Report on Indo-Japan Homoeopathic Conference 2013

A three-day “Indo Japan Homoeopathic Conference 2013” was organised by the Centre for Advance Studies in Homeopathy (C.A.S.H) and Japanese Homoeopathic Medical Association (J.P.H.M.A) in collaboration with B Jain Pharmaceuticals to join hands with Japan for the rise and shine of homeopathy across borders. The seminar was held on October 18-20, 2013 at Country Inn and Suites by Carlson, Delhi NCR, India. The conference was intended to promote the exchange of insights, accomplishments and methods in the field of homeopathy. It brought together over three hundred participants, speakers and delegates from across the countries like India, Japan, Nepal, Bangladesh, France, Pakistan, Malaysia, etc to discuss and disseminate the knowledge of homeopathy.

The first day of the conference began with ceremonial proceedings of lamp-lighting and paying of flowery tributes to our Master- Dr Samuel Hahnemann by the dignitaries – Dr Torako Yui, Mr Kuldeep Jain, Dr R K Manchanda, Dr Ramjee Singh, Dr Arun Bhasme, Dr M K  Sahani, Dr J D  Daryani and Mr Nishant Jain. Thereafter, the national anthems of India and Japan were sung. Mr Kuldeep Jain, CEO, B Jain Group, welcomed and addressed the guests, extending his wishes for all the organisers and participants. This was followed by the tossing of earth-ball, symbolic of uniting everyone at the conference. The Japanese speakers – Mr Yoshitane Akiyama, Ms Mariko Sasaki, Dr Hiroyuki Takano, and Mr Shoji Shin discussed on the topics relating to the Zen method.   Dr Torako Yui’s presentation on ‘Development of Homoeopathy in Japan and Case Studies’ began with the display of introduction and history of homeopathy in Japan. Then, the ZEN Method of homeopathic prescribing was discussed along with case presentations illustrating the effectiveness of this method in seemingly incurable cases. The post lunch session was marked by an entertaining performance by Chikuyu Yamamoto – a Samisen (a traditional Japanese string instrument) player and received unprecedented praise from the listeners for his astonishing recital. Thereafter, Dr M K Sahani, Dr Prasanta Banerjea and Dr Pratip Banerjea presented their methodologies of homeopathic practice. Dr Geeta Arora and Dr R K Manchanda then enlightened the audience with their presentations. The day closed with India and Japan Friendship Party.

The Second and third day were also packed with enlightening presentations by the Indian and Japanese speakers- Dr Farokh J Master, Dr Torako Yui, Ms Keiko Matsuo, Dr Ajit Kulkarni, Mr Nishant Jain, Dr Harsh Nigam, Dr Prashant Satish Chikramane, Dr Hideko Miyazaki, Dr Prasanta Banerjea and Dr Pratip Banerjea. Thereafter, a panel discussion was held whereby the topics of the day were analysed and discussed by the experts. The closing remark by Dr Torako Yui, that it is more important to cure the patient rather than the technique or method used, won the applaud of the audience.

The speakers and delegates were facilitated at the end of the event. The seminar ended on a high note of respecting different methods of homeopathy and by a song by J.P.H.M.A, was sung by Dr Torako Yui and all the delegates.

Indo Japan Homoeopathic Conference 2013 was an event for sharing the knowledge and expertise among the homeopathic fraternity of two nations where language was no barrier. The rich and diverse cultural heritage of these countries added to the colours of this event. The presentations will definitely inspire the doctors to apply newer skills and methods in their practice. The logistics were admirably planned and implemented; we look forward to more such events.

Report by Dr Arshi Ansari and Dr Daisy Katarmal

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