7. She liked watching movies and could sit through more than three movies a day. As a child, she loved dolls and would sit in a corner of a room for a whole day playing with her dolls. She had plenty of toys but except for her dolls, she never played with anything else. She had a liking for other toys and was always attracted to soft, stuffed colorful toys which expressed a very interesting pattern.
  8. She was good at dancing, especially western style dancing. This was her positive point. She could appear on a stage and perform without fright, undisturbed or un-distracted in any way. Basically she was artistic, fun-loving and easygoing by nature.
  9. She hated hard work and would wriggle her way out by appealing to her elder sisters to help out, pleading: “I can’t do it, I’m sure you will help me.”
  10. When she was put in school, she refused to speak. She kept on smiling and then a few days later, she started shouting, screaming and abusing. She did not enjoy going to school. She felt she was neglected and was not cared by others. Her concentration was poor and she was depressed and kept brooding a lot. Whenever she was delegated any mental or strenuous work, she would get easily upset and strangely start laughing. She was fickle-minded and very moody with little or no interest in anything for days. She had little will power.
  11. She was friendlier with children younger than her own age group. As she grew older, she became more and more conscious of herself. She began to speak in a hurried manner and would stammer. She became suddenly very self-conscious of herself even if nobody looked at her. She pretended she was not affected by other people’s opinions and comments about her.
  12.  Soon overtook her and she could never persist or concentrate on anything for very long. She felt that her eldest sister was her parents’ favorite. She said her eldest sister was — “a big fighter-cock, always bossing over her. She is very mean and kicks me and slaps me.”
  13. This young girl had participated in several beauty contests and had won the titles of ‘Navy Queen’ and ‘Miss India’, etc. During the interview, it was observed that she was very proud of her achievements and only too aware of her beauty and good looks. She did her best to attract everyone’s attention and kept on laughing all the time without any reason.
  14. I noted that her father was a short-tempered man who had a habit of shouting a lot. She was afraid of him. She was scared of moths, cockroaches and rats.
  15. Her anxious nature caused her to check anything. She did it over and over again. Her anxiety was very evident if she had to lock the door or shut off the gas cylinder. She was never sure of herself and had to repeatedly carry out the checks.
  16. She was very excitable with a tendency to  weep; even a simple joke or a pun annoyed her and she would become depressed and start to brood on it for a long time. She was never satisfied until she could take her revenge. The slightest provocation was enough to put her into a bad mood. Basically, she was a day – dreamer, dissatisfied, envious and suspicious. She felt better when somebody rubbed her, patted her. She felt better after consolation.
  17. In the 9th standard she failed to pass in the Maths and Physics exam and had to repeat the year. Studies and strenuous work used to completely disorient her. She felt strongly in what she said: “I hate school and studies. I feel sad I cannot make friends and mix around. I am suffering from high blood pressure. I stammer – mostly on the alphabets W and R – on words like What and Remember and such other words. Whenever I am worried, I pull at my skin and bite my lips. I laugh for no reason at all when I feel troubled. I keep checking the things, a number of times.
  18. Because of this I avoid getting involved with any kind of responsibilities especially like closing the door or shutting off the gas. I feel most uncomfortable the moment a boy sits next to me. I am very fond of sweets and sweetmeats, fruits and lemons though I am averse to vegetable and sour foods. I like soft drinks, ice-creams, apples, sea-food and pastries.”
  19. Her dreams were mainly connected with Anxiety (Insecurity), Dance, Death / Dead Bodies, Diseases (illnesses), Future Examinations, Failing to cope with tasks, frightful Ghosts, Marriages, Missing a Train, Murder or being Murdered.

Physical Description
Blood pressure since the last 2 years – aggravated mainly by Exam. Her Blood Pressure also rises when others happen to be discussing her. She gets most irritable by the Sun; Sun rays and feels better after vomiting.  Stool passed twice a day because of her anxiety. Passes urine involuntarily – occasionally.
Menses are regular. Started at about the age of 14 years.
Leaves stains on clothes which are very difficult to remove in one wash.
She is constantly afraid of soiling her clothes.
She has suffered from Leucorrhoea which also left behind a mild stain.
Her mother mentioned one confidential point -her daughter has romantic attachment to other girls.
She desires a Fast Fan, Open Air, Air-conditioning and prefers the winter season.
It was very obvious that both her parents gave a lot of importance to external activities but subdued and suppressed behaviors. They encouraged the daughters to participate in beauty contests, fashion parades and other similar contests of the exhibitionary type.
She had a specific auditory hallucination that the neighbor boy is saying that she is pretty. He likes her. He loves her. He wants to give gifts to her. This boy is all the time talking about her.
She gets very anxious and goes to the toilet frequently. Makes cracking noise with toes and fingers.
Thinks that others are talking about her. They are passing comments about her. They are saying that she will fail in her exams. She can hear them even if she puts cotton plugs or closes all doors and windows. She bites her lips when worried.
She thinks that she is beautiful and everybody appreciates her.

Reports : Antinuclear, antibody test  (ANA) Positive

  • Blood urea                   50         mgs %              15 to  40 mgs %
  • Serum Creatinine         1.3        mgs %              0.8 – 1.2  mgs %
  • Serum Bilirubin             0.5        mgs %              0.5 – 0.8 mgs %
  • Serum Glutamic
  • Pyruvic  Transminase    11 Units / cc                 0  –  40 units / cc.

Prior to the treatment

  • Renal Arteriogram:
  • Right Kidney Atrophy and with Blockage – nonfunctional.
  • Left Kidney functioning only 80 %.  Nephrologists suggested she might have to go through kidney transplant.

After treatment

  • Renal Dynamic and static studies –
  • Right Kidney Parenchymal functions normal
  • Arteriogram with prolonged excretory phase
  • Left Kidney – Normal Parenchymal Function-  Now Guess the Remedy !!!

Our Analysis & Evaluation

The causation

  • From emotional excitement and suppressed emotions
  • From anticipation and anxiety
  • From fear and fright (of parents)
  • From mental exertion
  • From overdose of quinine
  • From repeated vaccinations

The Mental Generals

  • Fear and apprehension to undertake any responsibility
  • Want of self confidence
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of animals and insects
  • Fear of men (opposite sex)
  • Sensitive emotionally
  • Changeable mood, fickle nature
  • Weeping and tearful disposition even at trivial matters
  • Consolation amelioration
  • Love towards same sex
  • Increased sexual passion and excitement
  • Laughing without cause, on least trivial matters, over serious situations & in hysterical manner
  • Malicious and revengeful temperament
  • llusions of hearing and voices
  • Stammering speech when tensed

Dreams  –  Anxious, about dancing, dead bodies, murders, disease, ghosts, examinations and marriage

The Physical Generals

  • Hot Patient
  • Exposure to sun aggravation
  • Hot weather aggravation
  • Desire for and amelioration in open air
  • Desire for fanning
  • Magnetism and rubbing amelioration.
  • Ameliorated by vomiting
  • Desires Sweets, Ice-creams, pastries, lemons, apples
  • Aversion to sour food
  • Menses staining
  • Leucorrhoea staining

Particulars and Pathological

  • Frequent stool from anxiety
  • Frequent and involuntary urination from anxiety
  • Hypertension
  • Localisation of disease in kidneys and atrophy of Kidneys
  • Involvement of Right kidney
  • Albuminuria

The Repertorisation chart was as under

  1. [KT] [Mind] Sensitive, oversensitive (see offended): (2)
  2. [KT] [Mind] Haughty: (3)
  3. [KT] [Mind] Weeping, tearful mood, etc.: (3)
  4. [KT] [Mind] Delusions, imaginations, hallucinations, illusion: Great person, is: (2)
  5. [KT] [Mind] Malicious: (1)
  6. [KT] [Sleep] Dreams: Anxious: (2)
  7. [C] [Mind] Anxiety: Fear, with: (2)
  8. [C] [Mind] Love: Own sex, with one of her, homosexuality, tribadism: (3)
  9. [C] [Mind] Fear: Ghosts, of: (2)
  10. [C] [Mind] Dreams: Lewd, lascivious, voluptuous: (2)
  11. [C] [Generalities] Air: Open: Desire for: (2)
  12. [BN] [Aggravation & Amelioration] Emotions: Anger, vexation, etc.: Fright, shock, with agg : (3)
  13. [BN] [Aggravation and Amelioration] Emotions: Fright (anxiety, fear): Agg : (3)
  14. [KT] [Mind] Delusions, imaginations, hallucinations, illusion: Body: Greatness of, as to: (2)
  15. [C] [Mind] Laughing: Tendency: Serious matters, over: (2)
  16. [C] [Mind] Dreams: Anxious: (2)
  17. [C] [Mind] Dreams: Dead: Bodies: (1)
  18. [C] [Generalities] Air: Open: Amel.: (2)
  19. [C] [Generalities] Rubbing, massage: Amel.: (1)
  20. [C] [Generalities] Food and drinks: Sweets: Desires: (1)
  21. [C] [Stomach] Appetite: Easy satiety: (3)
  22. [KT] [Stomach] Appetite: Easy satiety: (3)
  23. [KT] [Stomach] Aversion: Meat: (2)

 Remedy : Platina  200  1 dose

Follow ups
When she came in for follow up after 15 days she was feeling much better physically with headaches abated a great deal Mentally she seemed more subdued and less haughty ,Less smiling, now without reason Blood Pressure 120/86 mm/Hg

SL for 15 days

On the next visit she seemed more calm and composed Now, not bothered about neighborhood boy spying upon her. Physically, she said she was feeling OK

SL 4 PN 1 week

SL 3 times a day

Next time I had purposely called her at 11 am i.e. in sun, an hour before noon, She came without much fuss not irritated by the sun, Anxiety almost absent, When asked about being bothered by others talking about her, she just smiled nonchalantly, Physically feeling very positive ,Blood Pressure 160/110 mm/Hg

Platina 200 1 Dose : SL 3 Times a day

Advised to come with some test after a month

Results were very positive mainly

Blood Urea   30 mgs %,Serum Creatinine        01 mgs %,Blood Pressure    150/90 mm/Hg
Platina                        200 1 Dose
SL                               3 times a day for 30 days

On next visit she was extremely cheerful with all round general improvements. Her sleep was better with less dreams and anxiety not bothering her any more.

Blood Pressure            130/80

SL   3 times a day for 30 days

On next visit her blood reports were

Blood urea :      25 mgs %,Serum Creatinine        01 mgs %,Blood pressure     140/80 mm/Hg

Platina   200 1 dose

Next time the reports were as under

Renal Dynamic and static studies

Right   Kidney Parenchymal  functions  normal  , Arteriogram with prolonged excretory phase,Left Kidney – Normal Parenchymal Function ,Blood Pressure 126/80 mm/Hg

For the last time I gave her a dose of Platina 200
I kept a vigil for further two months but it was smooth sailing thereafter
Total 5 doses of Platina were administered to her within a span of eight months.
She was in a most positive frame of mind and emotionally stable.
Now 12 years have passed she has no trouble, no problems and no complications. She is leading a healthy life.

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