Tamil Nadu MD Homoeopathy Admission 2012-13

Allotment of seats at  Government and Management of Self-Financing Homoeopathic Medical Colleges of Tamil Nadu

Last date for receipt of application   :   09-05-2012 –  5.00 P.M.

Entrance examination on   :   15-05-2012 –   9.30 A.M. To 1.00 P.M.

Venue :  Government Siddha Medical College, Arignar Anna Govt.Hospital Of Indian   Medicine Campus, Arumbakkam,Chennai 600 106

Declaration of results of entrance examination:     15-05-2012

Phone No     :   044 – 26216244    / 26281563 Web site :   http://www.tnhealth.org

Tentative Date Of Counselling   : 18-05-2012    -10.00 a.m.

Last Date Of Admission   : As mentioned in the allotment letter of the candidate.

Applications   can   only   be   downloaded   from   the   website  www.tnhealth.org   and   the filled in applications along with necessary enclosures and a self addressed envelopes 23 x 10 cms

Send    to   the   Secretary,   Selection   Committee,   Commissionerate   of   Indian   Medicine   and   Homoeopathy, Arignar   Anna    Government    Hospital    of   Indian   Medicine    Campus,   Arumbakkam, Chennai  600 106  before the last date along with a Demand Draft for Rs.1,250/-the cost of application form drawn in favour  of the  Secretary, Selection Committee, Commissionerate   of   Indian   Medicine   and  Homoeopathy,   Arignar   Anna   Government  Hospital    of  Indian  Medicine    Campus, Arumbakkam,       Chennai     600 106.

Service    candidates   should    get  their  applications      forwarded only   through     the  proper     channel with   the  remarks     of   the forwarding  authorities    in  the   format     prescribed in the application form. If not, applications will be summarily rejected.

Reservation as per Govt. rules

Candidate who had already acquired a post graduate M.D.(Homoeopathy) degree in any   one of   the  Homoeopathy          disciplines      may     also   apply    for  another      Homoeopathy discipline subject to the following conditions.

The   Entrance   Examination   will   primarily assess the knowledge and maturity of  understanding of the candidate of all medical subjects- theory and clinical, taught at the undergraduate level (BHMS).  The questions will be of objective multiple choice type for which four answer options A, B, C, D will be offered


(a)  Candidate should be citizens of India.

(b)  Candidate    should    possesses   the  degree  of   Bachelor    of  Homoeopathic  Medicine      and   Surgery   /  or  equivalent    qualification   in  Homoeopathy   included in the Second Schedule to the Homoeopathy Central Council Act  1973 ( 59 of 1973)

(c)  Except    with   regard   to  those   candidates    who   have    studied   from   9th   Standard onwards and have undergone Under Graduate Course (BHMS)   in Tamil Nadu.

(d)  Candidates     who   have   native   of   Tamil   Nadu   and   completed   BHMS   in   other States should furnish a Certificate of       permanent residence in Tamil   Nadu     issued   by  competent    authority   only   in  the  specified  format    in  Annexure I and supported by a copy of Passport/ Ration Card/ Voter’s   I.D./ Driving License/ Permanent Medical Registration Certificate. If   the copy of the supporting document is not produced,   then the application  form  will    be   rejected  .  Permanent      residence   Certificate     submitted    later will be summarily rejected.

( e) Those candidates who are undergoing CRRI and will be completing their  CRRI    before the Entrance Examination should enclose a certificate from  Head of the Institutions in which they are undergoing the CRRI that they  will be completing the CRRI before the date of Entrance examination,   failing which their application will be rejected.

( f) The candidates should have registered their names either in the Central    Council of Homoeopathy  Medicine, New Delhi (or) in the Tamilnadu  Homoeopathy  Medical Council, Chennai

The     question    paper Will  have    two    hundred     (200)    objective-type     questions          consisting     of   ‘Section     A’   containing    100   (  one   hundred)         self-contained    objective-type questions based on the fifteen theory subjects taught in the BHMS course    and ‘Section B’ containing 100 (one hundred ) questions based on a short       passage   (paragraph)   which   will   be   given   and   3   –   5   objective   type   questions         based   on   the   paragraph.    The   candidates   should   answer   questions   based   on   the     material     available    including     photographs     or    diagrams     if  any,   and    directly      analyzing or on its direct implications. The candidate should not assume any data          that   is   not   contained   in   the   passage   or   which   is   not  directly   derivable   from   the        information contained in the passage. The decision of the Selection Committee on the content, implications and answer for each type of question is final since much   care has been exercised in the formulation of questions and answers. All the 200    questions carry equal marks.

The Entrance Examination for MD(Homoeopathy) will be conducted on   15-05-2012        in one session  of 3 hours duration at Government Siddha Medical          College,   in   the   campus   of  Arignar   Anna   Govt.   Hospital   of   Indian   Medicine,     Chennai   600   106.   Candidates   should   be   present   and   be   seated  in   their   allotted  places thirty minutes prior to the commencement of examination in order to fill up      the    relevant    particulars     and    complete  examinees     identification     procedures.       Therefore,   the   total   duration   of   the   examination   including   preparation   time   is  three and half hours (3 ½ hours).

The    question    paper,   blank    sheets   (if  any),  OMR      answer    sheets,   etc.  are   the  property of the Selection Committee and no part or whole shall be retained by a     candidate   under   any   circumstances.

Hall   Tickets   will   not   be   sent. A   letter   of   acknowledgement   (Intimation   Letter) will be sent to candidates who have been admitted to the Entrance Examination  after basic scrutiny.    In case of non-receipt of this letter, a candidate may enquire   from     the  Selection    Committee       office   on  the   result   of  scrutiny    of  his/her   application, Application Registration number, etc

There   will   be   no   rechecking,   revaluation   or   recount   of   answer   sheets.   Answer  keys will not be provided. The Selection Committee’s decision in this matter is   final.

After the evaluation of the OMR sheets of the candidates through scanning, the    marks obtained by the candidates for the maximum of 200 marks is computed to a maximum of 90 marks

Experience marks will be calculated for each applicant in the following method    One (1) mark for each completed year after the completion of CRRI shall be    awarded as marks for experience for both Service/ Non-Service candidates to a     maximum of TEN marks as on 31-3-2012. TWO marks will be awarded to each   completed year of Government Service in hilly areas and it will be limited  to a        maximum of TEN marks. Altogether the total marks awarded for experience/ hill station service will be restricted to TEN marks to all candidates. Fractional    values of a year will not be counted for awarding marks for experience    and hill station service.

Mode of Selection And Admission

(A) ENTRANCE EXAMINATION 1.  Admission to the course will be made purely on merit,  based on the marks obtained  in the Entrance Examination to be conducted   for admission to the  course and added to post-BHMS  experience marks that will be calculated as  below:

  • Maximum marks for Written Entrance Examination   :    90 marks
  • Maximum marks for post-BHMS  clinical experience    :   10 marks
  • Total  :  100 marks

Allotment of Seats: The Selection Committee will allot seats to the college based on the merit and following  the rule of reservation and subject to the availability.

Allotment of seats between the Government and Management of Self-Financing Medical Colleges of Indian Systems of Medicine as per G.O.(Ms)No.65/H&FW (MCA-I)Dept dated:23.02.2012.

 Nature of Institution                   Govt.Quota / Seats        Management Quota / Seats Non- minority Self financing Institution                                                 65%                              35%

Minority Self financing                        50%                               50% Institution

More details  : www.similima.com/pdf/tamilnadu-mdhom-2012.pdf


Application:http://tnhealth.org/notifictaion/MD_Homo_%20applcation-2012.pdf http://tnhealth.org/notifictaion/MD_Homo_%20prospectus2012.pdf

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