Some rare homoeopathic medicines in the treatment of acne

Dr Minakshi Kamboj

INTRODUCTION:-  Acne is an inflammatory disease of the sebaceous glands caused by the retention of the sebum, and characterized by the formation of papules, pustules and tubercles, which on disappearing may leave cicatrices.

 Acne from homoeopathic stand point are known to be caused by various causative factors as: Menstruation and pregnancy; Masturbation; Food habits and allergies; Emotions.1


(a) Asimina  triloba:  Itching red pimples, appearing first on the left ,then on right side.1Pustular acne,with itching in evening when undressing.1,3

(b) Chrysarobinum:  Acne rosacea that leads to easy formation of crusts. Acne is associated with violent itching.1

(c) Eugeina  jambosia: It is especially indicated for indurated and painful along with comedones.Pimples are painful for some distance around.1 It is also useful for acne rosaceae.1,3

(d) Granatum: Pimples on the forehead and left temple with sore pain. They suppurate and on drying leave nodules. Itching in different parts of the body as if pimples would breakout.1

(e) Juglans regia: Comedones and acne of the face1,3 that itch violently, when acne bursts, it forms thick crusts. Acne are associated with menstrual irregularities. Itching and eruptions of smallred pustules.1

(f) Nabulus seprpentira:  Pimples on the face, about the nose, upper lip and chin.1

(g) Nux  juglans: Variously sized reddish pimples and pustuleson the face,chiefly around the mouth. Large painful blood-boils on the shoulders, and in the hepatic region. Adapted  to all stages of acne.1

(h) Oophorinum:  Acne rosacea associated with ovarian dysfunction.Cutaneous disorders and acne rosacea.3

(i) Sumbul: Smooth, small, reddish spots on the forehead.  Black pores on the face.Comedones3

Management:- The patient should be advised to have proper timing for their diet and omit the diet: Highly seasoned and pungent food; Food that are rich in fats; High carbohydrates- Sweets, chocolates. Patient should be encouraged to eat plenty of green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits. Patient should be strictly advised not to apply any local medicaments on acne. Patient should be encouraged to clean the face with hot water atleast 6-8 times in a day without using any soap. This help to remove the dust particles and the minute organisms.2


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Dr Minakshi Kamboj
PG Scholar, Organon Of Medicine & Homoeopathic Philosophy
Homoeopathy University, Saipura ,Sanganer Jaipur 


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