Evidence based study on homoeopathic mgt of uterine leiomyoma

Back ground

Uterine leiomyoma commonly called fibroids were known to Hippocrates, Rokitansky named them fibroid, but it was Virchows who demonstrated that they are virtually leiomyomas arising from smooth muscle(1)

They are the most common tumors in human being present in 30-40% females of reproductive age, with each uterus harboring an average of 6.5 tumors(2). They may grow with in the wall of uterus (intramural) or just beneath the endometrium (sub mucosal) or beneath the serosa (subserosal). In rare case they may be pedunculated (3).

These tumors are confined to the reproductive period of life suggesting there by to bear some relation to ovarian activity .In these cases ovaries are often enlarged, contain cyst and large unruptured follicles (3).They never appear after menopause but cease to grow and regress .Genetic study reveals that it is an unique clonal neoplasm (2) with 60 % cases having normal karyotype .40 % cases show simple chromosomal abnormalities such as, Translocation of chr 12 & 14 partial deletion of long arm chr 7 .trisomy 12 and rearrangement of 6p,3q, Number and variety of cytogenetic abnormalities suggest that more than one genetic mechanism lead to leiomyomatous growth .

Out of total 104 patient registered at PPM SRMHRC Uttar Pradesh India .During a period ranging from July 2004 to December 2009.Maximum cases (67 cases ,64.42%) were in the age group of 30-40 years followed by 21 cases (20.19%) above 40 years 12 cases (11.53%) in 20 to 30 year age group and only 4 cases (3.84%) in patient below 20 years.

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