A Review on REPSIM The National Homeopathic Seminar by VMHMC

A Review on ‘REPSIM’, The National Homeopathic Seminar conducted by Department of Repertory, Vinayaka Mission’s Homeopathic Medical College, Salem.

‘REPSIM 2017’ was held on 17th of July 2017. The seminar began with the welcome speech of Prof. Dr. A. Nagarajan, the Principal. Dr. Jaykar, Registrar of Vinayaka Missions University was  the chief guest at the function. Mr. N. Ramaswamy, Director, Vinayaka Mission’s University and Prof. Dr. J. Senthil Kumar, Head of the Department of Repertory were also present at the function. Prof. Dr. Esmail Sait, Former Principal, Government Homeopathic Medical College, Calicut, felicitated the seminar.

Then took place the release of the Boger Synoptic Key Card Repertory, a work by the Part II PG students of Department of Repertory, Dr. Jameel Sait, Dr. V. Vineesh and Dr. Sarvesh. The chief guest, Dr. Jaykar along with Prof. Dr. Esmail Sait released the repertory. They together released the book, Kent’s Rubric Materia Medica by Dr. C.J.Niyaz Kurikkal, Part II PG student of Department of Repertory. The Director, Vinayaka Missions Homeopathic Medical College, Prof. Dr. E. S. Rajendran delivered the vote of thanks for the dignitaries on the dais, the faculties and delegates. He appreciated each and everyone who took efforts for the conduct of the seminar.

The Session I began after the tea break. Prof. Dr. Esmail Sait, one of the well known homeopathic doctors in India and abroad, a great teacher and physician made the session lively through his presentation: Fifty Years of Clinical Experience. He presented around 15 different, complicated cases, a few among the numerous cases he treated and cured with homeopathy, ranging from cancers to serious cardiac complaints and fetal abnormalities like trisomies.

The dramatic and awe-inspiring cures he made by the judicious application of homeopathic medicines indeed enlightened the audience. He advocated the students and doctors to give prime importance for the characteristic symptoms which help us to differentiate and select the apt remedy from the never ending list of homeopathic medicines. He said that wherever needed or possible, he tried all the potencies available and he advised the audience to do the same to get better clinical experience and learning. At the end he was ready to spend his valuable time giving detailed answers for the queries from the students and doctors.

Afternoon session began with the presentation of Prof. Dr. J. Senthil Kumar, Head of the Department of Repertory. The topic was ‘Diabetes Mellitus in menstruating women by Boger’s Repertory”. He presented two cases with menstrual irregularities and diabetes mellitus and the approach he made to cure the cases with Boger’s Repertory. He presented the relationship between diabetes mellitus and menstrual irregularities in women, which he found during his several years of practice and keen observations. He made graphical and pictorial representations of the findings he observed in selected 30 cases. The physiological and pathological changes responsible for the varied manifestations of post menstrual syndrome and menstrual flow were excellently explained in that session, in the light of recent studies and noteworthy publications. It was indeed an informative and remarkable presentation.

There were a few other paper presentations too. Dr. C. Rajalakshmi, Associate  presented Dr. Duraisami Professor, Department of Repertory, presented the paper: ‘Repertorial Approach to Gynaecology’. Dr.K.Duraisamy, an alumnus of the Repertory department, presented the topic, ‘Repertorial Approach to Paediatrics’. In the Session V, another alumnus, Dr. Sivasankaran Menon, presented ‘Objective Generals in the Repertory, a key to the Finest Prescription’. In Session VI, PG student, Dr. Jameel Sait presented the  topic ‘Miasm and Rubrics in Society’.

Indeed, the seminar was a great success. It was a unique one with regards to the release of the resultant works on repertory, from the tireless efforts made by the students. The seminar also provided a platform for the alumni students to present their papers illustrating their clinical experience, though of  short terms. All the presentations were enlightening and inspirational.

The cooperation and group efforts taken by the Head of the Department, professors and PG students of  Repertory, other PG students, interns and UG students made the seminar a remarkable event. Above all the endless support of the Principal, Director, teaching and non teaching staffs made the event an excellent one.

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