Ringworm Homoeopathy Miasmatic approach

Dr Amitava Sinharay, B.H.M.S (WBUHS)

Herein,  reporting  a case  of  a  male  patient  of  50 years  old  who  came  with  the  chief  complaint of severe itching with burning in the ring-shaped lesions in Left forearm. His complaints aggravated in evening and on perspiration, and he got relief bathing with cold water. The purpose of this case report is to emphasis on the condition  and  how  this  case  can  be  treated  by Homoeopathic approach.

Material & Methods-

  1. Patient– This is case study of one male patient. Patient is suffering from last 10 months.
  2. Case Taking– History of patients was taken for analyzing the case & for Individualization.
  3. Homoeopathic Remedy– Best selected homoeopathic remedy, here Bacillinum has used.
  4. Photograph– Time to time photograph of the patient’s has taken for analyzing the effect of the treatment.

Time to time physical investigation and photograph has shown that the ring-shaped lesions  and other symptoms gradually improved and finally cured.

 It is concluded that Ringworm are very common condition encountered. By following the Homoeopathic approach and after individualize the patient and also analyzing the miasmatic approach a single remedy which is Bacillinum has been selected and It has cured the case.

According to Dr. Hahnemann’s Miasm theory for chronic disease the past history, Family history & totality of the symptoms of the patient is very necessary. By following the rules of Holistic Homoeopathy Bacillinum was the best selected remedy & Patient cured by this remedy.

Download the full case with images 

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