Scientific Framework of Homeopathy- a joint publication of three reputed organisations

The Scientific Framework of Homeopathy is a widely accessed and referred document that includes comprehensive information about latest homoeopathic researches and the status of homeopathy in the world.

The first and foremost aim of this book, a joint production of Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis, European Committee for Homeopathy (Belgium) and Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy (India), is to secure the position of homeopathy in today’s world.

Various chapters inside throw light on the current situation of homeopathy and its research in various fields. The arguments that surface in relation to homeopathy from the critics have also been tackled citing logical and scientific reasoning from various learned scientists whose works have brought scientific recognition to homeopathy. Additionally, the book will serve as a ready reckoner for the legal and educational framework of homeopathy.

This piece of work intends to provide you with the information related to homeopathy in its varied aspects, ranging from its educational and legal framework to recent advances in terms of scientific establishment of homeopathy

This edition of Scientific Framework of Homeopathy has been revised keeping in view the recent developments and publications in the Homeopathy field. This edition runs in 330 pages, up 214 pages from the last edition. The revision has been done in terms of including more research papers to the repository in each chapter.

Chapter I : Homeopathy in Health Care
Chapter II : Users of Homeopathy
Chapter III : Educational Framework
Chapter IV : Safety issues in Homeopathy
Chapter V : Ethical issues in Homeopathy
Chapter VI : Meta-analyses – Systematic Reviews
Chapter VII : Clinical Research
Chapter VIII : Drug Provings (HPTs)
Chapter IX : Clinical Verification
Chapter X : Basic Research
Chapter XI : Veterinary homeopathy
Chapter XII : Agrohomeopathy
Chapter XIII : Homeopathy and epidemic diseases
Chapter XIV : Miscallaneous (Surveys/ Review papers etc.)

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