Report on Skoura International Scientific Homoeopathic Congress for Humans, Animals, Plants

Association Albisher (Moroccan Association for Development and Environment in Skoura promoting homeopathy) in collaboration with the two French associations, APMH (Association for Promotion of Homeopathic Medicine) and HSF (NGO Homeopaths without Borders), successfully organized a Homeopathic congress in the palm grove of Skoura, Morocco on 6-8 June 2015.

Homeopaths from different parts of the world actively took part in the congress. There were many international speakers who are known in the homeopathic world.  They presented their papers, shared their experiences and cured cases. Dr F J Master, Dr Aadil Chimthanawala, Dr Muhammed Rafeeque, Dr Navneet Bidani and Dr Geetarani Arora were the speakers from India. Others include Dr Cathy mayer, Dr Isabella Rossi, Dr Jeremy Sherr, Dr Yaaccubi, Dr Rajaa Chbani, Dr Nadia Courtis, Dr Natalia, Dr Maria Olga, Dr Machous Marzak, Dr Dimitri Orlov, Dr Rodiuc, and a few more.

The seminar highlighted the scope of homeopathy in the treatment of diseases affecting the humans, animals and plants and different methods for drug selection and administration. Homeopaths from different parts of the world could also share their experiences, and also discussed about their future plans for the uplift of homeopathy allover the world.

French and English translations were given simultaneously during each session. In association with the seminar, guided local tours to the palm grove and other historical places in Skoura and Ourzazate were arranged. The beauty of Skoura, an oasis in the desert took the attention of many.

The historical Kasbahs in the region connected the participants to the ancient civilization and the people lived in those eras. The congress was concluded with a grand farewell party at the premises of a historic Kasbah Amiridil, which is an iconic building in the history of morocco.

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