Guidelines for Submission

Do you have a burning desire to share your insight and clinical expertise with Homoeopathy community across the globe? – Join with us for a better future in Homoeopathy

If so, submit your article for publication. HOMEOBOOK – the most popular Homoeopathy website – is looking for quality articles with content that is informational and well thought out.

Please send your articles, PowerPoint presentations, thesis, cases, news, placement or anything related to Homoeopathy and medicine to

When writing an article, one of the most important things to keep in mind is the reader- focus on adding value for the reader.

This website is primarily meant for discussion, dissemination of information and academic resources, exchanging ideas, views, opinions and so on Homoeopathy.

Please note

  • The attention span of online readers is comparatively less. So be relevant, informative, useful, and engaging.
  • Your unique knowledge, experience, and passion should be evident in every piece of content you create. Try your best efforts to provide articles that contain up-to-date, relevant accurate information
  • Your articles especially cases should serve to educate and inform rather than just serve as a promotional piece.
  • We also request you to submit content you have already published elsewhere, as long as the byline matches your name and you own the copyright
  • Case studies & Research articles should be supported with adequate diagnostic evidence. In the electronic form, the text should be in ‘MS word’ format and the pictures/photos should be in JPG format. 
  • Don’t forget to put your name and qualification at the top of the article or ppts.

Abstract: Should be brief and reflects the significance, scope and relevance of the topic and should highlight the principal findings or conclusions.

Key words: A set of suitable keywords should be provided on the significance of the text

Introduction: A brief introduction that links the subject with readers which should be brief and state precisely the scope of the paper or topic.

References / Bibliography : It has to be written in a particular format, alphabetical order of the author’s last name who has been referred, followed by the publication, publisher, and edition etc. Internet reference should be stated along with the complete URL address and the date, and time of surfing for referencing. Journals have to be referred with authors’ last name in alphabetical order, the article referred, journal name and volume details.

Abbreviations: Please use internationally accepted standard abbreviations only.

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