A comprehensive study on the Homoeopathic remedy Silicia

Dr Jubin
Common name : Pure silica, Silicic oxide, pure flint.
Synonyms : Kieselerde, Terra-silicea, Acidum silicium, Flint, Silex, Silicic ahydride, Silicon dioxide.
Prover : Hahnemann.

Provings :
Hahnemann published Silicea provings in Vol III of the Chronic Diseases 1828. Additional symptoms also included in Hahnemann’s Essay in the Second edition of Chronic Diseases. Professor Schultze conducted provings which agreed with the earlier provings. Silica accounts for the frequent presence of constipation in bottle fed infants. Certain mineral waters for chronic urinary diseases have a relatively high silica content.

Historical Background :
Outside Homoeopathy flint as an internal remedy is practically unknown. It is hard and totally insoluble and medicinally inert in its original form. However Hahnemann was able to convert into therapeutically useful medicines by the process of trituration.

It is one of the twelve wonders of the Schussler’s Tissue remedies. It is a great polychrest remedy  with powerful hold on human economy. It is a deep and long acting constitutional remedy which was proved and incorporated in Homoeopathic Materia Medica by Hahnemann. It occurs in abundance in nature and of plants and to a large extent in animals. It is a part of structurally strong parts of our bodies.   It is chemically inert in its natural state, but  potentised it works like a miracle. It has low rate of thermal conductivity. It goes further and produces neurasthenic states and increased susceptability to nervous stimuli and exaggerated reflexes. It has been proved as a boon to the suffering humanity and serves the purpose of a “ Surgeon’s knife”. It is capable of reaching and curing the derangement in the most vital process of life, in the internal sphere of man where surgeon’s knife can reach.

Pharmacology :
Tissue affinities are apparent when potentised. The digestive system is affected resulting in malabsorption and consequent malnutrition and debility. Connective tissue become liable to inflammatory and fibrotic changes, and skin to trophic changes and chronic sepsis.

Typology :
The Silicea patient has often been schematically described by the following 2 Images- A piston with no rod or an edifice lacking sand.

Clinical : Abscess, Acne, Anaemia, Anus fissure and fistula, Boils, Brain fag, Brain concussion, Bunion, Bone affection, Breast sinus, Cancer, Carbuncle, Cataract,Caries, Cellulitis, Cicatrix, Coccodynia, Conjunctivitis phlyctenular,Constipation, Coryza, Cough, Debility, Dentition, Diabetes, Elephantiasis, Enchrodroma, Enuresis, Epilepsy, Excrescensces, Fester, Fibroma, Fistula, Foot sweat suppressed, Foreign Body expulsion, Fractures, Ganglion, Gastric catarrah, Glandular swelling, Headache, Hernia, Hip joint disease, Homesickness, Housemaid’s knee, Hydrocoele, Hypopion,Jaw caries, Synovitis of jaw, Lacrymal fistulas, Lactation, Locomotor ataxia,  Mania, Meningitis, Metorrhagia, Miscarriage, Molluscum contagiosum, Mollusum fibrosum, Morphoea,       Morvan’s disease, Necrosis, Neuralgia, Nodes, Panaritium,Parametritis,   Perspiration offensive, Phimosis, Pleurisy, Psoas abscess, Pylorus suppuration of, Quinsy, Rheumatism, Rickets, Somnabulism, Spermatorrhoea, Spinal irritation, Strains, Strangury, Skin troubles, Suppuration, Teeth caries, Tenesmus, Tumors, Ulcers, Stricture of urethra, Urinary incontinence, Vagina spasms of, Vaccination after effects, Vertigo, Whitlow, Worms, Writer’s cramp.

Spheres of action : It acts on cartilages, bones, mucous membranes, skin, elastic and cellular tissues, nerves, glands, lachrymal duct, Eustachian tube.

Pathogenesis : It is a pus forming remedy which promotes and controls suppuration and hastens formation of abscesses and boils. So it should not be given to the patient in whom there is deposit of tubercular focus in the lungs even after filling of the tubercular focus in the lungs is complete as it has a tendency to re-establish an inflammation and throw it out resulting in the formation of abscess again.(J.Weir). It re-absorbs fibrotic conditions and scar tissue.

Doctrine of Signature : A grain of sand is hard and gritty and is compared to stubborness and obstinacy of Silicea patient.  Once their mind is made up of something it is very difficult to change it. It is like a grain to sand governed by wind and water due to whose force it moves or drifts away from other and strife. This implies the confusion of Mind. When provoked he is violent just like the desert sand which forms whirlwinds leading to destruction. Earth’s crust contains silica which heats and cools easily Silica too reacts to changes of temperature. Sand is formed by the whithering and breaking of rocks. Once hard and fixed becomes shifting and unpredictable it is ground into finer particles. In Silicea there is the tendency to fixity, rigidity and hardness on the inside (Contradiction intolerant, Obstinacy in children). On the physical side hardness in manifested as exostoses, induration of glands and other tissues and formation of scar tissue. Sand castles are delicate and beautiful. The slightest  wind or a wave destroys them in seconds. Right from their childhood they are weak, delicate children. They lack grit. They cause overexertion of mind. Sand paper is used to smoothen the surface of wood or metal. Silica is overrefined and unable to stand up to life or take form in the world. He cannot cope with the challenges of everyday life. Silica is used in the silicon chip for its sensitive impressionable capacity to store information. Silicea is an oversensitive individual.

Constitution: Make- up : Pale face with lean body, sickly appearance with dry skin. Weak, lax muscles. Light complexion. Fine, dry skin. Weak, puny children.

Temperament : Irritable, nervous and sanguine temperament.

Relation with heat and cold : Extremely chilly.

Miasm : All the three miasms. Still it is antipsoric rather than antisycotic and antisyphilitic.

Diathesis : Scrofulous diathesis.

Direction of Silicea is upward and outward, there are shootings out through eyes and ears.

Guiding Symptoms :
1. Highly chilly patient. Wraps himself up with warm clothing even in hot summer weather (Psor, Hepar sulph). Feels cold before an attack. He hugs the fire. Worse in winter. Want of vital heat even  when  taking active exercise. (Led, Sep). Great weariness ad debility, wants to lie down.

2. Bad effects of vaccination especially convulsion and suppuration. (Thuja, Anti tart, Mez, Crot hor). A dose of Sulphur is supposed to prevent the outbreak of vaccinia. Thuja is complementary and is good for diarrhoea after vaccination and if the fever is high. Malandrinum is also given for the bad effects of vaccination.

3. Every little injury suppurates. (Merc sol, Hepar, Graphites, Petroleum).

4. It has a wonderful control over the suppurative process anywhere and everywhere in the body, soft tissue, periosteum and bone – maturing abscesses when desired or reducing excessive suppuration.(soft tissue- Calend, Hep). Hard tumors like Calc flour, Baryta mur. Great sensitiveness to noise(Bell, Nux v) , oversusceptability avd chronicity are the key notes of Silicea.

5. Want of stamina either mental or physical. Merc sol facilitates maturity. Hepar expels the pus that Merc generates.. Silicea after all foreign substances are expelled and promotes steady healing.

6. Constitution which suffers from deficient nutrition not because food is lacking in quality or quantity but from defective assimilation.

7. The patient is sensitive to all impressions especially noise and anxious from it.

8. Vertigo on looking up (Puls) on looking down- Kalmia , Spig), better by wrapping up warmly and when lying on left side.

9. Headache starts at occiput, ascends to vertex and finally settles over the right eye (Sang left eye- Spig) and relief from profuse urination (Gels, Kali bich, Lach, Iris) and wrapping up warmly.(Stront, Manganum)

10. Obstinate constipation, stool hard and knotty, when partly expelled receeds back

(Thuja) Stool has to be removed mechanically (Calc carb, Thuja).

11. Always there is constipation before, during and after menses. ( Diarrhoea before menses-  Amm carb, Bovista, Verat alb).

12. Night walking. The patient gets up at sleep, walks about, and lies down again all quite unconsciously.(Luna, Kali brom)

13. Scrofulous rachitic children with large forehead and open fontanelles and sutures, much sweating about the head and distended abdomen due to diseased mesentery, right eyes, large indurated lymph nodes and a noticeable costal rosary.

( Sulphur, Calcarea and Lycopodium are similar to Silicea in scrofulous affections of children. Calcarea head sweat is confined to scalp and is sour than offensive. Feet is damp from sweat and it does not make the feet sore as in Silicea. Silicea is exactly opposite to Rhus tox in which the body sweats and the head being dry. Limbs shrunken, eyes sunken, face pinched and old looking.

14. Desire for cold drinks, cold food and ice cream, wants to be magnetized with relief (Bar c, Bell, Calc, Cupr, Graph, Nux v, Phos, Sep, Sulph, Viol-o )

15. Sweat of hands, toes, feet(Sanicula, Psorinum,Graphites), axillae very offensive. Intolerable, sour, carrion like odour of feet without perspiration and every evening and acrid She uses socks up within three months  (Offensive axillary sweat- Petroleum)

16. Mind : The patient is of excitable and nervous temperament. Lack of stamina and afraid of failure, so that a really efficient public speaker begins to doubt his performance once he starts to deliever his lectures he gains back his usual self confidence and he does it well. He is sensitive to all impressions. Want of grit either mental or physical. Faint-hearted. Anxious, yielding (Puls). Restless, fidgety, starts at least noise(Bor, Kali c, Phos).. Mental labour very difficult, reading and writing fatigue cannot bear to think(Kali p).  Brain fag of professionals, lawyers, students and clergy men. Dread of undertaking anything and is imaginary in Silicea but in Lyco it is stupid and is from inability. Nervous debility(Ambr, Kali p, Lyc, Phos-ac), exhaustion with erythism, from hard work and close confinement, is overcome by force of will.

Fixed ideas. The patient has pin mania, especially for babies He thinks always about pins

He fears them still searches them and counts preserves them with great care. Head strong and obstinate babies who cry when kindly spoken to.(Iod) They suffer from convulsion after vaccination.

Mind as in Philip Bailey : Keynote : Delicate and Determined.
Relatively uncommon constitutional type. All are females.  Only 1-2%. Rare, so easily missed and overprescribed.

Intellectual refinement and Depth

  •  Refined in almost everything (Ars, Ign) different and distinct.
  • Intellectual but timid (Puls- timid) Refined and subtle (Sepia, Ars).
  • Acute discrimination (Ars – oriented towards material concerns).
  • Deep thinker (Sepia, Ign) Attracted towards metaphysical poetry, spiritual or religious issue and matters of social justice. Kent says this as a deeper more profound remedy.
  • Takes life seriously as she wants to plumb its depths intellectually. Quiet, thoughtful discerning and observer. She keeps away from all the bustle and hustle of life as she does not want to face rough blows and also she wants nothing to  do with vulgarity. They are interested in life sciences. Kent says it not useful in business brain fag but for professionals, lawyers, students and clergymen.
  • Profound and subtle mind not interested in business for making money and for the pursuit of knowledge for the upliftment of society.
  • Delicate, Principled, idealistic people.(Sepia) not dreamers (Lyco, Sulph, Natr).
  • Cautious and practical though easily excitable. (So added Cautious and Carefulness in Kent).
  • Precise (Ars). Painstaking (Conscientious about trifles-3)  less obscessive orderliness and does not impose her ideas on other.
  • Underestimated as she has no show off. Reveals what is appropriate and retains the rest of knowledge till she find those who appreciate it. Wish to understand many things no egotism in her self expression.

Timidity, Determination, Obstinacy
Though timid she is the most stubborn and determined. Timid because she lacks confidence in herself as she fears aggression and unpredictability of life. She has a sheltered upbringing by her parents. Psychologically she is stronger than she thinks.

Delicate and tries to protect herself, keep quiet and retires. Her delicacy is both mental and physical. Shy till she knows someone well and they are harmless. She is with a sense of humour.

Timid in dealing with persons of authority and aggressive people. During interviews she is underestimated as a lack of ability. Despite that she knows what she believes what she wants. Underestimates her tasks as she thinks that she fails when doing new tasks. She delays Herself before testing herself. After studying for a while brain becomes fuzzy, unable to concentrate. (Kent- Dullness from mental exertion –3).

Confusion leads to anxiety and which leads to more confusion. Anticipatory anxiety especially before examinations and public performances. She is capable but she thinks that she is not upto it. She is more contented ad adventurous as she grows older she gets the courage to embark upon a project. Stubborn. Once she grasped something she sticks to it as she has faith in her own understanding. When she does an intellectual argument she soon enters the conversation with an assertiveness that takes others by surprise as earlier she sat quietly and a little nervously. It is due to fear of uncertainty and consequent defensive reaction of certainty. Or love of truth and refusal to see truth contradicted. (Ars- attached to the idea of paying one’s own way, Kali carb- attached to the idea of being rational). It is often a refusal to give up a familiar or cherished habit or belief and it is detrimental to her. (Kent- Monomania-2). She does not push her ideas to others and unwilling to give up herself. She is angry at the attempted domination and afraid of confrontation. (Lyco, Staphy back down and Silicea stand her ground despite feeling very afraid inside).  It appears as Willfulness in children (Kent- Obstinate) Love of truth and she forgets the fear and dive to defend the truth when she feels it is being attacked. At these times she will speak with passion and determination as if her life depended upon it. (Kent –Fearlessness) and resist fiercely any attempts to contradict her (Kent  Intolerant of contradiction- 2)

Indecision and firmness of views (Irresolution –2). Lack of faith in herself. Fixed ideas. Self respect. Works for those who are the victims of abuse and injustice. Sense of justice is profound and personal. Over defensive when facing forceful personality. She fears that her fragile independence is being threatened and react hastily and inapppropriately. If they are respected they will co-operate or if ordered they react. Reaction not so violent (Sulph, Tub).

Resistance if broken by force they won’t forgive their parents and she punish them. Silica child is proud and stubborn. Obstinacy in the face of pressure is a refusal to be rushed.  Thinking is a long process (Exasperating – Nux, Sulph).

Conservation of energy. In marriage she is the brake upon her husband’s enthusiasm as she wants to think things through and make sure course of action is safe and affordable before she commits herself to it. Integrity Silica possess this to a high degree. It is an innate sense of what is right and wrong (not adhered to codes of ethics – Ars, Nat, Kalis). Principled without rigid and moralistic.  They live and let live and they keep themselves out from the masses

  • As it is from respect for their own fragility and sensitivity than out of arrogance.
  • Understates her gifts and achievements as she thinks self congratulation as vulgar.
  • She is highly sensitive (Senses hyperacute noises to –3)

Loyality is another feature especially to those whom she is commited. Ocassionally it is detrimental to them as they get dragged by friends who are less careful and she is willing to pay to preserve her own self respect.She avoids sentimentality and overattachment when it comes to caring for others. Sepia is also similar to this, differs from the complexion(dark), constitution,(robust), less timid, obstinate and her mildness.

Warmth and spontaneity
Cheerful and no suppressed emotions. (Suppressed emotions- Natr, Sepia, Ign). They are ‘lighter’ in complexion, body and mood. Lyco, Argentum have certain lightness and lack the gentleness and profoundity of Silicea. Subtlety, lightness and depth are in Silica. The healthy Merc, Sepia, Ign come close to it. Ars lacks lightness but is subtle and deep. Phos is subtle and light but lacks depth both emotionally ad intellectually.

Lyco, Phos, Staphy has lightness of mood due to unpleasant truths. When facing problems she worries a lot and face them when she has got enough courage. Silica enjoys life when it is in order. She is neither an escapist nor oppourtunist. Once problems are over they enjoy life with relish as Phos or Tub. Delights in art, reading, gentle walks and social activities. She makes friends easily due to lack of egotism. If gathering is large she is quiet and if small she is chatty and playful. Analytical thinking is lacking (Present in Sulph, Kalis, Lyco, Natrum) Sulphur and Lyco difficult to separate their ego from the intellect which they impress people. Natrum and Kalis hide intellect as they are afraid of intimacy). Respects others privacy and reveals her private things only to intimate. So he has loyal and firm friendships. Her natural dignity and poise frequently endeavours to many people and wins their respect. Even when she has fun she retains this poise like Phos retains charm when intimidating. She forgives but she develops a dislike for somebody she will be stubborn. She won’t be aggressive but expresses it as avoidance and non-cooperation.

Physical appearance : Refined and delicate (Phos) even slim and light. Limbs are so thin as matchsticks. Skin pale and fine and transparent with fine blue veins Facial features are long, thin, delicate and angular reflecting refined intellect and eyes are blue, grey or green.

George Vithoulkas :    YIELDING, aggreeable, mild. Opinion of her own. Lack of stamina ( Calc- from mental anxiety and worries, more coarse, more survival oriented.

Worry about expenses, about unforeseen responsibilities and develop defenses against these worries.

17. Ailments from vaccination, suppressed foot sweat (Psor, Cup, Graph), exposure to draft of cold air, loss of fluids, injury, strains, splinters, foreign bodies Chest complaints of stone cutters with total loss of strength.

Particulars :
1. Nervous affections : Tendancy to paralysis and paralytic weakness from defective nutrition of the brain and spinal cord with the peculiar constipation and over sensitiveness to nervous stimuli. Exhaustion (Pic ac)Keen senses. Surface extremely sensitive to touch. Cold aggravates the symptoms and heat relieves. Sluggishness is a contra-indication of Silicea in nervous affections of torpid, flabby nerveless persons. Opposite is the case with lower tissues.

Convulsions of a nervous character with well marked  aura starting from solar plexus like Bufo and Nux vom and is aggravated from certain phases of the moon and over-strain of the mind and emotions. It creeps into chest and stomach.

It acts on the spine causing motor weakness with irritability. Neck is stiff causing headache due to spinal irritation. Locomotor ataxia. Fingers feel stiff with loss of power in them. The part on which he lies goes to sleep. Small of back aches as if beaten or pounded. Pains about the coccyx. Legs tremble. Grows weary in the morning. Loss of animal fluids causes marked aggravation of symptoms.

2. Head : Headache
Causation  : Chronic sick headache since some severe diseases of youth.(Psor)

Location : Headache arises from the nape of neck ascends the vertex and finally settles over the right eye ; generally right sided headache. Once a week. (Gels, Lyc, Sang, Sulph)

Sensation :  Roaring or shattering in brain.

Character : Nervous headache. Pressing and bursting headache as if eyes and brain were forced out. Violent headache with confusion of mind. Violent tearing in head with pressive pain in morning. Jerking headache extends to brain. Tearing in vertex as if it would burst. Headache with bruised pain above the eyes so that he can scarcely open the eyes. Aches from fasting. Swelling in glabella. Cold clammy offensive sweat on the head. Enlarged head with open fontanelles.

Aggravation : Mental exertion, noise, motion,light,(Lac def, Mag mur) jerking, stooping, cold air, uncovering, draught of air.

Amelioration: Binding the head tightly(Arg n, Puls), profuse urination, pressure and covering head warmly. (Sanicula, Mag mur, Stron).

Concomitants : Difficulty in holding the head up. It causes chilliness and nausea. Scalp very sensitive to touch. Chilly with low vitality and is constipated. Clouded sight after headache (before headache- Kali bich)

Magn mur better from wrapping up the head but still wants to be in the air. Puls sweats on one side of the head.

Comparison with Paris quadrifolia– Headache of spinal origin with a feeling as if it is too large.

Menyanthes headache first confirmed by Dr Dunham. It has relief from pressure.

Strontiana carb exactly like Silicea headache and is differentiated by the collateral symptoms.

3. Vertigo on looking up(Puls), better by wrapping up warmly and when lying on left side.

(Mag mur). It rises from the spine into the head. It also difficulty in balancing. Fear that he will fall to left. Speech is confused. He finds it difficult to grasp the ordinary expression he wishes.

4. Eyes : Angles of eyes affected. Swelling of lachrymal duct. Aversion to daylight with dazzling, sharp pain through eyes, eyes tender to touch worse when closed. Vision confused, letters run together when reading. Styes(Puls). Iritis and iridocyclitis with pus in anterior chamber. Perforating  or sloughing ulcers of cornea.(Nitric acid).Abscess of cornea after traumatic injury. Cataract in office workers. After-effects of keratitis and ulcus cornea, clearing the opacity.

5. Ears : Fetid offensive, watery, curdy discharge. Caries of mastoid(Aur). Loud pistol like report. Sensitive to noise. Roaring in ears. Perforation of the membra tympani. Chronic suppuration of middle ear (Caps) Associated with inflammed parotids.

6.Nose : Itching at point of nose. Dry, hard crusts form, bleeding when loosened. Sneezing in morning. Obstruction and loss of smell. Perforation of septum. Hay fever (Ars, Ran b, Rosa) In syphilitic nasal catarrah Hepar is like Sil when the parts are phagedenic. Hepar, Merc cor and Ars are antisyphilitics used in phagedenic ulceration of nose. Babies with bloody nasal discharge (Calc sulph). Overheated causes complaints especially cold from sweati Overheated causes complaintsg.

7. Face : Skin cracked on margin of lips. Eruption on chin. Facial neuralgia, throbbing, tearing face red worse cold damp.

 8. Gastro-intestinal symptoms :
Mouth : Sensation of hair on tongue.( Nat m, Kali bich-backpart) (one side- Calc, Thuj).Ulcer on right border(Thuja) (left- Apis), (Left side swollen with loss of speech- Lauro)Gums sensitive to cold. Boils on tongue. Abscess at root of teeth. Pyorrhoea. Sensitive to cold water. Dental fistula (Flour ac) Toothache in wet weather > warm room , warm drinks.

Throat : Periodical quinsy. Tonsils suppurate ad refuse to heal. Pricking as of a pin in throat. Cold settle in throat. Parotids swollen and enlarge from every cold (Bar c,Calc, Sulph). Stinging pain on swallowing. Hard, cold swelling of cervical glands. In the neck in acute state an opposite modality is present. He suffer from flushes of heat, an irregular, flushing fever, cold extremities, upper part hot, sweat about the head and neck, sensation of heat and suffocation in a warm room. It shows its relation to Puls. They  are reversed to their acute and chronic states. If cold settle several times in throat after Bell, Silicea breaks up the tendency. It competes with Nat mur in inveterate sore throat.

Stomach : Disgust for meat (Graph) and warm food. Aversion to salt, meat and milk. Intolerane to fat and milk. Desires eggs (Puls, Calc)  (Nitric acid and Silica differentiated first desires fat and salt while Silica averse to it. Also Nitric acid is anxious, dependent and demanding while Silica is considerate, patient and yielding) Desires cold things. Icecreams feels comfortable when in stomach, impossible to drink hot fluids. Loss of appetite or ravenous hunger with great thirst but vomiting occurs after drinking. (Ars, Verat alb). Intolerance of alcoholic stimulants. Sour eructations after eating. Pit sensitive to pressure. Aversion from mother’s milk also aggravation from milk (Nat carb- sour vomiting and sour curds in the stool)

Abdomen :  Painful cold feeling with rumbling and colicky pain better from application of external heat with obstinate constipation. Inguinal glands swollen and painful.             Hepatic abscess.

Rectum : Sensation of weakness or paresis which results in obstinate constipation so much that faeces is retained for a long time in the rectum. Stool passes out with great straining. (Alumina, Alumen, China, Nux vom,  Nux mosch, Nat mur, Thuja). Stool partly expelled and recedes back again (Thuja) and it has to be removed mechanically.(Calc carb) Offensive stool (Lach, Nit ac, Sulph).

It removes tape worms when symptoms agrees (Calc, Sul).

Fistula in ano alternates with chest complaints.( Caust, Calc, Berb vulg Calc phos, Graph, Sul). Catarrahal diarrhoea ( Puls). Colic from worms and from constipation (Calc, Merc,  Nux v, Plb, Stann, Sep)

Painful fissures and haemorrhoids which cause irritation and spasm of the spincter ani muscles. Constipation always before, during and after menses. Diarrhoea of cadaverous odour and in soldiers of our civil war. (Sleeps on damp ground, eats all sorts of food until the stomach were prostrated, from long marches, from going to South from cold north from getting overheated- Sulphur)

9. Urinary symptoms : Bloody, involuntary with red or yellow sediment. Prostatic fluid discharged when straining at stool. Nocturnal enuresis in children with worms. Renal and vesical calculi.

10. Glandular affections : Inflammation and swelling of all glands both external and internal, all in a crop or singly especially in the region of the throat or neck with threatened suppuration which are very sensitive to touch.(Lachesis) Inflammation, swelling and suppuration of glands- cervical, axillary, parotid, inguinal, sebaceous all may become malignant and gangrenous. Sometimes they are attended with troublesome itching.

11. Sexual organs : Burning and soreness of genitals with eruption on the inner parts of the thigh. Chronic gonorrhoea with thick and foetid discharge(Hyos, Nat s, Puls).        Weakness after coition, it takes a week to rest up (Agar) Leucorrhoea milky,(Calc, Puls, Sep) during urination, acrid with itching of vulva and vagina which are sensitive to touch. Discharge of blood every time the child nurses. (Calc- flow of blood not when the child nurses). It promotes expulsion of moles and also corrects threatned abortion and stops haemorrhage after abortion. Increased menses with paroxysms of icy coldness over whole body. It cures hydrosalphinx and pyosalphinx with copious watery discharge from the uterus. Amenorrhoea.

Elephantiasis of the scrotum (Graph, Rhus t, Sulph) with sexual erethism and nocturnal emission. Hydrocoele especially of the child is controlled by this drug. (Apis, Puls, Sulph) Violent erections (Canth, Phos, Sulph)

Nipples are very sore, ulcerate easily(Sulph), drawn like a funnel (Sars, Hydrastis).

When child nurses pain goes from the nipple to uterus (Puls) Fistulous ulcers of breasts are also present. Vaginal serous cysts. (Lyc, Rhod, Puls) It cures recurrent fibroids and indurated tumors. It moderated too violent motions of the child in the gravid uterus.

In breast abscess Phos – more erythematous blush and radiating streaks round opening.

12.Respiratory symptoms : Colds fails to yield, sputum persistently mucopurulent and profuse. Slow recovery after pneumonia.(Lyc, Sulph, Phos, Sil, Calc) Stitches in chest through to back. Violent cough when lying down with thick, yellow lumpy expectoration, suppurative stage of expectoration. (Bals, Peru). Retching gagging cough. (Retching from an endeavour to expectorate is controlled by Carbo veg)It has wonderful action on lungs. Asthma of old sycotics or children of sycotic parents. (Nat sulph). Asthma from suppressed gonorrhoea with complaints of overexertion and overheating. Expectoration only during the day.  It produces hoarseness, roughness and dryness with tickling cough coming from the suprasternal fossa  like Rumex crispus. A feeling as if hair lying on throat, larynx or trachea . Cough excited by cold drinks like Rhus tox and Scilla and very act of speaking excites as in Phosphorus, Rumex, Ambra grisea, worse at night when lying down like Rumex, Phosphorus and Lycopodium. Sometimes it ends in the vomiting of mucus. Also effective in the suppurative stage of tuberculosis and phthsis of old people. After exertion the patient expectorates hasty pus and is offensive. Silicea only palliates. Phelladrinum also in last stages of phthsis when the expectoration is terribly offensive. Capsicum is used for bronchial catarrah when the breath is offensive except during the cough. They are of lax fibre and cannot get up the expectoration, so some of it lies there and undergo decomposition. Air of ordinary expiration is not offensive but when he brings from the depths of lungs it is offensive.

13. Sleep : Night walking, gets up while asleep,walks and lies down again. (Kali br, Can ind, Kali p, Zinc) sleeplessness with great orgasm of blood and heat in head. Frequent starts in sleep. Anxious dreams. Excessive gaping. Sweats as soon as he falls asleep (Puls, Con).

14.Extremities : Sciatica, pains through hips, legs and feet. Psoas abcess(Arn, Cupr, Phos ac, Staph, Symph, Syph) Cramps in calves and soles. Loss of power of legs. Tremulous hands when using them. Affections of fingernails especially if white spots on nails. Dryness in the finger tips as if made of paper at night.

Ingrowing toe nails. Icy cold and sweaty feet. Parts lain on go to sleep. Offensive sweat on feet , hands and axillae. Soles sore and rheumatic, cannot walk (Ant crud, Med, Ruta,Sil). Soreness in feet from instep through to sole. Suppurates. It is useful in chronic rheumatism and also useful in hereditary rheumatism. Pains are predominantly in the shoulders and in the joints and worse at night and uncovering. Weakness of ankles. (Caust, Sul ac). A related remedy is Ledum with exactly opposite aggravation of Silicea.It extends from covering up and extend from the feet upwards. Inflammation of the periosteum. Corns. (Ant crud, Graph)

15.Skin : Silicea is one of the top ranking remedies for promoting and controlling the process of inflammation and suppuration. It has got the tendency to promote and expel= Foreign bodies from the tissues where they are lodged.(Lobelia I) Old scar becomes painful again, indurated, shiny, glossy due to sluggish constitution resulting from bad effects of vaccination.          Indurated tumors. Bursa, lepra, nodes and coppery spots. Keloid growths. (Thios)

Unhealthy skin. Every little injury suppurates. (Hepar, Graph, Merc, Petr, Sulph). Crippled nails on fingers and toes.(Ant c, Graph, Thuj) Felons, abscesses and old indurated tumors come within the domain of the remedy. It has a wonderful control over the suppurative process, soft tissues, periosteum, bones, maturing abscesses or when desired for reducing excessive suppuration. Whitlow with deep seated periosteal pain(Am c Dios)Crippled nails.(Anti crud) Delicate, pale waxy skin. Small wounds heal with difficulty and suppurate profusely. Painful pustular eruptions at last forming suppurating ulcers on forehead, occiput, sternum and spine. Eczematous or herpetic eruptions, disposition to boils in various parts which are very painful to touch, fistula lachrymalis, ingrowing toe nails(Graph, Mgt aust), panaritium(Apis, Hep, Nit ac), felons, blood boils, carbuncles(Apis, Ars, Lac, Rhus t) especially if between the shoulder and neck, ulcers of all kinds. Fistulae are very painful and offensive with high spongy edges and proud flesh in them. Fissures in anus causing intolerable pain while passing stool.

In indurations Silicea if fails to act a dose of Sulphur is given. In induration like Silicea Graphites also absorbs indurated surfaces. Phytolacca also effective in induration.

In ulcers Silicea is indicated in both benign and malignant ulcers which are relieved by warmth and aggravated by cold applications. Opens old ulcers and heal them with a normal cicatrix.

16. Bone affections : Ulcers from bone diseases as caries or necrosis, scrofulous ulcers which appear about the joints, back as vertebral caries, hip in hip joint disease and connected with fistulas. Pus is thin and offensive and often mixed with blood and sometimes with little particles looking like cheese. They fail to heal spontaneously. Patient is of a scrofulous diathesis and with offensive foot sweat.

Comparison with Lachesis : Extreme sensitiveness to touch.

  • Asfoetida with offensive discharges from bones. Its marked feature is extreme soreness around the ulcer.
  • Phosphorus in mammary abscess with fistulous openings and overexcitability of the nervous system.
  • Platinium mur is also useful in caries of bones.
  • Angustra in caries of long bones as humerus, tibia,femur.
  • Strontina carb  especially useful in caries of the femur with co-existing diarrhoea.
  • Gettysburg salt is useful in carious ulcers, ulcers about the joints like hip joint disease or in caries of the vertebrae. Acrid and excoriating discharge.

17. Fever : Suffering parts feel cold. Chilliness very sensitive to cold air <lying in bed, exertion. Creeping, shivering over whole body. Cold extremities even in a warm room. Sweat at night worse in morning, after exertion generally on face and scalp and lower part is practically dry.

18. Silicea Baby :

Evolution of a Silicea child :
They are born after long and difficult labour and are born in the 7th or 8th month. They are fragile and weak. At birth they are weak and puny. They cannot hold  their head and milk is not nutritious to them and it does not provide strength and stamina they need. Physical  ailments like immunological problems, digestive ailments, bone ailments etc.

When a weak malnourished child gets vaccinated the child is more sleepy, more weak, and more tired than before.  They start getting recurrent sore throats and various infections. They perspire profusely on scalp.  Difficult weight gain and their milestones are delayed. They are timid and mild and are conscientious and if scolded they will correct their error and behave in a right way. In school he does not like to take any responsibilty, he prefers to co-operate while others take the initiative. He is cautious in everything. He is fearful and comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings. As it grows older they won’t participate in most of the physical activities. They read books all the time and starts asking questions as they does not accept things easily. They are nice, timid and sensitive children. Also the child belongs to a family where there is disharmony between the parents. He conserves energy. He fears crumbling. It is one of the remedies that  procrastinates. Irresolution is another feature.

Silicea is adapted to growing children who suffer from malnutrition, not because the food is lacking in quality or quantity but from defective assimilation as the system cannot assimilate the materials properly. Baby is psoric and is HIGHLY CHILLY

With scrofulous and tubercular diathesis with large head, open fontanelles and sutures, pot bellied abdomen. Constitution which suffers from bad effects of vaccination.

Baby is very slow in learning to walk due to weak ankles resulting in retardation of walking due to deficiency and in bone forming substances. Offensive foot sweat and sweat in axillae and hands are very offensive.(Alum, Am mur, Bar carb, Graph, Petr, Psor, Sanic) Sweating behind the neck and in the region of occiput. (Calc carb).

It suffers from various skin troubles caused by bad effects of vaccination. Every little injury suppurates, inflammation, swelling, abscess formation after vaccination.

Stool is difficult to evacuate due to inactivity. Stool partly comes and then recedes back.

Mind : Headstrong and obstinate and cries when kindly spoken to with pin mania.

Desires to be magnetised. (Calc carb, Phos).

Aversion to mother’s milk.

Wants much covering around the head but likes cold food and drinks.

General Modalities :
Aggravation : In new moon and full moon(Calc), cold, during menses, from washing and uncovering especially head, morning, lying down, damp,(Bar carb) lying on left side. Symptoms come out after bath. Overheated causes complaints. In acute complaints worse from war room and from heat.

Amelioration : Warmth, wrapping the head warmly, in summer, wet or humid weather.

All the symptoms especially gastric are relieved by cold.

Puls – Acute form, It supplies the connecting link betwen ultra-acute stage if Aconite ad very chronic stage of Puls. ,thick,yellow discharges as mucus character of he discharge is retained. Sil- Chronic form, Deep acting, finishes half done by Puls, character of discharge degenerates from mucus to into more purulent matter.

Relations: Complementary to Thuja, Sanicula and Pulsatilla.

Silicea is the chronic of Pulsatilla. It is both complementary and chronic of Pulsatilla, for the Pulsatilla plant grows where Silicea is abundant. Antidoted by Camph, Hep, Fl. ac. Antidotes Merc cor, Sul.

Incompatible when used before or after Mercurius.

Is followed well by Hepar sulph, Flouric acid, Lach, Lyco and Sepia.

If the sero-albuminous exudation in a serous sac cannot be affected through Calc phos then Silicea is used.

If improvement ceases under Sil a dose of Sulphur will set up reaction and then Sil will effect a cure.

Dose : Sixth to thirtieth potency. The 200th and higher of unquestioned activity. In malignant affections the lowest potencies needed at times.

Dr Jubin John
ESI Medical Officer, Govt of Kerala


  1. Silicia,subjectively and objectively is cold movements sluggish wound slow to come slow to heal and pus is offensive,old era homeopath of 1894 era Howard Crutcher gives clear cut snap shot indications for homeopathic surgical remedies,interesting is ledum use for sharp darting pain along incision line.even looking at wound blood color they could tell constitution built up.Phos red headed freckle face,lachesis bluish big veins relaxed blood vessel,calc neck enlarged crooked legs joints loose thin pus easily run sweaty fat or lean but muscle flabby.very interesting loss blood surgery resort to arsenic later china arsenic is emergency ambulance but soon after symptoms change remedy change needed.

  2. SILICEA,DR G Miller advice,silicea constitutional symptoms are weekly headache at back of head offensive foot sweat sensitive to cold,if such constitution patient comes to you with acute troubles do not give silicea will prove to be dangerous.for acute symptoms in those where constitutional symptoms are not present silicea will do no harm and will clear acute toxic symptoms.never stop diarrhoea in advanced phthisis.homoeopathy gurus advice never ignore.

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