Send comments on Concept Note on National e-Health Authority by Govt of India

healthMinistry of Health and Family Welfare proposes to set up National e-Health Authority (NeHA) responsible for development of an Integrated Health Information System in India. The said Authority is proposed to be created through an Act of Parliament. The roles of the proposed Authority are as under:

  • To guide adoption of eHealth solutions.
  • To facilitate implementation of eHealth by integrating and harmonizing the standards.
  • To facilitate on orderly evolution of state-wide and nationwide HER system.
  • To act as an enforcement agency with suitable mandate and powers.

A copy Concept Note on establishment of NeHA, is available at Ministry’s website:

We would like to request you to offer comments on the concept Note on NeHA positively by 20.4.2015

The comments may be forwarded to

Director (E-Governance Division)
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Room No. 307 D, Nirman Bhavan
New Delhi.110108

or Email :


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