Role of homoeopathy in surgical cases

Dr Pawan Paareek

Surgery is Repairing and reshaping of the body with knives and stitches.

It is an art in itself one can learn and adopt it according to their needs & provision.

Archaeological and historical evidence suggests that people have been having surgery for thousands of years.

Utilization of homoeopathic medicine to avoid surgery

  • Appendicitis Renal calculi
  • Stricture Urethra Tumors
  • BPH & Cancer Prostate Hemorrhoids
  • Fissure Hydrocephalus
  • Fistula Tetanus
  • Osteomyelitits Gangrene

Utilization of homoeopathic medicine where surgery was done

  • Surgical flatulence
  • Post operative pains
  • Bad effects of anaesthesis
  • Septic fever
  • Recurrence of tumors, renal or ureteric calculi
  • Mennorhagia or metrorrhagia after Dilatations & Curettage
  • Bed sores
  • Hemorrhages
  • Surgical shock
  • Jaundice
  • After organ transplantation

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