Review of book New Heights

Reviewed by  Dr Alibha Panda, BHMS 

  • “New Heights” is a book for aspirants in homeopathy who are trying hard to crack different entrance examinations in homeopathy.
  • It is available in two volumes; the first part contains Materia medica, Repertory, Anatomy, O&G, SPM & Physiology, and the second part includes Organon, Practice of Medicine, Surgery and Pathology, FMT & Homeopathic pharmacy.
  • The Volume-I contains 948 numbers of pages and the Volume-II contains 827 numbers of pages.
  • The publisher of this book is B. Jain Publishers (P) Ltd., New Delhi.
  • This book is not only a book having MCQs and answers but also notes, explanations and extra notes that will help in better preparation for examinations.
  • It has covered different state PSC as well as UPSC, MD, and AYUSH examinations for recruitment of Medical officers, Lecturers, Associate Professors, Professors, and Readers etc.
  • Latest question papers like AIAPGET – 2020, CBRT (MO/ GDMO) – 2020, GPSC (Associate Professor / Reader Professor) – 2019, OPSC (MO)-2019, AIAPGET – 2019 etc., are included.
  • Under almost all questions, explanatory notes have been given with standard reference.
  • Apart from this, extra notes on similar subject have been added under explanations of many questions.
  • In materia medica section, under almost all questions, similar lines from different medicines can be found under heading “Similar lines from Allen’s keynotes”.
  • Besides the question and answer section, there are also brief but important notes for preparation. In homeopathic subjects, these notes are mentioned before the question and answer section, and in allied subjects, at the end of it.

The preparatory notes on Organon contains notes from different valuable books like,

  • Kent’s “Lectures on Homoeopathic Philosophy”
  • Close’s “The Genius of Homoeopathy”
  • A. Roberts’s “The Principles and Art of Cure by Homeopathy”
  • E. Dudgeon’s “Lectures on Theory and Practice of Homoeopathy”
  • Carroll Dunham’s “Homoeopathy, The Science of Therapeutics”
  • M. Boger’s “Studies in the Philosophy of Healing”
  • Hahnemann’s “Chronic diseases”
  • H. Allen’s “The Chronic Miasm”
  • Kent’s “Lesser writings”
  • Boenninghausen’s “Lesser writings”
  • H. Clarke’s “Constitutional Medicine” & “Homeopathy Explained”

Gold standard books have been referred in this book like,

  1. Harrison’s principles of internal medicine
  2. Davidson’s principles and practice of medicine
  3. Robbin’s pathologic basis of disease
  4. Bailey & Love’s short practice of surgery
  5. Schwartz’s principles of surgery
  6. Sabiston textbook of surgery
  7. Current medical diagnosis & treatment
  8. Textbook of Harsh Mohan pathology
  9. Textbook of Harsh Mohan pathology
  10. Oxford handbook of clinical medicine
  11. Hutchison’s clinical methods
  12. de Gruchy’s Clinical Haematology in Medical Practice
  13. Aid to radiological differential diagnosis, Stephen Chapman & Richard Nakielny
  14. Novak’s gynaecology
  15. Williams obstetrics….and many more
  • Another important thing is, among the authors, Dr Samaresh Chandra Mishra was the 5th ranker and Dr Bidya Bhusan Barik was the 7th ranker in OPSC (HMO)-2016 examination.
  • Also, Dr Amulaya Ratna Sahoo and Dr Samaresh Chandra Mishra together have already published two important books on homeopathy, i.e., “Decoding the Rubrics of Mind” and “Understand People through their Temperaments”.

Price-INR 699/- (For each volume)

ISBN (Volume-I)-9788131923368

ISBN (Volume-II)-9788131923375

Available online at:

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