STRUCTURE Experience with Mineral Kingdom by Rajan Sankaran

Book review by Dr Mansoor Ali
Name of the Book : STRUCTURE- Experiences with Mineral Kingdom
Volumes : 1 & 2
More than 1000 pages
Author : Dr.Rajan Sankaran
Published by
 : Homoeopathic Medical Publishers
201 Dinar,20,Station Road, Santacruz (W),Mumbai.400054, India
Web : , Email :

After elaborating on his kingdom idea and the sensation level, renewed and innovative research minded homeopath Dr.Rajan Sankaran has been consolidating these with a look into each kingdom.

This work is the second of a triology on the various kingdom,the first “An insight into plants” third will be ‘Survival’- on the animal kingdom.

He dedicated this work to Jan Scholten who had contributed a lot to mineral kingdom.

This book contains clear guidelines for differentiating minerals from plant and animal remedies along with detailed description of each with his deep thinking, insight and experience. In order to get a clear idea and complete picture he included excerpts summarized from his earlier works.

Dr.Rajan Sankaran’s recent explorations in to rows, supported by several clinical cases, proving and research have thrown new light on the mineral kingdom that makes it significantly easier to recognize remedies in practice.

He elaborately acknowledged and mentioned all the contributors including a brief bio-data and contributions- a never before attempt from other authors- really from a broad minded person.

He mentioned reference rubrics are with prevalence of remedies related to the concerned topics. This book gives a clear idea about miasmatic prescription in Minerals.

According to Sankaran each row in the periodic table represented a further stage of human growth and development. He understood the periodic table as a map of human development from womb to tomb. Each row represented a certain stage of human life and each column represented the development within that stage.

Several approaches like studies of individual remedies , repertory, clinical cases from his last 25 years of practice, study of life situations, study of source words etc are incorporated in this work.

Through a deep observation , relentless effort of underlying similarity and unity of remedies in various families from animals, plants and minerals he found out a more sophisticated, easy and reliable method of finding a similimum.

This book in not merely a theoretical work but supported by case examples where this method clearly applied. Some cases contain detailed follow-ups to enable the reader to understand finer changes happened during the treatment.

Main contents
Kingdom differentiation
Recognition of Mineral song
Minerals- overview of Rows and Columns
Halogens, Noble, Rare gases
Row 1 to 7
Miasm in the Mineral Kingdom- Roger Morrison
Metal Prescription in Pediatrics- Patricia Le Roux

Last but not least hardbound, multicolor with new attractive lay out than previous books.

We are requesting all the readers to go through  this work with an unprejudiced mind because this opens up new possibilities with confidence. You may be really benefited. The acceptability of any book depends upon its practical utility than ideas and theories.

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