Scottish HS prevent the closure of Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital

homeo3meoMore good news as Scottish Health Secretary Alex Neil pledges to prevent the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital from being closed. He spoke last week at the Greater Glasgow and Clyde’s (NHS GGC) annual review, which was attended by health board managers and supporters of the GHH.

Robert Calderwood, chief ­executive of NHS GGC, said that though there were no plans to shut the GHH, over £700,000 funding came through referrals from other health boards and if this money disappeared, the future of the hospital may once again be in jeopardy.

However, Andrew Neil said that he was determined to not only keep the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital open but would like it to expand. He said he felt it contributed significantly to healthcare in Glasgow and across Scotland, as the GHH offers not only homeopathy but a range of other treatments as well.

Patients felt Mr. Neil’s comments were very positive but they remained concerned.

Minister Vows to Protect Homeopathic Hospital’s Future [Source]

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