Role of lesser known homoeopathic remedies in the treatment of hypertension

Dr Vinayak Patil

Hypertension is persistent increase in the blood pressure above the normal range values . Hypertension is considered as very dangerous because of various complications it causes like atherosclerosis, stroke , coronary heart disease,  kidney diseases, etc. This article aims at explaining various rare homoeopathic remedies which are very much useful in treating both essential and secondary hypertension. However there are many more rarely used homoeopathic remedies which are very useful in hypertensive cases where research and reproving of them is necessary for their use in future.

Keywords : homoeopathy, hypertension, blood pressure, miasm

Hypertension is one of the leading causes of the global burden of disease. Approximately 7.6 million disability adjusted life years worldwide were attributable to high blood pressure in 2001, which is expected to be much more in 2020. Hypertension is said to double the risk of cardiovascular diseases including coronary heart disease, congestive heart failure and peripheral arterial disease.1

Hypertension is defined as increase in blood pressure above the normal value. Normal value for adult is 120/80 mmhg. The blood pressure of the individual varies with various factors like time, season, age, sex and health condition. According to WHO criteria hypertension is diagnosed when there is:

  • Repeated high blood pressure readings or persistent high blood pressure is termed as hypertension.
  • 3 high blood pressure readings on two consecutive health care visits.
  • Sustained high systolic blood pressure of  =>140mmhg.
  • Sustained high diastolic blood pressure => 90mmhg is considered to constitute hypertension.2

Risk/predisposing factors of hypertension:

  • Essential hypertension: advancing age, hereditary, type A personality ( highly  ambitious,  active, responsible, industrialist etc) obesity, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption,  hypercholesterolemia, drugs like NSAIDS, vitamin-D deficiency, lack of sleep, etc.4
  • Secondary hypertension: (1) renal diseases like glomerulonephritis, polycystic kidney disease, tumors etc (2) endocrine disorders like cushing’s syndrome, pheochromocytoma etc. (3) primary aldosteronism , (4) connective tissue disorders etc.4

Clinical manifestations of hypertension:
Headache, vertigo, various vague symptoms like heaviness of head, dizziness, weakness, dim vision, lack of concentration, anxiety, dyspnea, palpitations etc. most of the times patients with high blood pressure may not show any symptoms and are usually diagnosed as hypertensive  on routine medical examinations.1

Complications of hypertension: hypertension is considered as one of silent killer disease. It may end up in various life threatening diseases. Few common complication of hypertension include atherosclerosis, stroke, congestive cardiac failure, coronary heart disease, kidney failure etc.1

Homoeopathy as a holistic system of medicine believes in man as a whole concept. Health in homoeopathy means harmonious functioning of the vital force and any deviation in this harmony is termed as disease. In homoeopathy as Dr Hahnemann tells ‘there is no disease but the sick people’.  So  it the individual who is treated and not just the disease. Coming to the case of hypertension either it be primary/ essential   or secondary it is the individual with hypertension  who is considered for treatment and not just his high blood pressure. It is the sick man who has to be restored to health and not just his any tissues or organs in specific. Thus in homoeopathy while treating the case of hypertension constitution of the individual id given prime importance. Various characteristic and peculiar symptoms as well as symptoms of hypertension told by the patient are taken into consideration before forming the totality of case. Finally the most similar medicine is selected based on these symptom totality.

According to Hahnemann there are three basic miasms responsible for the cause of various sufferings of mankind. Coming to hypertension in particular, to know the miasmatic background one has to rule out various etiological factors, the clinical features and the pathology behind the hypertension either it be essential or secondary.

Hypertension of psoric origin have various etiological factors including  various emotional disturbances like anxiety, fear, worries, grief, anger etc. usually high blood pressure subside with settlement of the above said factors in hypertension of psoric origin.6

Hypertension is usually an expression of sycosis where the coordination of body functions are lost and they become excess. The element of excess is seen in sycotic miasm diseases. Hypertension in sycotic miasm is due to narrowing of the blood vessels. Usually people of sycotic miasm are obese,  hypertrophy of various organs and accumulation of body fluid are symptoms of sycotic miasm which are also the leading cause of hypertension.6

Secondary hypertension usually have syphilitic miasm in its background. Various congenital causes of hypertension also come under syphilitic miasm. The syhilitic miasm in primary or secondary hypertension leads to destructive changes like tear in various arterys of the brain, retina, heart and kidneys.6

Various rare remedies for hypertension in homoeopathy

Vanadium metallicum:
It is the remedy for the degenerative conditions of the arteries. Hypertension leading to atherosclerosis. Person gets the sensation as if heart is being compressed and there is no room for the blood in the aorta. He gets the anxious pressure on whole chest. Commonly indicated for atheroma of the arteries of brain and liver. [7,8]

Viscum album:
In cases of hypertension due to hypertrophy with valvular insufficiency. Pulse is weak  and small and is due to central irritation of the vagus nerve. Unable to rest in a reclining position. He gets palpitation during coitus. This remedy lowered blood pressure in various patients. Has got dilated blood vessels but does not act on the centers of medulla. [7,8]

Strophanthus hispidus :
Strophanthus is a muscle poison and it thus  increases the contractile power of all the striped muscles. Acting on the muscles of the heart, it increases the systole and diminishes the rapidity. Being a greater diuretic it can be used in those cases of hypertension caused due to various dropsical conditions. It is also indicated for hypertension giving rise to  atherosclerosis , hypertension due to rigid arteries of the aged people. Pulse is quickened due to its increased contractile action on the heart muscle.[7,8]

Lycopus virginicus:
This remedy lowers the blood pressure by reducing the rate of heart and increasing the length of systole to a greater degree. Pulse is weak , irregular and intermittent. Hearts action is tumultuous and forcible. This remedy can also be thought in hypertensive cases with hypertrophy of heart with dilatation. Can be helpful in those cases caused due to aneurism of large vessels near heart.[7,8]

Spartium scorpariums:
Spartian sulphate increases the strength of the heart, slows it and reduces the blood pressure. It lowered the systolic and diastolic pressures in the provers. It weakens the cardiac contraction. Commonly used in physiological doses to combat arterial hypertension.7

Terminarie arjuna:
Its been used as a cardiac tonic since the ancient times specially in ayurvedic system of medicine. Used both in functional and organic diseases of the heart with symptoms like palpitation and weakness of the heart. Its highly effective in cases of high blood pressure with vertigo , palpitation and a sense of  mental and physical exhaustion.9

Sumbulus moschatus:
Has symptoms of nervous palpitation. Pulse is irregular. High blood pressure due to atherosclerosis.  Has great curative action in cardiac asthma. A tissue remedy for sclerosed arteries. This remedy has a symptom of want of elasticity in vessels. Palpitation on least excitement.[7,8]

Boehaavia diffusa:
hypertension with palpitation.Blurred vision and profuse perspiration.Increased blood pressure with ringing in ears and heat of vertex.9

Radium bromatum:
It lowers the blood pressure. Pulse is rapid, irregular and fluttering. Patient awakes at night due to palpitation. There is sensation of constriction feeling in the heart region. when applied locally with massive doses it produced endarteritis, atheroma and sclerosis of the vessels acted on. Therefore it can be  one of the remedy in hypertension cases due to atherosclerosis. It has lowered blood pressure in all dieffenbach’s provers.[7,8]

There are many more remedies for hypertension in homoeopathy which are rarely used and very less known about their action and efficiency. Success in management of hypertensive cases requires correct selection of similar remedy based on symptom totality, strict diet and also life style modification. One must also keep in mind about sudden complications that may arise due to hypertension and their management whenever treating a case of essential or secondary hypertension.

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