Rubeacea family in homeopathy

Dr Satheesh Kumar P K

Homoeopathic Medicines made out of Rubeaceae group of plants and their preparation, properties and clinical indications

1. Cainca
2. China boliviana
3. Cinchona officinalis
4. Coffea cruda
5. Coffea tosta
6. Gallium aparine (considered by some a sub order of Rubiaceae)
7. Ipecacuanha
8. Mitchella
9. Rubia tinctorum

General features:
1. Over sensitiveness
Cinchona: Scalp sensitive, < combing hair. Skin extreame sensitive to touch. Sensitive to draughts. Eyes sensitive to light (photophobia). External ear sensitive to touch. Hearing – Sensitive to noise. Joint swollen, very sensitive with dread of open air. General aggravation from slightest touch and draughts of air.
Ipecacuanha: Over sensitive to heat and cold.
Coffea cruda:Extreme sensitiveness is the characteristic of coffea. Intolerance of pain. Complaints from sudden emotions, joy etc. Skin hypersensitive. Head pain from noise, smell, and narcotics.
Mind: Impressionable, especially to pleasurable impression.
Hyper sensitiveness of vulva and vagina.

2. Ailments with periodicity 
Cinchona: Ailments returns every other day. Intermittent fever.
Returns every 7th or 14th day.
Ipecacuanha: Intermittent fever: in beginning of irregular cases with nausea or from gastric disturbance. Intermittent dyspepsia, every other day at the same hour. Periodical orbital neuralgia with lachrymation, photophobia and smarting in eyelids.

3. Hemorrhagic tendency
Cinchona: Haemorrhages: of mouth, nose, bowels or uterus- long continued. Disposition to haemorrhage from every orifice of the body, with ringing in ears, fainting, loss of sight, general coldness, sometimes convulsion. Ailments especially after haemorrhages.
Ipecacuanha: Haemorrhage: active or passive, bright red from all orifice of the body. Uterine, profuse, clotted; heavy oppressed breathing during; stitches from navel to uterus. Whooping cough with bleeding from nose or mouth.
Mitchella: Haemorrhages from all orifices.

4. Constitutionally –lean thin people
Coffea cruda: Adapted to tall, lean, stooping person, dark complexion, sanguine choleric temperament.
Cinchona: For systems, once robust, which have become debilitated, broken down from exhausting discharges.
Lean thin people (Murphy): – Chin, Coff, Ip.

5. Temperament – bilious
Constitution, temperaments, bilious (Murphy): – Chin, Ip.

6. Ailments from abuse of alcohol or aggravation from alcohol
Food — alcohol, general, abuse of ailments from (Murphy): – Chin, Coff, Ip.

7. Dreams- frightful   Chin, Coff, Ip, Mit.
Pleasant Coff, Chin.

8. Tendency to take cold easily
Chin, Coff, IP.

9. Blue colour around the eyes
Cinchona: Face pale, Hippocratic eyes sunken and surrounded by blue margins; sickly expression after excesses
Ipecacuanha: Blue rings around the eyes.

10. Aggravation from fruits  Chin, Ip.
11. Aggravation from physical exertion  Chin, Coff, Ip.
12. Nature of pain – pressing pain -internally and externally  Chin, Coff, Ip.

13. Menses – too early and profuse  Cinchona:
Menses too early. Dark clots and abdominal distension.
Profuse menses with pain.
Coffea cruda: Menses too early and long lasting. Dysmenorrhoea, large clots of black blood.
Ipecacuanha: Menses too early and too profuse. Profuse, bright, gushing with nausea.

14. Neuralgia
Cinchona: Intermittent ciliary neuralgia.
Coffea cruda: Prosopalgia extending to molar teeth, ears forehead and scalp. Crural neuralgia; worse motion afternoon and night. Better by pressure.
Ipecacunha: Periodical orbital neuralgia with lachrymation, photophobia and smarting eyelids.

15. Predominant action over the GIT with aversion to food
Cinchona: Excessive flatulence of stomach and bowels. Belching gives no relief. Aggravation after eating fruits. Periodical colic (at a certain hour each day)
Coffea cruda: Intolerance of tight clothing around the waist due to gastric troubles. Excessive hunger.
Ipecacuanha:   Adapted to cases where gastric symptoms predominate. In all cases with constant and continual nausea. Stomach feels relaxed, as if hanging down. Flatulent cutting colic.
Food aversion to (Murphy): – Chin, Coff, Ip.

16. Action on heart and produce palpitation
Coffea cruda: Violent irregular palpitation especially after excessive joy or surprise. Rapid high-tension pulse.
Cinchona: Irregular with weak rapid beats followed by strong hard beats.
Coffea tosta: Heart affection where there is troublesome palpitation from heart irritability, and in general nervous excitement.
Mitchella: Uneasy feeling as if its action was being interfered with beats irregular.

17. General aggravation at night   Coff, Chin, Ip.

18. Mentally
– dull, sad, depressed  Chin, Coff, Ip, and Mit.

19. Many of them have relieving effects
of fatigue.Cainca, Coffea, Cinchona.

Dr Satheesh Kumar P K    BHMS,MD(Hom)
Medical Officer, Dept. of Homoeopathy, Govt. of Kerala

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