Start Homoeopathy treatment at the earliest- PM Modi advised Archbishop

Thiruvananthapuram: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, advised Latin Catholic Archbishop Shri. Soosapakyam to start homeopathic treatment at the earliest.

After the visit to discuss the situation in the Okhi affected areas from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, along with the state government  representatives, Prime minister noticed the trembling in the hands of Bishop, an advised to concentrate on the need to focus on health matters.

“You should start treatment without delay. If treated at the initial stage, it will be effective,” he told Soosa Pakiam

Prim Minister told that this may be beginning of Parkinsonism and you will get relief if start homoeopathy treatment ontime.

Earlier, the Prime Minister announced that as soon as the relief packages, and relief operations more efficient heard favorably the needs of the church.

Catholic Archbishop thanked the Prime minster for his advice.

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  1. Sir I would like to express my view about the conversation of our Honourable Prime Minister Mr. N Modi with Bishop sir. There is no scope on online treatment in Homoeopathy because the treatment process is wide, wider to them who studied the subject. Though bishop has some common feature as he must be sympathetic in general, plus has some suppressed grief (equal to Nat Mur), plus he may be a habit to weeping to see others sorrow (now become Carlsbad), plus must be a cosmopolitan (now become Carcinosinum / Luna/ Aqua Cosmos ), but any other symptoms may lead to indicate other remedies as Crot Hor (HBP + Bradycardia etc).
    Every investigation process of Homoeopathy need a proper time from 45 to 120 minutes or more, perfect atmosphere, otherwise Hahnemann will be die and die again.

  2. Great, Hats-off P M Modiji. your advice itself can boost confidence to everyone who are all suffering from many chronic diseases, but do not know about effectiveness of HOMEOPATHY treatment. great boost to Homeopathy advocacy by vvip.

    • Sir I would like to narrate some of my hidden stories that I worked in favor of Homoeopathy but not responded.
      1) The is no Homoeopathic Medico-Legal Laws. Therefore, no perfect curriculum present by which You/ Court can decide whether a doctor is the right one or wrong. The Homoeopathic principle book “Organon of Medicine”, carries the Homoeopathic possibilities with some then-observation-Logical-formula, which denotes some strong hypothesis. But Rules book have some differences. After Hahnemann, the shape and processing of Homoeopathy also propagated by Dr Hering, Burnet, Margarate Tyler, Foubister, Paterson mainly. Hahnemann also was in dark to some extent till the discovery of Sixth ed. of The Organon.
      So, by the side of The Organon, a rule or Law Book has to be maintained by every Homoeopath, where the essential points of Homoeo should have to be described. That should be like Case taking, the process of individualization, miasmatic analysis, preparation, potentization and application of medicine, the process of the first prescription, observation after application of medicine, Second and subsequent prescription, cause of failure, processing of therapy with accessories of died, yoga change of lifestyle, etc.
      Since 2006, my writings were published in Delhi published Homoeo Journal ADVENT, but no-responded.
      I hope, Mr. Sharma must take the matter to the parliament then the real patron of Indian Parliamentary Democracy, living in rural in tremendous terrible conditions must be benefited.. Dr. Ardhendu D.M.S.(CHM , WB; Delhi,1983), Hon as – Doctorate of Homoeopathic Medicine B.I.H. London(1997) prove Glycyrrhiza Glabra Linn; Homs by/as;“ cte “ London UK www, www ,, Ex editor of The Advent, Delhi, Examiner The Nagpoor University’, one of the 88 number of the scholars of Homoeopathy including Hahnemann, Kent etc of the period of 200 (1810 – 2010) ( ( 160 )
      Dr. Ardhendu ( honored with abbreviation “ cte “ in the authors’ list of ‘Synthesis’ (Repertorium Homeopathicum Syntheticum) London UK ( www ). He is a regular writer of Bengal and INDIAN Homoeo journals more particularly in The Homoeopathic Heritage Delhi ( Authors’ list Homoeopathic Heritage; www Some of his writings also published in The Homeopath U.K. ( He also worked as a regional editor of The Advent, Delhi, as an Examiner in ‘The Nagpoor University’.He had done a complete proving of Glycyrrhiza Glabra Linn with National and International recognition, thanks from W.T. Hahnemann, Great Great Grand-Son of S.C.F. Hahnemann, founder of Homoeopathy. After passing D.M.S.(Council of Homoeopathic Medicine, West Bengal, under Central Council of Homoeopathy- Delhi,1983), Ardhendu has done Doctorate of Homoeopathic Medicine ( H.M.D), B.I.H. London(1997). Chosen as one of the 88 number of research scholar of Homoeopathy including Hahnemann, Kent etc of the period of 200 (1810 – 2010) Years, also as a Reference author for VES by Dr Prof George Vithoulkas, International Academy Of Classical Homoeopathy, (
      D.M.S.1983) HMD/B.I.H;www ,

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